Inchcock Today: Friday 16th January 2015

Up at 0245hrs.

Set about making notes of the last dreams I’d had that I could remember and from the scribbled notes on me pad that I must have made during the night?

Bits of last night’s dreams I can recall:


Running about on gangways high above and hanging in the air over fields of coffins growing with people, thousands of people, running between the neat rows of coffins to find their own and standing next to them with arms outstretched and singing  Frankie Vaughan’s ‘Don’t Stop Twist’… while a giant Stalin, pipe in mouth picked the people who had found their coffin up with a giant hooked-toothpick and ate them, then squashed that persons coffin and sprinkled the crushed remains of the coffin into his pipe… somewhere in the background was G W Bush laughing and clapping and giving Stalin some money and a medal each time a coffin was crushed?


I was falling down through the sky towards a river… Some people were in rowing boats and lifeboats with little fishing nets on bamboo canes to apparently catch me in their net and from somewhere anti-aircraft flak was bursting all around me. The bullets/shells seemed to turn into Polo peppermints and I wanted spearmints and was upset about this… never seemed to land anywhere?


I think I was being interviewed for something in a gigantic room with only the interviewer wearing a bowler hat and a pink jump suit, me, a desk and two chairs in the room and nothing else. All brilliant white walls, I could see out of the only window that the world was aflame – no idea who the interviewer was or why I was being interviewed…

Got the laptop on and started this diary.

Did some graphics and posts for Facebook.

WC. Took my medications with a drink of spring water, and made sure I was up in time for the Iceland delivery chappie twit 0900 > 1100hrs.

Took some bags out to the bins and moved them along with me neighbours to the side of the road for collection.

Sorted the long-life nibbles that I like giving to the hospice, haematology, GP and Chemist staff, all in date and okay now. Put some of ’em in a bag and added it to the bits for donating this morning.

0501maggieCame across an old squeaky toy that I haven’t seen for years in the falling to bit writing bureau – anyone remember it? Or should I say her?

I’ve not been in there for years, she looks all grimy and dirty now – No don’t say it! Hehehe!

The bandage at the back had a sell-by-date of Nov 2006!

The Pan Book of Crosswords almost crumbled when I opened it.

After searching for where I’d left me newly bought yesterday super-warm Andy Cap that actually fitted me, I Got me things together and poddled out to walk to the Nottingham Hospice shop.

0502UkraineAs I was on Mansfield Road I noticed the Ukrainian Cultural Centre had put up new security cameras and added the European flag to the Ukrainian one outside. Tried to photo the billboard but the sun was too strong on that side of the building.

They’ve done a nice job of doing the curtains in their flag colours.

As I walked away on up the road, the sun disappeared and it became gloomy, then five minutes along the road and it came out again?

0503SherwoodA bit like it was yesterday, but without the rain I’m glad to say… well we did get a bit.

  Then the first cyclist on the pavement of the day shot passed me and sped off.

I only just caught him in the photo before he turned right off the road – and I was using my old camera which is simpler and quicker to use. If I’d been using the new one I would not have had time to catch him at all.

When I got into Sherwood another git on a bike on the pavement drove at me! No chance to photograph the twerp – off he sped as well. Tsk!

Got to the Hospice shop and gave em me stuff with a few nibbles for them.

Came out and went over the pelican-crossing and down to the bus-stop to catch a bus to Arnold, where I hoped I might find Fultons Food shop had some of me favourite blackcurrant iced-lollies in stock. (They didn’t) Where a lady waiting in the queue informed me that my newly bought yesterday super-warm Andy Cap that actually fitted me had a label and price tag hanging from the back of it!

I did feel a fool, but couldn’t help laughing and telling her about Primark selling them at only £3. (Not that I needed to tell her, the £3 price ticker was huge!)


0504SherMobilSo I had a walk around for a bit then caught a bus back into Nottingham City Centre.

As we drove through Sherwood I noticed the two regular every-day mobility scooters parked outside the Samuel Hall boozer.

One day they will have an accident coming out of there tipsy like I’m sure!

Dropped off the bus at Victoria shopping centre and crossed over to catch a Bulwell bus, again in hopes that I might find Fultons Food shop in Bulwell Market had some of me favourite blackcurrant iced-lollies in stock. (They didn’t either)

0505cityThe old Victoria Train Station clock nice and regal in the sunshine and I took a photograph of it from the bus.

The passengers were of the shouting variety and one woman who was sat in the ‘Less-mobile-passengers seat was sat on the seat in the aisle side as opposed to the window seat and despite the bus being full with 5 passengers 3 of them elderly having to stand she would not move – totally ignoring their plight! On her mobile for the whole of her trip. Bitch!.

I hate that! I got quiet provoked and bothered. But it was as if we didn’t exist when we spoke to her? Drugs?


When I arrived in Bulwell I mad straight to the Fultons Food store, but as I’ve already said and just remembered saying so said it again, they had no lollies for me! Sob!

I took a good walk around the Bulwell Market that seemed better attended today than of late on my visits.


A stall immediately outside the Fultons store had some really cheapo ladies clothes at £5 a bash! ( $1.52 – AUD $1.84 – CAD $1.81) But not many of the locals were showing any interest – mind you there was a keerfuffle going on at Icelands store with the police removing with difficulty what I assumed was two shoplifters.

0509BulMI had a walk in the Bulwell Market proper and the first stall I came to was selling what looked like specialist toys? Some old, all different especially the ‘Naughty’ dolls that I do not think ought to have been on sale for kids – mind you who his target demographic was I don’t know – but he didn’t like me taking the photograph I can tell yer!

0511BulMobilThere were no prices on any of the items on this stall?

I noticed there were a few mobility scooters lurking around again. One chap who had secreted himself behind the mobile doughnut van was having a crafty can of ale with his mate – but I saw him.

0512BulMobilHow, if you can’t drink and drive a road vehicle with too much alcohol in your bloodstream – is there no law about mobility scooter drivers drinking to excess?

And they do not have to have insurance by law – and they do not have to prove their ability by taking any tests at all before driving, not pavement tax either for them… Shut-up Inchcock! Okay.

0513BulcycliOne driver parked outside the Pound Shop while  was watching and nipped into the shop at a rate of knots I wish I had the ability to copy.

As I turned to move back to the market for a final photograph how the cyclist on the pavement didn’t hit me I still can’t work out. Only just got the git in the photo I hurriedly took of the nasty unthinking selfish ignorant… of dear I’m getting all het-up again.

0510BulMThere is a stall on the market selling crap jewellery that now advertises ‘Cash for you Gold’, as if we don’t have enough shops doing that nowadays Tsk!.

I wandered down near the river Leen, but again the mallard ducks were absent?

Still the pigeons enjoyed their seeds.

I hobbled to the bus-station and caught one back to Carrington, I do love me free pensioners bus-pass yer know!

0514BulbusEn-route the police were blues and twoing it towards the massive Tesco store. I thought I’d get a shot of them, but no they were long gone by the time I’d got me camera out and ready, so I just took a random shot form the bus window – then apologised for making the lady in front jump was the flash went off…

I must say the angina and Arthur Itis have behaved reasonably today up til now. Only the rumbling innards and cough bothering me at the moment. Well, the haemorrhoids too I suppose. but not complaining.

0506BtreeI noticed how the trees were bare as I passed them, but nature wins in the end, soon they will be spouting leaves and seeds to drop off and allow me to slip on them in the rain… only joking!

I noted that the cafe near the bus stop were advertising a Sausage Cob and a cup of tea or coffee for only £4.99.

£4.99! ($7.56) Blimey a bit steep that innit?

As I got off the bus in Carrington the sky suddenly brightened to the North so I took a photograph.

By the time I’d walked the few hundred yards to the end of my street – the gloom had returned. Tsk!

I got in attended the WC.

Had a gargle with TCP – gawd the smell of that annoys some people dunnit – hehehe!

Laptop on and a cuppa made. Of course the BT Internet was playing up – but I fooled into letting me get on the web.

0501aSuzieI realised as I got ready to settle before eating and abluting I’d put on me old slippers that were too tight. The pain was the firs thing I noticed.

Then as I looked down I also realised both the slippers (I must take them to the charity shop ASAP) and the jammy bottoms were tartan.

Just thought I’d mention this – no idea why mind…

Notice the length of the trews? And that was with the top waistband pulled up to about 2 inches bellow me nipples!

Yes, I bought the wrong size.

The innards started rumbling again. Unpleasant.

Took my medications and tried to get to sleep.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Friday 16th January 2015

  1. First of all…. that thing is a woman???????? Really? Who is it? And secondly, YIKES on the pajama bottoms! I bet those make you look like Fred Mertz! 😉 I hope you’re feeling better. 😀 <3

  2. The squeaky fun-toy is a depiction of Margaret Thatcher from years ago.
    I had to look up Fred Mertz, Rachel… Frederick Hobart Eddie Mertz, III, played by William Frawley in I love Lucy. When I saw his photo I remembered him on the show. Your right I do look like him in me jammy-bottoms. Hehehe.
    Hope your keeping well gal. Cheers.

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