Inchys Weekend Sat/Sun 14/15 Nov 15: Windy and Wet – inside and out! Duncan Calls

Saturday 14th November 2015


Woke at 0355 hrs, Straight onto the laptop to record an idea I’d had during the night for a blog – while it was booting up, I went into the porcelain room for a leak and had to clean up little Inchy – took a while.

P1020440Out and into the kitchen for a cuppa to take me medications with.

Back to the laptop and the idea I’d had for a blog, had evaporated into the ether.

I hate it when this happens to me!

The shakes came over me, no dizzies, just shakes this morning, of course they came when I was taking me tablets and drinking them down with me cuppa – I cleaned up the carpet then went to make another cuppa. Boy could I feel the wind coming into the kitchen from the holes in the outer wall behind the P1020441cupboards! Opened a cupboard door and was hit in the mush by the cold blowing draught coming through and out into the kitchen.

Other tenants had warned me about this and I had crammed firmly squashed thick kitchen towels up some of the holes where the worst of the draughts were – the wind was so bad some of the towelling had been blown out of the hole! I rammed some more back up the hole, but it had little effect with the cold very blowy wind this morning, brrr! Not looking forward to winter now if this is going to happen every time we suffer high winds.

Back to the laptop, carpet not stained thank heavens.

MarisBand2Finished yesterdays diary and posted it off. Started this one and did the graphics for the header and thought of the day.

Spent an hour or two doing a new post on WordPress.

Checked my emails and replied, then comments of WordPress done.

P1020442Got me nosh, last of the BBQ sausages, beef pasty beetroot and garden peas. 9/10 for this one.

Back on the laptop moved onto Facebook. Boy did I, with not going on yesterday afternoon  had so many comments to answer too – just as well I love doing it and getting them. Many hours later… many hours…

I got caught up and returned to WordPress, getting dark and raining now outside… well inside as well without the light on like.

Only just read of the Paris atrocity. So sad.

Sunday 15th November 2015

Woke at 0145 hrs, Little Inchy a right mess and I could recall bits of the dreams I’d had. Not nice memories this time, really scary in a way. I was in sewers being chased by people, then I was in a cave, walls collapsed, climbed out to the surface and everyone had gone, the cities had crumbled, no bodies though…?

To the WC, painfully cleaned up Little Inchy.

The wind was howling again, so loud and draughty this morning (0302hrs) but the rain had stopped for bit.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on – with the Paris news so tragic I had little enthusiasm for writing funny or satirical stuff this morning, sorry.

Went on Facebook.

Took a nice bath and got ready and went down to the reception area to meet with y cyber-buddy Duncan Robertson who was coming to visit me. In this weather Wind and rain) too, from Birmingham.

Had a natter with a tenant doing her laundry.

Welcomed Duncan, so nice to see him again.

Bestest chin-wag of the month ensued as we had a cuppa.

We went for a walk in Woodthorpe Park. Halfway up the hill, me left knee snapped… not one that for a while, oh the pain! Hehe!

Called in Co-op and I got some jelly-babies, beetroot and two large potatoes with the intention of making cheesy baked potatoes for nosh.

The rain had stopped the winds were highish but not old with it, and Dunc and I watched the dogs being walked and played with on the park on the way back.

Top of the hill I sipped on some wet leaves and the right knee snapped! Tsk! Never had them both snap at the same time. Had to use the walking stick when we got back in the flat.

Dunc gave me advice about the solicitor problem, took some of me old photographs to copy for me.

P1020444Dunc posed looking out of the kitchen window. The light wasn’t too good but I caught him looking rather thoughtful I thought?

So nice to see him again and I get a lot out of his visits.

Dunc took a photo of me testing one of me grabbers stick in hand.

P1020447Grabbing one of the potatoes I’d just bought in the kitchen.

Sadly he departed and wouldn’t let me walk down with him as I usually do cause of me knees bless him.

Hope the knees will not stiffen too much.

Got me nosh on, stick and grabber accompanying me everywhere now.

Watched an old film on the laptop in the kitchen while the potatoes baked, “The man in the white suit” 1951 with Alec Guinness. Nostalgic, but not  good Ealing film. Took out de defleshed the potatoes, good mix with a bit of salt, cheese sauce and cheese spread and a splash of vinegar all bashed up together and put back in the 3 of the four husks, rn over the tops with a fork and returned them to the oven.

P1020449When the film had finished they were cooked nice and brown. Had the last few of the Anya potatoes and two chicken drumsticks with them.

Ate it all up. Rated it 9.51/10.

Cleaned all the pots and pans and surfaces up, hobbling around and then got settled and fell asleep with me book on me lap.

Painful when I woke, the knees that is.

Must admit I was concerned about this, but more bothered about the solicitors tomorrow. I’d sent an email to Steve Age UK about the problem of the Photographic ID required to move on with the house sale and asked him for advice.

Concerned that the buyers of the house might get fed-up with the delays and pull out? Told him of Dunc’s idea of taking a passport photo and getting the GP to sign the back of it guaranteeing who I am. Asked him for further advice, but he is famous for not replying to me pleas in the past? So frustrating!

Sat feeling a tad sorry for missen, yet so happy to have met with Duncan again.

4 thoughts on “Inchys Weekend Sat/Sun 14/15 Nov 15: Windy and Wet – inside and out! Duncan Calls

  1. Good to see your cooking is improving luv. A 9.51/10 is better than anything I’ve ever tried of my own, so I think you should open a restaurant now. Or, when we meet in the middle of the ocean, we will have to set up a barge with a nice restaurant for all the other people canoeing across to stop for a hot meal instead of their picnic lunches. Today I made my Southern classic, cornbread and beans, meaning bean soup and Mexican cornbread. Tummy is protesting the jalapeno peppers just a little bit, but other than that it was good.
    Okay, now we’ll get to those knees. And the walker you gave away. And how about the reason you didn’t have your walking stick with you? Come clean now young man! Even with Duncan going with you, never go out walking without that walking stick! Take it from a lady who had had her share of tumbles, it just isn’t worth the pain!
    Now, take care of you luv. I need another 72 hours in this day to finish all the things I have going on. My nurse was here earlier and told me I am looking and sounding better than she has ever seen me. Vitals are great, lungs clear, sinuses are clogged, but that is the way life goes for us all here.

    • What a good idea about the floating restaurant Angie – maybe we could buy an abandoned oil rig?
      Argh… jalapeno peppers, they are the ones that was in the bread I tried and done me no good at all – talk about hot! Whooo!
      Stick’ll go with me today pet thanks.
      Music to my ears “My nurse was here earlier and told me I am looking and sounding better than she has ever seen me.” Well done pet, XXX.
      Keep up the good work flower.
      Take care. x

      • That abandoned oil rig sounds even better than the barges luv. We wouldn’t need coal for that. Just have to say lots of prayers to the god of oil rigs that there are no ,leaks or explosions, but there should be enough left for free cooking oil. We can figure out some way to make it work. Two genius minds like ours???? Hehehehe.
        I guess you have to have an iron stomach to eat the jalapeno peppers, and I seem to have one — at least most of the time. We eat a lot of southwestern food over here, and that includes hot, spicy stuff. I tend to add even more than most people because my taste buds are only half alive, so it seems to be working out well for me. The hot spice helps me tolerate pain better, builds up an immunity from the inside out, so I don’t hurt as much when I eat it, and my joints feel better too.
        Keep that stick by your side please, so you will have good reports from your doctor and nurse also. I feel so much better lately, and it’s all because of the jalapeno peppers LOL.
        Take care of you luv.

      • Excellent thought on the cooking oil Angie!
        Oh, how I suffered when I had the jalapenos… I’ve got the runs now again, just thinking of em. Hehehe!
        American style BBQ sausages for nosh today… if me stomach settles that is, if not, soup again. Tsk! TTFN XXX

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