Inchcock Today Mon 16 Nov 15: Fretting again…

Monday 16th November 2015


Woke at 0045 hrs, on the bright side, the knees were a lot better now.

But I was fretting over the problems with getting the house sold and the demands of the solicitor and in need of advice. Duncan yesterday gave me a suggestion, about the solicitors demand for a current photographic Passport or Driving Licence ID that I don’t have?

I forwarded this via email to Steve Age UK, but of course as usual he was not available it being the weekend, and I always seem to get official letters on a Saturday.

I’m really worried about this now, as I fear the buyer being messed about will not wait much longer and pull out of the deal?

That will put me in a pickle of mammoth proportions!

Moved into the kitchen to put the kettle on, then to the WC and had again to sort Little Inchy out. Summat else to worry about this.

Feeling glad me knees were a lot better, other things replaced me to be concerned over… felt a bit frustrated and sorry for missen I’m afraid to admit.

01W01Made me cuppa and let it get cold while finishing weekend diary and starting this one.

My head seems muddled this morning – can’t concentrate on anything properly – the solicitor problems have taken over me brain I think. I should get an answer from Steve UK today, and that will give me more to worry about if I don’t?

Maybe after me food delivery, I should go to the solicitors and ask them about what I can do about not having the required passport or driving licence. Never had a passport, and of course the driving licence was forfeited after me big operations – rightly so, I could not bring myself to drive again anyway with the risk of me falling asleep at the drop of a hat.

Nor exactly a cheery diary today is it? Sorry about this.

Yes, I think I’ll do that today, go and see them. Luckily I’ve cancelled the INR Warfarin blood level tests on today.

The stomach ulcer is giving me gip now. Tsk!

Cuppa and took me medications.

Almost had to force missen to go on Facebook, feeling so low.

Once I got on, I cheered a bit, but soon as I got off the depression returned. I do feel bad about feeling bad.

Had me bath and searched for the letter from the Solicitors to take with me later – even amazed myself that I could lose such an important letter, this made me feel worse than I was already feeling… half an hour later I found it in the kitchen? Then I remembered showing it to Duncan in there yesterday. Huh!

Had a cuppa and back on the laptop while waiting for the Food delivery.

Gone dark again now and the rain cometh down.

Morrison’s arrived a little late, so I threw the cold stuff in the fridge and left the others in the trolley then shot off to catch the bus. Just in time too. Walked through town and up Friar Lane to the solicitors.

The lady on reception was busy keeping having to answer the phone calls. I managed to give her their letter and ask her if there is any other way of getting things moving again as I do not possess a valid driving licence or any passport

She called someone and said to wait for an answer.

I did.

It came within a minute and after talking to whoever the receptionist told me I supply then with a document with my NI number and address on it. She handed me back the letter and as I was putting it away in me newly sorted paperwork fold I realised I’d got me last pay slip from when I was made redundant for the fourth time at me last job, and handed it to her.

She was still busy doing other jobs in between. She got someone to photo-copy the slip and when he returned she gave it back to me and kept the copy.

I asked her if there was anything else they would need that might delay any progress on the sale.

She said we have everything we need now. I wont say Phew yet until I’m certain of this… oh I’ve said it!

01W01aMuch cheered up but not over-confident I risked feeding some pigeons outside the offices as I left.

Walked down into town, over the slab square and just missed the bus L9 back to the flats.

So an hour to wait – I decided to walk to have a meander through Vic Centre Mall and get some photographs for the TFZ site ladies and lads on Facebook.

01W01bA nice touch as I got inside proper, they were having a minute’s silence for the victims families friends and relatives of France.

Had a nip through the market, where I came across a display of paper flowers.

I thought how nice these looked, and real as well.

01W01cI walked along taking a couple more photographs for the Facebook page.

Called in Tesco and amazing really – another pack of two fresh cream horns jumped into me bag as I passed the fridge!

Got some bread thins as well.

0101aAs I left by the end entrance someone had dropped something edible and the pigeons were having a feast of it!

To the bus stop and caught the L9 bus back to the flats.

Took a photo of the Nottingham Theatre Royal on Upper Parliament Street.

0101abIt was so amazing for any time of day, but at this busy time and Christmas shopping time too…

There was a person in view I think when I took the shot!

Caught the bus and fell asleep so often on this journey home I appreciated waking up just before the bus stop.

Nipped in the community shed, door was open but no one around. So I left some nibbles and letters for the last tenant Margaret on the table.

Got in the bathroom and utilised the porcelain hastily.

Put me bits away along with the Morrison’s stuff delivered earlier.

Laptop on to update this diary, but first I had to send Steve Age UK an email to let him know what had happened with the solicitors visit. He had contacted me while I was out in reply to my first email, he was waiting for a reply from them. I explained at length and detail what had occurred and apologised or bothering him again.

I then rang BJ – and ran out of air-time in the middle of talking to him – I must go into Sherwood even though it is getting dark and late now and get a top-up for the phone.

Put the laptop in sleep mode, got me shoes and coat back on and had a walk through Woodthorpe Park, taking me camera with me in case I spotted owt interesting on me walk there and back like…

See yer soon I’m off now…

P1020461I’m back as Arnie said.

Called at the Co-op to get me phone topped-up and the machine wouldn’t accept the card – methinks perhaps with running out of funds while talking to BJ –  I might have had it cancelled by EE?

I walked back through the park and P1020462saw these two folks with their dogs, amongst many others, that stood out to me. My knees were a lot better than I expected, glad to say. No sticks today.

These two tiny dogs got lost in the long grass at time, as they romped around full of life bless em.

I like living here and feel that as soon as the hassle of getting rid of the house is over, it’ll get even better? Optimism eh? I should know better.

I got back to the flat and shot (Well rather limped) into the bathroom.

Got me potato alphabet waffles and pies in the oven, made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on pottered while waiting for the nosh to cook.

P1020463Added some slices of pepper, beetroot and eggs on top of the nosh and was soon tucking into it.

The pie and waffles were nice, the beetroot okay, the eggs fair, the peppers far too hot or me so only nibbled a bit of each slice. Started sneezing while eating this concoction, that didn’t help in the enjoyment stakes. Rated this one 5.5/10 only.

Cleaned up and tried to watch the second of me Dixon of Dock Green DVD’s, the machine built into the TV wasn’t having it! I got out me old 7″ portable mini DVD, that I could not find the lead and pug to… Tsk! I tried the DVD in me laptop but for some reason the picture was very jumpy?

I gave up the idea and had a look to see if owt was on the goggle-box. OH yes, two episodes of Top Gear, so I noted the times and channels and went to take me Dixon DVD out of the laptop, then realised it was the wrong one anyway – thus commenced a fat-wide search for the other one…

Checked the laptop, not in there – checked the old laptop, not in there, checked the TV, not in there. Drawers, boxes, cupboards shelves all searched without any success? If I had the time I’d have done a post for Facebook and WordPress: “The Dixon of Dock Green Mystery!” Not seen it since?

Put me headphones on to listen to Top Gear and the right bit broke off… Another search was instigated to find the spare set that was somewhere in the Steptoe & Son designed bedroom, or at least I thought they were.

More determined than ever, I searched the bathroom (I know, but I was desperate by now) Moved to the front room, repeatedly looking in places I’d just looked in, failure. Then the kitchen, drawers, cabinets, cupboards without any luck, bending down to search under the sink (I know, but I was even more desperate by now) I squashed ‘Little Inchy’ and the blood flowed. Annoyed with myself, I went back into the bathroom to clean things up and had no pads, back into the kitchen to get me spare pack for the Wilko eight drawer storage where I keep me medical accoutrements and guess what? The headphones were in there!?!?

Doctored the lesion, got the headphones, made a cuppa and back to the front room to watch Top Gear… but too late! Humph!

The programmes had finished it took so long to find me headphones! I was so tired now, but had a look on the TV paper see if owt else good were on… Ah, CrimeWatch!

Then I found the jack-plug was the wrong size to fit into me extension cable, pottered about and swapped it with the old one on the knackered headset. By then I’d missed the first ten minutes of the programme and me tea had gone cold.

Settled at last and started to watch TV… fell asleep!

Life eh?

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