Inchcock Today: Saturday 17th January 2015

Oh dear… woke up several times during the night with the rumbling innards and rear passage giving me bother. Huh!

L Aldi

Jill from Troll Free Zone – A Pearl!


A funny wot I dun and captioned: “Someone really ought to wake him up know!”

Arose (yet again) to visit the porcelain around 0315hrs and decided to give up and started the laptop to finish and post yesterday’s Dairy and begin this one.

The dreams I’d had couldn’t be recalled at all this morning but  know I’d had them and they were frustrating in nature.


The innards are rumbling and bubbling still – took some bi-carb with me usual medications. Still, the arthritis and angina are not being too awkward anyway… yet. Hehe! What I’m laughing at I’m not sure?

Did some graphicalistioning on Coreldraw while it let me.

Many visits to the porcelain today, the innards are churning and a tad uncomfortable, two really close shaves up to now – not sure whether to risk going out or not yet… might just have a wander around locally if the yobs ain’t around. Or not?

Carried on with me graphicalisationing, dun some funny ones for Facebook Troll Free Zone gals and lad’s in mind.


Sandra – Packers fan?

Oh dear… just got back from another urgently needing attention message wot I got from me rumbling grumbling stabbing innards – no faux-pars though.

Still not sure if I should risk a poddle out?

I can hear emergency vehicle klaxons nearby – but I’m not going out to have a nosey this time.

At least the BT internet seems to be going alright, although I may regret saying that now that I’ve said that?

Bloomin’ ‘eck, another visit to the bog! Not good this.

Had an email from Nottingham City Council warning me of bad weather coming.


The cough now returned and stayed with me all day – Tsk!

After an hour or so the burbling and gurgling seemed to be settling, so I decided a walk into town might be okay. (What a plonker!)

0602roadGot a wash up and set off on me walk.

The traffic at the lights on Hucknall Road was at a standstill.

Horns a peeping and hooting as they jockeyed for position.

It freed up a lot further on near the traffic island and I took a photo 0603roadbecause the sky looked very clear compared with the last few days.

I suppose it’s the wintry weather on its way that I was warned about?

A little bit further up the road, I espied my first piece of Nottingham Street Art on the pavement yet again. I wondered if it was the same culprit 0604artas the other day as it was spotted roughly in the same area as was that dog poo?

I pressed on over the hill on Mansfield Road and down the other side towards the City Centre.

A block of six retail outlets on the other side of the road near the 0605roadHuntingdon Street junction traffic lights I saw had only one business open, the other had closed down.

It was an Art Gallery outlet.

Of all the things I thought.

There has been take-away food, Book shops, Butchers, Estate Agents, Hair dressers, Adult entertainment suppliers and Ladies nail shop but all have failed and gone broke or got out quickly in that row of shops over the last year or so. How can an Art Gallery expect to make it pay?

0606cycleA few hundred yards further down the road the first pavement cyclist came passed me. Again I only just caught him with me camera.

Then I turned to continue on me walk and nearly tripped and did a ‘Whoopsidangleplop’ over one of the uneven pavement slabs.

Undaunted, after using a few well chosen descriptive words I limped into the Victoria bus station and through into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

A gurgling from within and severe involuntary passing of wind encouraged me to get to the public toilets ASAP!

0610fishPhew… made it in time.

I came out and looked for some ‘Bing’ ‘Pearls’ and ladies fashion items, anything that might interest the girls from Canada, America and Australia on Facebook to take photographs of.

I got six that might interest them. The one of the fish here I put in the diary because I couldn’t believe the prices of the 2.5″ glass fish on sale. £60 (AUD $110.44 – USD $90.86 – CAD $ 108.92) each! Mind you they were probably not glass, something else more expensive?

I poddled down the ground floor and popped into Tesco Metro and got some Cox’s apples, Cooked crispy bacon and bread.

0607artWhen I departed onto Milton Street, between the Poundland and Waitrose shops I espied another piece of Nottingham Street Art.

It doesn’t show very well in the photo, but it was semi-liquid and smelled of curry to me.

Not bad for early afternoon.

0608pigeonI took some photo’s of a jewellery shop window for the girls and went down to the bus-stop and caught one back to the flea-pit.

I sneaked some seed to the pigeons and tool a photo of em.

Walked home and rushed to the WC.

The top of the tap on the sink has split open.

No idea how to mend it. Tsk!

Put me bits away and depression overcame me.

Later I started this diary after having to restart the laptop to get Coreldraw to work.

Coughing painfully well as I pass wind, I did some graphics.

Tonight I plan to have me microwaveable Potato Gratin, bacon and some bread. Or bearing mind me innards… should I?

I did, and it wer lovely.

Paid the price with the usual painful getting up and down to tend to the calls to the porcelain throughout the night. Tsk!

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Saturday 17th January 2015

    • You could be right Mike… the turmoil remains ever lurking and in readiness to catch me out at the first sign of any inattention to my location in respect to the nearest porcelain. Hehe!

      • Going back a little over 10 years now I got that wretched diabetes 2 thing. I’m fine now – all in control – yet for the first year I had it I needed a number 1 at least 35 times a day (true) so I rarely left the house! So you will understand me and porcelain were close friends back then! Also, the thing that finally stopped my pissing for England was when a wise old quack upon discovering I drank 8-10 cups of coffee daily told me to give up all forms of caffeine. I did what he said and 3 days later returned to normality! There’s a thing!

      • Thank heavens for the wise of Quack I say Mike.
        Funny but seem to cope with the expected prob’s from Arthur, the ulcer, the cancer, the bladder, the ticker… I’d better stop I’m depressing missen… Hehehe.
        But this cough and rumbling innards has got to me?
        Living in the bathroom today, so no walks ans no diary worth posting – I’ll put Sunday and Monday together tomorrow I think. Hope I an get out tomorrow, double laundry to do and INR tests at QMC. Ohh, it’s going again… TTFN. Cheers

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