Inchcock Today – Tue 17 Nov 15: Rain, wind and Coughing

Tuesday 17th November 2015


P1020464Woke at 0410 hrs, feeling a bit sorry fer missen again. Coughing, Little Inchy a mess, and finding it hard to concentrate for some reason?

To the WC, trying not to cough and disturb me lady neighbour. Cleaned up Inchy and got the kettle on.


Another mystery…

I noticed the sole Dixon of Dock Green DVD and wondered where how and why I’d lost the other one yesterday.

I wondered if I’d ever find the missing DVD – or had I thrown it out with the rubbish or what?

On the bright side, the reflux valve and angina was not too bothersome at all this morning.

Took me medications and checked the pad on Little Inchy.

Laptop on and finished yesterdays diary.

Did some Facebooking and went in the kitchen to make another cuppa – and crunch! The right knee went again. I think I might have sworn at the time, I just hope it wasn’t too loud and disturbed me neighbours. (Oh dear)

Rushed a bath, had shaved and polished me head. WC’d and went down to the community shed – Deana was in, gave her a nibble and the letters I keep receiving for Margaret the last tenant of the flat. Back to the foyer and waited having a gossip, well, more listening to the tenants also waiting.

P1020465Out to the bus stop and I ‘d missed the City bus. So I caught the one to Arnold instead, of course this meant I wouldn’t get me artificial flowers today.

Caught the L8 and dropped off Sherwood and waited with the others P1020466in the shelter and caught a  bus into Arnold and called at the Asda superstore.

Got some lemon yoghurt, beetroot, tins of green beans and whole beans, big jar of beetroot and some jelly babies, all on offer price – and do you know, I found something else out about Asda in Arnold… Their fresh cream French horns also jump into your shopping basket, just like the ones at Tesco, mind you, they are dearer.

Walked to Fulton’s Foods and got two tins of baby carrots.

The bag was heavy now, and the rain started to come, so I made me way to the bus stop.

P1020468Got back just as the rain started in earnest.

Up to the flat and put the cakes in the fridge.

Got me washing and stuff in the bag with a book to read, and set off down to the laundry room.

P1020469Had a good read while waiting for it to finish, about an hour.

I read me Brian Cough book I got from the charity hop – that reminded me, I’ve got some bits for them again, must take them down to them in the morning.

Transferred the togs into the drier that the previous user did not de-fluff (Naughty pensioner!) and gave the washing machine a good clean while I was at it. Then back up to the flat for another hour while it dried way and made a start on this twoffle. (Another new word here, there’s no stopping me yer know… Hehe)

P1020470Put the kettle on and noticed out of the kitchen window far away, two large birds with what looked like pink plumage on a roof…

Got me camera from the coat pocket and zoomed in to take a photo through the drizzle – Huh! They flew off as I was focussing in! No idea what they were.

Still, considering the weather, the roof came out okay. Hehe!

Back down to the laundry room got togs out of the drier, cleaned the filter and back up to the flat.

Laptop back on, put the togs away.

Did an order for some groceries for tomorrow, didn’t need them but next week is loaded with medical appointments so I thought best to stock up like.

P1020471The rain started to get serious and the wind joined in.

Made another cuppa with the intention of drinking this one.

Going back to the laptop I heard a noise but couldn’t find where it came from at first. Slightly perplexed I searched around…

Found it was the cardboard box I’d taped over the air vent in the kitchen to lessen the draughts yesterday. Re-taped it back on the wall. Tsk!

The coughing returned that I suffered with last night, so I took a swig of Morrison’s Chesty Cough Medicine, it seemed to help a bit early this morning.

The oven had heated up and then I pondered on what to have for nosh tonight.

IMG_0002I needed to make room in the freezer for a big bag of chips on offer I’ve got coming tomorrow, so took a look at what was in there to use.

Rather full innit? Oh dear, perhaps I should not have ordered the special offer chips, so many in here already? Humph!

I see a mark on the floor in front of the freezer in this photo – hang on I’ll go and check it out…

I’ve cleaned it up, got down with the Flash and a cloth and cleaned it up. Mind you, getting back up again was a struggle.

I’ve just this minute got a phone call on me land-line, a rarity that. It was a recorded message from Severn-Trent Water telling me I’m going to lose me water supply due to a burst water main. They are working hard to restore it. No bath or washing tonight I reckon then. I thought the flow was a bit weak when I cleaned the floor a couple of minutes ago. 

That makes it of the last 10 calls I’ve had since getting the phone; 1 from Steve Age UK, three wrong numbers, 4 recorded messages and 2 unwanted sales people. Just thought I’d mention it like.

The wind is getting even worse here now, very noisy I can hear it with me hearing aids out, but the rain has eased.

Put some big chips in the oven, set me alarm for half an hour, then I’ll put some BBQ flavoured sausages in for ten minutes and the chips should be done at the same time?

I’ll get some beans in the pan to warm slowly now. Please note: I am trying to me logical here, not easy yer know. Just done that, didn’t hear the alarm though. Decided as the TFZ gals who look after me from afar have been telling me to eat more greens and as I’m not allowed brassica in me diet, I’d have a tin of the cut green beans wot I got from Asda today instead of baked beans. Oh I am being good ain’t I?

IMG_0003Set me plate out and this is how it looks.

Demolished it in short time and got tummy ache! Double Humph!

But were good tasting stuff. I might have given it a rating of mammoth proportions but the cut beans, while being good for me, were very bland, so gave it a 9.3/10.

Couldn’t do the washing up in cold water so I didn’t.

Had a search for the Dixon of Dock Green DVD again, once more failing.

Feeling weary now, so checked the TV paper to see if owt worth watching was on.

Some good stuff, two Top Gear programmes and a film at 2100hrs. I managed to get to watch the Top Gears in 33 parts in between dosing off periods and can’t remember getting as far as the film.

To the porcelain around 0200hrs, the water back on. Little Inchy needed attention.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tue 17 Nov 15: Rain, wind and Coughing

  1. re ‘the missing DVD’

    just a thought, Inchy – you have checked that you haven’t put the missing DVD on top of the other one in the case so instead of having one on the left and one on the right of the case you’ve got two on the left ?

    • Just checked Dunc, afraid not though? Forgot to give you the lamb shank when you left didn’t I, sorry ate. I’ll keep it in the freezer for your next visitation mate. It really is gorgeous, and best boiled in the bag in water, the mint gravy really sets it off. Thanks for the thought, I’ll have another search when I get back form feeding the ducks on the canal. TTFN

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