Marissa’s Barmy Blogger Band caught practising new routine!

Marissa’s Barmy Blogger Band


Marissa’s Part-Time Barmy Blogger band were caught going through their new routine yesterday at the Sewer Lane Studios in the Carshalton Medical Practice.

Tom Brake Lib-dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington welcomed the initiated as yet Band formed and managed part-time by Marissa Bergen, previously the Executive Assistant to Sid Rotten, and now Rock-n-Roll Supermom from Burbank California, with a plaque in remembrance of Nick Clegg.

He suggested to Marissa and the band that perhaps they could play some old Jim Reeves numbers at the upcoming do at the Carshalton Methodist church near the park.

The band members then moved on to a free luncheon laid on for the by the Council at the local KFC branch.

Shirley Blamey (Vocals), Rachel Carerra (Dancer), Danny Soz (19¾’s Trombonist), Duncan Robertson (Guitar and Bagpipes), Mike Steedenski (Various blowable instruments), Inchcock Chambers (71¼ years old, Percussion and string-less violin) went along with Marissa for the free meal.

Unfortunately Gary Hoadley (24½ Retired Kray’s body guard and dancer vocalist) had to miss the meal when 11 police officers arrested him for belting the living daylights out of Tim Brake earlier for suggesting the group put old Jim Reeves numbers in the line-up. He joined them later after bursting out of the black maria on Ruskin Street.

After the meal they all went The Hope pub on West Street for the night.

Damages came to £15000, and the début of Marrisa’s Blogger Band is now in question.

The band are currently in the Metropolitan Police Station on Carshalton Road.


More news to follow as soon as groups publicity agent Mike Steedenski has finished off his claret, well a little while after then…

4 thoughts on “Marissa’s Barmy Blogger Band caught practising new routine!

  1. I’m not sure if I can top this one…well certainly not in rhyme. Well, you know this is all part of a huge publicity stunt that our PR firm is setting up. We figure that if we all end up in jail for at least 24 hours and then hold some sort of concert in the courtyard, we’ll at least get a shout out in the Retirement Community News section and then just look out for what’s next! The possibilities are endless!!

  2. Looks like Marissa has a great band. It’s like Rock & Roll and Love. Oh wait there is a Polish band that does a song called “Rock&Rollin’ Love”. Check out Afromental’s song at The first part is the group Czerwąsi performing “Modlę Się O Miłość” (I Pray for Love), a polka in Polish about young love growing old (as far as I can tell). The second part, in English, is about hitting on the girl with the blue blue eyes. Great Stuff.

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