Inchcock Today: Fri 9th Jan 2015 – Feeling rough!

Took me ages to get off to kip last night… or I should say this morning, think I got off around 0030hrs then sprang awake at 0315hrs… a-coughing and a a-sneezing with rumbling innards.

But bits of a dream had stayed with me. I’m losing them as I type so I’ll get em down now while I can if yer don’t mind.

Different women who in the dream I thought I knew but could not put a name too – Many of them were telling me off – in a factory or shop with many many rooms and passages – I had to find something for them but couldn’t and they did not like that – Old washing house in the basement? – giant tablets with legs following me – then on giant cargo ship again… lost – being chased again to have my nappy changed, giant pin the size of a coat hanger? In a life-boat with Albert Einstein, we were both enjoying smoking a pipe, I even knew the baccy was Erinmore Mixture?

No… the rest has gone now. Tsk!

Got up and dizzies again, tried WC – no action? Knees bad despite the extra gel I put on last night. Might not be a good day again fer me today?

Determined to get out later for a bit of  walk and take some photos if possible.

Started this diary made cuppa and took me medications between sneezes coughs and passings of wind from various orifices.

Did a bit of Facebooking, but very hard to concentrate.

WC – haemorrhoids bleeding now – what next? (Double Tsk!).

Read a bit more of me book. Then titivated myself ready for me walk to town later.

As I set off the rain was slight but the wind heavy (weather-wise and medically speaking).

0501BTboxAs I struggled up Mansfield Road near the cemetery near to where I have come across the Specialist Nottingham Street artists work many times in the past, some irk or irks had forced open what I think was  a telephone connection box and rearranged many of the wires plugs etc . Looking at the photo now maybe it was not a telephone connection box? All I know is they made a decent job of the malicious re-wiring of it. (Tsk, little monkeys!)

The rain stopped and the sun came out to pay. (It didn’t fool me though I knew it’d be back).

0502cafesLimped through Vic centre called in Tesco for me bread and plodded on and being lunchtime I expected to see the expensive outdoor seating  cafes to be doing well now the weather had temporarily cheered up like. But not a single customer in any of them?

The drizzle started again as I hobbled to Broad marsh Shopping Centre and visited the 99p shop, where I got some 0503bmstuff for the nurses on Monday. As I walked out of there I poddled into the Poundland shop on the lower floor to get some cheap tea-spoons… now there is mysterious thing… how do I keep losing and replacing me tea-spoons all the time and never find those disappeared ones again? It’s the same with me socks yer know? Oh, got some of them at two pair for a quid too.

Oh, and they were selling ‘comfort Bras for the ladies at Two-for-a-quid as well?

I went to have a look at the DVD sale shop but nothing interested me there… well there was a rather chunky lady unknowingly flashing a bit of bare skin in my direction… but ? I digress. 

0504bm2I got a couple of odd looks from the staff as I photographed the bra stand. Hehe!

A bit further along I saw some ladies watches in a window and took a photo so the female bloggers and TFZ gals can pick out a favourite one for me to buy it for em when I win the lottery big like. I’m not sure how I’m going to without remembering to buy a ticket though.

0505Lister2As I came out of the mall the rain was still holding off – for about 100 yards.

As I was discreetly dropping some seeds to the pigeons it pouted down, so I ducked into the Primark shop and camera in hand had a walk about while sheltering from the downpour.

I took no end of photos for the TFZ gals to pick fault at, desire and comment on Facebook about, I hope.


Holding hands? Surely not!

I purchased some more of the long sleeve thick tea-shirts and two jammy-bottoms on offer down to £3 each that looked nice and warm to wear. The arthritis was bad at this point but the angina ulcer and coughing had eased.

I departed the store and walked up Clinton Street in the now light drizzle just in time to spot some Constables (CPO’s) tackling one of the famous Nottingham shoplifters. It takes more than a bit of rain to put them off yer know!

 0507busI went around the corner with my me once again heavy bags to the bus-stop… the right word here – the buses had stopped.

Coudn’t see any reason but it was ages before the bus arrived late naturally and with the pleasant peasants of Nottingham moaning groaning and grunting I got on the bus. (Hehe!) The gal with the reddish hair let vent vehemently I can tell yer. I felt a tad sorry for the poor old driver.

0508carAs I got off the bus and was walking towards my street I noticed someone had an English flag mounted on his car ariel.

A bit brave that around here I thought.

Not many folk around either… ah, they’ll be picking up their apprentice muggers from school I thought.

When I got in the bomb-site and WC’d I found a letter from the Dentist reminding of the appointment on the 21st January and the £55 charge if I fail to attend. Bless them.

Made a cuppa and got this diary started.


The knees were well worn and I felt suddenly weary, but the upheaval in the innards was much better.

I must remember to take the things down for the Nottingham Hospice shop in the morning.

I’m certain there is something else I have to do as well… but…

Had steak in gravy and instant cheesey-potatoes tonight, followed by iced lollies and Raspberry ripple mousse, digested while listening to the howling-wind and creaking bones when I moved to the WC frequently through out the night.

I think I might just be getting a little old now?.

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  1. Dreams of women and two bras for a quid. Good stuff, which reminded me, you really need to take a look at my blog post from May 2013 called “The Trouble with Bras” You must had still had Internet after the wiring box goat reconfigured since you got this entry posted. You got me curious, are tea-shirts proper attire for tea, as opposed to T-shirts which I exercise in and get all sweaty? Nothing like pleasant peasants and bitchy redheads to share a late running bus with. Sounds like a great dinner, which is making me hungry. Until your next exciting adventure in Nottingham. Ciao!

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