Inchcock Today: Saturday 10th January 2015 – Devilish Winds today!

The devilish winds in the title of this post refer to the ones that come with the weather as well as the ones that emit from my innards today! Tsk!

I woke around 0340 hrs this morning in urgent need of the porcelain department – the knees and ankles were not very keen to respond to my requirements to allow me to get up and visit the aforesaid porcelain! By the time they had painfully protested then permitted me get there (Just, and I mean only just in time!) I required a heavy duty visit as well. Huh!

I got me book to read, then realised how windy the weather was as well, the door blew open (I made a mental note to get a door-stop on me walk today), and I could even hear the gusts of wind without my hearing-aids in!

0604aStarted the laptop and made a cuppa and some microwave porridge that I bought yesterday, very nice too!

I can recommend the Golden Syrup flavoured one.

Another cuppa and took me medications and applied me creams and gels.

Wedged the door shut with cardboard, but the wind kept on bowing it open… oh dear.

Did some graphics and facebooking and blogging in between closing the door again and again with me ‘Reacher-grabber-picker-stick’ as it blew open. I got well fed-up with this. I arose and went through me beatification process… well had a wash and shave and got me clean togs on in readiness for me walk into town. Which I could tell from me knees and ankles was not going to as pleasant as normally is it. Tsk.

Set off on me walk into Nottingham from Carrington and despite it being obvious how strong the wind was, still thought ‘Cor blimey’ or words of a similar nature when I turned the corner into the wind.

0601I proceeded along Mansfield Road and at the traffic island junction tried to take a photo that showed the trees bending and leaves blowing about.

It didn’t come out like I’d hoped. I wonder if I should ask Timothy Price or Paul Militaru for some tips as they are brilliant photographers – don’t tell them I said so though. Hehe!

0602Onward up the hill near where I spotted yesterdays Nottingham Street Art, the police had pulled a bloke over in the Bus-lane and started to cause a bit of a traffic jam.

Annoying when you don’t now why isn’t it? It wasn’t a traffic-police car. Then as I hobbled over the road so I could call at about the last independent hardware store in Nottingham to get me door-stop (I was amazed at the time that I’d remembered) two other police vehicles joined them?

0603I poddled down the other side of the hill and was belted in the face with leaves swirling along with the nasty but not cold gusts of wind.

Not many folk about for a Saturday, but then again – many would have a lot more sense that wot I do and not go out in the winds unless they really had to?

Got to hardware store and bought a door-stop, and an Italian made Thermos flask.

Then carried on into town and had a jolly good but often difficult walk around the streets.

0604As I hobbled through Trinity Square I noticed yet again, especially at it was lunchtime that the restaurants and cafes there were not doing a very good trade at all. Winds?

Can we expect them to go bankrupt any time now?

Mind you thinking about it I suppose they do their best trade at night-time when most of their customers are under the influence and would not notice the food or prices or they were being charge for it.

One of them was offering Steamed mussels with egg-white and herbs for £15.99  ($24.25) a portion.

A bit steep that I thought or am I out of touch?

0605As I got to the bottom of Kings Walk there is a jewellery store an in their window were two things that really caught me eye.

The first being a display of mechanically operated polar bears that nodded their heads next to a display of rings – and I was not the only person interested and fascinated by it, to Asian girls were taking a picture of each other next the bears, and I offered to take one of both of them and they were tickled pink. Using their camera like. I think they were from Korea but they were a tad hard to understand – but wherever they were from they spoke a damned more English than  did of their language, it was me hearing in the wind that was the problem.

Hope they enjoy their visit to Robin Hood land bless them.

0606Further along in the same window was a mask next to some ladies necklaces and gems.

I’ve no idea where it was from or what it was but found it adorable and a nice addition to the display.

The necklace on the red rostrum thingamajig was on offer at only £899 ($1364.49). Just thought I’d mention it like.

I plodded on and caught a bus back to Carrington – boy how I appreciate the Senior Citizens free-bus-pass. Someone on the bus was talking about the Government thinking of stopping them? I’ll have to look that up later see if they were right or not – a bit worrying that.

I dropped off at Lidls store to get a couple of cobs and a pork pie.

They were very busy but I was in no particular rush.

0607pfppAnd they still retailing the medium Pork Farms Pies at 99p ($1.52) each! Excellent value, it makes it worth taking the risk of being sneered at, mocked and short changed at Lidl’s.

Got Cox’ apples and two of their Cheese Twists instead of cobs – they look and smells nice anyway.


I walked back to the dump feeding a pigeons on the way.

Got in and WC’d, put me bits away and cleaned the new flask and filled it with tea.

Then went up with it for later and tried me new plastic door stop on the door – that’s stopped the bugger blowing open now. Hehe gorrit!

As a descended the stairs to turn on the most unreliable internet known to mankind (BT by the way – perhaps I’ve mentioned that before? Grrr. Hehehe), me right ankle twinged and has left me with a pronounced new limp.

Ah well, they say variety is the spice of life.

Going to have half the pie and the cheese twists with a bag of Marmite crisps followed by an apple and iced lolly later. Gordon Ramsay would be jealous I’m sure. Hehe!


Took me medications and did some Facebooking for a while.

Filled the flask with tea and attacked me nosh – nice!

Couldn’t find me book to read – I hope I didn’t leave it on  the bus.

Weariness dawned upon me and I tried to get into the land of nod – repeatedly waking up every few minutes it seemed all through the night. Mega Tsk!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Saturday 10th January 2015 – Devilish Winds today!

  1. See, I told you a long time ago, you should have kept that prosthetic leg you found in the movie theatre. Then when yours didn’t work, you’d have had a replacement! I’m glad you stayed away from the kangaroo and ostrich burger booth! Next time you go to bed with the possibility of waking to windy innards, sleep with roller skates on. Then you can reach the loo quicker. 🙂

    • With me roller skate on – I never thought of that gal, mind you I’d have a ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ for sure if I did. Hehehe.I still think they should adopt ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ in the Oxford dictionary:
      ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’: An unseemly embarrassing tumble taken by an elderly person.Perhaps not though.
      I do wish I’d kept the peg-leg now.
      Wise after the event that’s me. Tsk. Take care Rachel.

      • Thanks Rachel.
        Up and down this week, full of vim then suddenly depressed?
        I keep thinking of getting me ‘Whoopsidangleplop’ recognised, but lack of confidence stops me.
        TTFN taketh mucho care

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