31.5.15: Inchcock Today: Raining, drab and depressed

Sunday 31st May 2015


Oh dear what a view this morning!

Woke remembering bits of some dreams I’d had:

I was on a gigantic treadmill going towards some high-rise flats, and people kept pulling me off the machine, I managed several times to fight them off and get back on the escalator, but each time they would drag me off again? The Duke of Edinburgh appeared out of some trees with several MI5 looking wallahs and shot me in me left kneecap with his hunting rifle… He laughed, well guffawed. I tried to get back on the escalator but someone had covered it with cooking oil, for some reason I knew it was Mazola cooking oil and wanted to know why they had not used ‘Trex’ cooking fat?… Found myself in an animal sanctuary of some sort trying to get a nail out of a mallard duck when the gate opened and in came the Duke of Edinburgh, in a kilt this time and shot me again…?


Family breakfast!

WC’d, a little blood from the haemorrhoids, and the blind boil was painful!

Made a cuppa and started the laptop and made me header for this blog.

Checked me emails. While doing this I noticed how dark dank and wet it was outside – then the pigeons came down for their breakfast.


Dark, dank, wet and windy – Tsk!

As I opened the door the sight was dismal – the rain was falling the winds blowing hard and it was dark and dank!

I checked on Facebook for a bit, then started on shredding me documents for a couple of hours.

I received an email from Patti Bekert for making curried beans.

So I hope to get all the ingredients from Tesco in town and try it out today.

0403Upstairs and spruced myself up and set off to town, no walking today with this rain.

Got as far as he church, and it dawned on me I’d got me reading glasses on when I looked at the trees.

So, back to the hoppit and changed into me other goggles.

Arrived in town and straight to Tesco, who I discovered didn’t open until 1100 am Sundays.

IMG_0124So I had a walk though the shopping centre getting a photo of some ‘Bling’ en route for the TFZ gals.

Pricey stuff this time.

I had a look in the shop windows and at the peoples faces in the centre – they did not look happy, well most of them didn’t look happy.

The fresh fruit drink stall had three assistants but no customers yet.

I left the centre and was greeted by the usual IMG_0125sight of the Nottinghamians crossing the lights against the pedestrian red lights as is normal for them.

Not many folk around yet, but this soon changed later.

The drizzle continued.

I wandered around and called in the Primark store to see if they had any zip-up cardigans in.

They didn’t – summer you see?

However, they were selling some headphones at £6 – large ear pieces on them, but at this price I was tempted and bought a set, as the old ones I used on the laptop had stopped working (As the previous four I had used had also conked out?)

I got back to Tesco and wandered around in search of the ingredients that Patti had emailed me to make me curried beans. I managed to get: Two tins own label baked beans @ 24p each, Worcester sauce @ £1.19, Bacon crumbles @ £1.69, a tiny bag of unrefined Fair Trade brown sugar @ £1-79 (Expensive I thought), Cheapo bag of Sultanas @ 84p and onion crispies at £1.39 (Didn’t like that, I can get them from B&M stores for 69p – but needs must I just had to try making me curried beans today).

I wandered out and over through Trinity Square to the bus stop and caught one back to Carrington.

IMG_0128I dropped off a stop early and called in Lidl to get some bread.

They had some mini vegetable pizzas in the bakery section that looked delicious at 59p each so I got one, along with a cob and some South African apples.

As to why I got that pizza I’n a little confused myself – I don’t like pizzas?But these just looked so nice?

IMG_0129Got back to the flea-pit and got me ingredients ready.

I added some black pepper I already had and mixed the mixture into the beans in a microwave pot and left them to enthuse… is that the right word?, so that the taste should come through when I make em later.

I stored them all (Not the apples) in box together so I didn’t forget which ones to use next time in the event that I get it right this first time like. (I think).

Laptop on and started this dairy.

Tried to get on Facebook, but it wouldn’t load?

Did some sorting and tried again – aha… Facebook back on now. Tsk!

The wind is getting bad here now.

IMG_0130Gerry’s First Home Made Curried Beans!

I must offer my thanks to Patti (Bekert) for her recipe for these beans, I was so pleased with how they came out and tasted.

Thanks Patti pet, absolutely and definitely unquestionably, absolutely lip-licking Wunderbar!

Watched a DVD while noshing, fell asleep, woke up and got this diary finished.

Evening all!

4 thoughts on “31.5.15: Inchcock Today: Raining, drab and depressed

  1. I’m going to have to try those beans Inchy. I already have most of the ingredients on hand — one of the good things about being a person who loves to cook. I’ll probably make them tomorrow because it’s too late to try it tonight. Have a good week Inchy, and enjoy your curried beans.

    • Cheers gal. Good luck with the beans – I’ going to put in curry powder instead of ketchup next time. Arevoi, arrevoi… cheers! Hehe

  2. I thought curried beans had curry in it.You should try mother in law tongue curry powder.You will know all about it.It is nice to see that you have brought south African apples all we get here is the rejects.

    • I was in the greengrocery trade for many years, and the South African and New Zealand ones were always the best quality and taste for me. Since UK joined euro, it is very rare for us to find any in the shops nowadays, so I was pleased when I came across these ones. Sorry to hear you can’t get the good stuff Sir.
      Curried beans with sultanas in tins by Heinz have stopped production now Tsk! So Patti sent e a recipe to make me own – I’m glad she did, love em.
      Take care.

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