Inchcock Today Wed 18 Nov 15: Mega Pong from the Bathroom. I mean mega!

Wednesday 18th November 2015


Woke at 0310 hrs, Coughing.

Recalled bit of me dreams and wrote them down: On a stage performing with some other peoples who I recognised but could not recall exactly who was who and this annoyed them, my forgetting their names as it seemed it was part of the song we were singing? Very confusing.

The coughing had eased a lot as I put kettle on – and cleaned the pots I couldn’t do last night due to the burst water main… well I started to, but had to hobble to the bathroom to find ‘Little Inchy’ tender and needing more care and attention. I must get to see the GP again about this problem.

Back to finishing the cleaning and made a cuppa, even made another search around for the missing Dixon DVD, but I reckon it’s gone for good.

Laptop on, had me medications while I thought of it, and the stomach started churning a bit.

Finished Tuesdays Diary and started this one, after much forced effort, trips to the porcelain and about two hours.

The back went when I was bending to open the bottom drawer – Huh! Click, pain, swear word and took ages to straighten up – sad innit? Humph!

Did me emails lots of em too today, started this diary and then did some Facebooking. Have to rush a bit to finish me Facebooking, cause I want to get a bath and spit and polish before the bus comes and I can try again to get to feed the ducks on the canal.

Feeding the the ducks on the canal had to be cancelled!

Opened the bathroom door and nearly passed out with the smell!

Had to have a shave and stand up wash by boiling water in the saucepans, in the kitchen sink as the hot water was cold due to me leaving the tap on in the kitchen – Tsk!

I went to the hut to report the stink and a lady was there to speak with people who came along to the open day (Prospective tenants). I reported the situation and said I’ve got to go to Sherwood to get some bits and I’d check when I get back.

Walked up the hill into Woodthorpe Grange Park and down onto Mansfield Road the left up the hill and down into Sherwood.

P1020472Poddled to Wilko’s and got some tape, half-price Dettol spray disinfectant and asked a lady if they had DVD cleaners, she pointed the directions out to them for me but when i to where they should be on the shelves there were none. 


Walked back up and over the hill to the P1020473park and walked up the footpath to the top.

Saw some lovely dogs enjoying themselves en-route.

At the top when I turned right and down the dodgy footpath I met a lady with two scruffy but oh so happy mutts it cheered me up just seeing them.

Down to the flats and up the lift and opened the bathroom door and cor-blimey the stink was worse than ever!

I sent an email to Deana the coordinator for the flats and she relied quickly that she’d be up to see me soon.

The Morrison delivery arrived and he could smell the sh… aroma from outside the door!

Put the stuff away and sprayed disinfectant in the bathroom, down the bowl and air sprayed inside too!

Started to update this diary and Deana arrived and checked the air outlet, that was working, flushed the loo etc. I pointed out that when I first came here there was a tape, yellow and black spread over the bowl telling me not to use it under any circumstance. When the plumber arrived he was a bit aggressive in tone telling me there was nothing wrong and to use it. Tutted, muttered and left!

She called the works department and told them the situation.

They told her to tell me to use it and it is not considered an emergency so they will try to get today up to 2300hrs (Yes 2300hrs) but it may be any-time up to 1600hrs on Friday when they arrive to investigate. Any work needed may take longer.

She trotted off with a smile and cheerio.

I made a start on me  graphic for the Marissa Bergen Blogger Band Part Two. Going to take while this one.

I was so glad I went to the shop earlier today – the howling wind rose up and the rain poured down!

The plumber chappie arrived, and when we opened the bathroom door, the stink was a of far less potency and it seemed clear that it was fading now? I explained what had occurred and apologised for bothering him. Red Faced Again!

The hot water was slowly heating up, but the smell, although not so bad that still lingered in the bathroom was too much for me to sit in a bath with.

Got me nosh onP1020475.

Sweet potatoes in better, beetroot, pickled eggs, BBQ American sausages and soft cobs topped with cheese.

While the potatoes were cooking I gor a bit more of the Marissa’s Barmy Blogger Band graphic done.

Then tucked into the nosh. Rated this one at 9.49/10.

Main5At last set about putting the last touches to Marissa’s graphic and here it is.

Posted it of with a bit of funny script added to it. Here’s a bit of it:


3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wed 18 Nov 15: Mega Pong from the Bathroom. I mean mega!

  1. DISCLAIMER – I admit I did a No 2 in inchy’s loo when I visited on Sunday but I fervently deny any suggestion that the stinky smell that has since plagued his toilet is in any way connected to my use of his ‘facilities’ !

    • The very thought indeed never not occurred or raised itself in any way form or under any circumstances whatsoever at all.
      You did by the way instead of turning off the light you pulled the wall heater switch on… I thank you for me lovely warm bath that night. Hehe!
      Thanks again for visiting mate, enjoyed it, cheered me up again.

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