Inchcock Today Thu 13 Nov 15: A better day than yesterday… I’m glad to say!

Thursday 13th November 2015


Woke at 0445 hrs, stayed there thinking of the dreams I’d had. First time for ages that I could recall bits of dream, wrote it down so as to record it here later. Finally rose around 0520 hrs.

The coughing had gone along with the sore throat, the bruises from last nights farcical Whoopsiedangleplops was causing no bother, only the reflux valve playing up at the moment… oh, and of course Little Inchy needed tending to, cleaning creaming etc when I got to the bathroom. Feeling a tad sore after doing this, I ventured into the kitchen and got the kettle on, made a cuppa and took me medications.

Noticed that I had not done a good job of cleaning up the mess I made when I left the tap running and dropped me tray of fodder on the floor last night. Tsk!

Cleaned it up again. Took the rubbish bag and dropped it down the chute.

Laptop on, finished yesterdays diary, Facebooking done and put the kettle on. Looked for me notes about the dream to put in this diary, but couldn’t find them anywhere?

Eventually I thought I must have somehow put them in the rubbish bag? A mystery – so nothing but a few vague memories left about the dream, although bits I could remember in detail? Huh!

The dream had me in a battle: I was high up at a window with an RT and old Lewis gun surrounded with the round magazine cases, some empty: the town below had snipers in the bombed buildings, destroyed tanks and artillery pieces, dead bodies, burnt out lorries and fires and smoke: an Ice-cream van with tank tracks came out of a building and stopped the action. The soldiers and civilians formed an orderly queue?

That’s all that I can recall. A shame I lost me notes, I think there were many more things on it, ah well.

Went into the bedroom in an effort to try to find me bus pass in other coats than the one I was sure it was in earlier. Came across some more books in an open box and picked out the first few – which I thought couldn’t have been better selected if I was looking for me favourites of all time.

P1020432I stood the books on me book-case and took a photo of them.

So, here they are.

Everyone a gem.

Found me bus pass, I’d put it in a different pocket than normal. Huh!

Back to the laptop and listened to a Helen Shapiro compilation on YouTube while catching up on this and me new emails.

Did me order for Morrison delivery next Monday.

Got missen a good bath and brushed-up and things ready fer me trip to the City Centre to get some bread and visit the Solicitors Fraser-Brown see how things are going with the house sale.

Went down to lobby and had a  jolly good natter with the other tenants waiting there out of the howling wind outside.

P1020433Got to town and wandered into town then up Friar Lane to the Solicitors. The bloke handling me sale of me house was unavailable. Tsk!

Walked back down Friar Lane into town and down to Marks & Sparks food hall in their basement.

Got some bread, drumsticks and Potato rostis.

P1020434Out and down into the City Centre again, slipping some pigeons some seed on the way.

P1020437Went into Tesco to see if they had any Fresh cream horns – they hand not! Some fresh cream strawberry doughnuts fell in me bag though. Hehehe”

P1020436Caught the bus, having another natter with some of the passengers. I liked that.

Plenty of buses around today, many stuck in traffic that consisted mostly of other buses.

Dropped off at the flats, having stayed awake all the time on the trip! 

WC’d and took me medications and suddenly the weariness came on again.

P1020438Put me bits of Stuff away then made me super-nosh of the day!

Anya potatoes, rosti potatoes, beetroot, tomato and wholemeal bread with the super tasty BBQ sausages.

Had to rate this one 9.5/10.

I enjoyed eating it all up, well most of it and destroyed me cream cakes afterwards.

Thought I’d watch some more of me Dixon of Dock Green DVD of the last series made.

By the time I’d got it to work (The TV’s DVD system thingy) it was well dark and the rain had started to come with the winds blasting loudly around outside. I did manage to watch ten minutes then the DVD stuck and I could not get it to do owt – so had to remove it. Couldn’t find me DVD cleaner that I’d brought with me from the house though – Wiped the new Dixon DVD and put it back in and it seemed to work seamlessly then – as I fell asleep waking up at the very end of the last of the three episodes on the disc was finishing. Humph!

Washed and into me pyjamas and dressing gown, made a cuppa, down in the chair – and that is where I woke up in the morning with me full cup of tea at me side.

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