Inchcock Today: Thursday 8th January 2014

Woke up for WC usage and recalled some bits of dreams I’d had – made notes.

0315 hrs: Up WC – feeling a bit giddy, got up and had a dizzy (Oh, that almost rhymes). Not a portent for the day  hope.

Started the laptop made a cuppa and started this diary.

The dream/s:

Note 1: At T-Junction traffic lights – me crossing the road and three lanes of waiting traffic, as I walked across the lanes of traffic went from three lanes into eight or nine?

Couldn’t get across as the distance increased, lights changes traffic crawling slowly toward me – the drivers had no faces.

Recognised vehicles, all old, Hillman Humber, Singer Gazelle, American Jeep, Austin ambulance and Austin A40?

These turned into giant Dinky toy models and they all stopped moving?

I was suddenly on Mansfield Road in Sherwood Nottingham, picking up dead meat flies in the middle of the road?

Note 2: Locked in a room – couldn’t get out, plastic forks? Giant hands trying to grab me from above as I ran around the room hiding behind a massive frozen chicken – gave up and grabbed a finger of one hand and it exploded? – Being told off by a woman who poked me in the eye with her finger?

Ah well.

WC’d: realised the haemorrhoids were bleeding. cleaned missen and applied me creams. Arthur Itis not as bad at the moment as it has been. Angina lingering a bit still. Pain gelled me knees.

Bad dizzy-spells came on, doddery on feet now… decided not to go out at all today.


Rumbling innards coughing and a-sneezing.

Shortest diary ever?

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