Marissa’s New Band ready to hit the stage…

Possibly the most original band for a decade!


Bloggers, Shirley Blamey’s Bongos, Marissa’s own Guitar, Rachel’s flute, Gill’s famous Maracas, Duncan’s Cello, Mike Steedenski’s Balalaika, Danny Soz’s Trumpet, and Inchcock’s Triangle combine to create musical blending opportunities never seen or heard before.

They are currently considering which type of music best for them to offer the public – they are also considering what name they should use for the band. They considered calling it ‘The Brilliant Bouncing Bloggers’.

Invitations for suggestions for both are welcomed, with a prize possibly, maybe, might, could be offered for the best ideas received.

aa03MSaProduced in the support of the Blindly Inane Bloggers Support Charity

Chairman Danny Soz (19¾ year old)

7 thoughts on “Marissa’s New Band ready to hit the stage…

  1. Oh well enuf then Mike, if we go in direction of impersonators I can manage that I fink. Ah, don’t know the words to that one sorry. Worrabarght hi singing summat from HEATHciffe? Hehe! oh dear, gorrit wrong again I fink, was that a musical… ah Heath played the organ, I could perhaps hum Telstar? I’m all confused now sorry I started…

  2. Never seen of heard before may well be right. Well, I have to say, this may well make up for me being so coldly left out of the last one, and you really are a mean triangle player. Unfortunately, I think with all the popularity this band has given me, it’s time for a solo project.

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