Inchcock Today Thu 12 Nov 15: A good start to the day… but the ending was not… Hehehe!

Thursday 12th November 2015


Woke at 0445 hrs. Reluctantly, as I was feeling a bit under the weather with the cough and old I’d acquired, and needed the porcelain, to find ‘Little Inchy’ in a right state and another pyjama bottoms for the wash! Tsk, good start again!

However, on the bright-side, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, the reflux valve and the dizzies were very kind to me this morning and gave me a rest from their tribulations.

Got the kettle on and took me morning medications.

Laptop started. Diaries tackled.

Hot water back on again now, had a good bath shave and medicated various regions of me anatomy needing such actions this morning: Stretch lotion on me reflux valve area, Cetraben cream on face, neck, underarms and tootsies. Phorpain 10% on me hands, wrist, knees and feet, Ciprofloxacin and Otomize ear-drops in. Cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’ and his lesion, creamed him up, and Swabbed him, Creamed me haemorrhoids and used some after-shave to stop me neck bleeding where I’d cut it shaving (Waiting for a blocking treatment)…  It’s a lark innit! No wonder I don’t have time to get things done with all this palava and me falling asleep so often. Hehe!

Took me rubbish to the chute and got ready to go out to get some of those fancy Anya potatoes from Sainsburys.

P1020409Met with several other tenants also waiting in the reception area for the bus to arrive.

The lady in a white collar is the one who found me hearing-aids the other week for me and came to me flat to let me know – always make sure she get first choice at me nibbles bless her.

P1020424Out to the bus and got on the outbound L9 and was soon dropping off right outside the Sainsbury store in Daybrook.

Things going well today I thought…

Fool that I am!

P1020423Near the way into the store I came across these here Bling jewellery items on sale.

I don’t go to Sainsburys very often cause of their prices and lack of choice nowadays – but it seems they are branching out a bit with this range of stuff on sale.

P1020425I seemed to have attracted some interest from the staff, and then a Security Guard by taking these photographicalisations of the gems on show.

He followed me around for a few minutes. As I approached the potato section to look for the Anya spuds he lost interest and wandered back to the Supervisor on the Help Desk.

 Got two bags of the spuds cause they were short dated and reduced from £1.50 to £1.09. More weight to carry, Tsk! Got some jam doughnuts, a TV paper and a DVD of the last series of ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ made in 1966.

Walked slowly up into Arnold and took a look in Smiths to see if they had any cheapo books in that I fancied – they hadn’t. However, they did have a box of all five ‘Die Hard’ filums on DVD. I lent someone mine ages ago and didn’t get it back – Tsk! So I bought it.

P1020426Got to the bus stop after a wander around for a bit and caught the L9 back to the flats.

I like having an unplanned wander around – and no guilt at not getting any of the sorting done today!


Resisted the urge to fall asleep on the bus again, that’s twice in a row! (Superior mode adopted)

P1020428As we came up Winchester Street hill I heard an emergency vehicles Klaxons coming from behind the bus and caught the police car through the front screen as it belted past blues and twos going.

Got into the flat and made use of the WC.

P1020429Put me bits away and got the spuds on the boil to have later with me nosh.

Looking forward to these, perhaps with some of the BBQ sausages I got from Asda on Special Offer?

It suddenly became lighter outside and the view from the kitchen window seemed to look different somehow?

P1020430Still beautiful though.

I suddenly realised I had not seen fellow tenant Norman for a while.

The notice on the board downstairs said tenants meet every Thursday at 1300hrs – so I nipped down, out and along to the Community Shed to ask if anyone had seem him and take some letters I’ve received for Margaret the flats previous tenant at the same time.

Nobody was in, door locked?

Came back and visited the porcelain, changed back into me slippers then got on with updating this piffle.

P1020431Made and had me nosh:

BBQ sausages, tomatoes, pickled eggs Anya potatoes, bread thins followed by raspberry jam Doughnuts in imitation cream.

Rated this 9.55/10. Best ever again – top rating.

Then Wednesday’s things started to go downhill a bit…

I clouted me elbow taking the things back into the kitchen to wash-up and dropped the tray all over the floor.

Bent down to get clean it up and had a dizzy. Stayed down a bit while recovered.

Got up and clouted me head on a cabinet.

Carefully got the mop and bucket out and cleaned the floor without any further Whoopsiedangleplops, took me medications, then went in the bathroom for a wash and change into me night attire.

Struggling into the jammy bottoms and they tore around the gussets.

Settled in me chair and put a DVD in to watch. Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), I was only an ankle snapper when this was made, watched and enjoyed it all the way through to the end without nodding off. That as a first. Thought things were looking up now…

Went into the kitchen to make a cuppa and found I’d left the damned hot water tap running again! Cleaned up the mess… Huh!

Thought I’d watch another film TV this time and got a big bag of pop crisps to nibble a few while watching the film – I nodded off at the first sign of commercials and woke up hours later with an empty giant pop crisps bag at me side and no memory of me eating them all?

I checked the bathroom and kitchen to make sure I’d turned everything off this time and returned to me chair with yet another cup of tea (I’ll get one drank eventually) and another dizzy came while I was sitting, then Anne Gyna started giving me some gip and as I got up to fetch an extra tablet to take I stubbed me toe on the trolley at the side of the chair and knocked over the paper shredder with me spectacles on it and then somehow managed to tread on the glasses! Another visit to the opticians is on the cards now. Tsk!

What an end to what was I thought a decent day! Humph!

18 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thu 12 Nov 15: A good start to the day… but the ending was not… Hehehe!

    • Haha! No Dunc, too many even for me there. They lasted for two meals and a few left over for evening nibbles. As nibblers go, I’m getting lose to championship level. Hehe” TTFN mate.

    • You could be right thanks Duncan. And they left no crumbs either. They are house-trained mice though… big uns as well, cause the screwed up the bag and threw it in me bin for me. Bless um. Hehehe!

  1. You had a lot of nosh on a Friday 13 luv. How’s the reflux valve treating you now?
    I don’t mind having days like this, except for the cold. Brrrrr, the wind blew thru me when I went out to pick up some goodies my brother brought me. And your Whoopsiedangleplops are supposed to be over and done dear. So why are you continuing with them???? Naughty boy. Not like this sweet little angel, spending the past two days in her nest recovering from that horrible inner ear disorder. Perhaps if I had it all the time I would stay out of trouble, but then it would also mean feeling sick all the time.
    Take care of you luv.

    • It was on a gigantic plate Angie, made it look more than there was yer see. (Well, that’s my story anyway hehe!).
      The high winds here nearly had a few tenants over yesterday when we all ventured out to catch the bus, and this morning (Sat) it blew the packing out of the holes I’d crammed in to stop it coming through into the kitchen. Brrr!
      I think I’ll have to learn to live with the Whoopsiedangleplops – they seem part of life nowadays – but I promise I am doing e best to avoid them. Tsk!
      Sorry your suffering with your inner ear, I know how it feels pet. Cross fingers it will ease soon, I hope. X
      One of our lifts was giving off grating noise when I got back from town yesterday, what next eh? Hope things get moving with having your sorted soon. TTFN X

      • I had everything sorted and looking great, but then I started working on my crochet projects. That meant pulling out bags of yarn, patterns, hooks and other assorted things to make all of the necessities needed for several small projects without having to get up and move around. So, what was neat at one time now looks like a pig stye, with me calmly camped in the middle. It would be so simple if I could move around without having to worry about falling, but —–.
        Our air raid siren (commonly known as fire alarm) is malfunctioning again, so had to dig the ear plugs out again. I didn’t start out deaf, but I’ll be deaf when this is finished. I guess I’ll have to call in an audiologist to tell management how this is affecting our hearing, or loss thereof.
        Going back to my nest now. I can hardly keep my eyes open, even though I slept several hours last night. Take care of you luv.

      • Proud of you pressing on Angie. Wish I could be there to help.
        The Air-raid siren, I like that wording gal. Must be driving you bonkers poor thing?
        I’m the opposite here, when in the flat I can’t hear the alarm when it goes off – they inform me that if the one on the flat goes off I will hear it.
        Not good this morning, but things have been a lot worse so hey-ho, love sent with cuddle and hopes that you feel better soon – and once again, well-done with the efforts your making gal. X

      • Thanks luv. I’m not sure anyone could help me, since I’m not sure where to store the stuff myself. It has to be close to my work area, but not in a cluttered way, and there is just no way to put it close without making it so cluttered I want to scream each time I see it. I guess I’ll just knit a huge tent to throw over it all, and stay on one side, while hiding the clutter on the inside of the tent.
        Ya know, that really doesn’t sound like a bad idea, the more I think about it. It would take a couple of years to finish it, but sure would get rid of a lot of the extra yarn. A nice rainbow colored tent in my living area. I’m beginning to love that idea.
        Feel better luv. This darn feeling rotten is for the birds, or even better, the mosquitos. Fleas, fruit flies, any old pest that gets in my stuff. Bed bugs, roaches, gnats. I’m thinking of all the pesky thingys that are constantly coming in and bothering me. Take care of you luv.

      • Thanks Angie. I think we’re both in a similar state at the moment Angie. The house sale is delayed again, again through bad advice given me. They (The solicitors) want a valid passport or driving licence from me to proceed with the sale. I have neither and its getting to me now, I fear the buyer will get fed-up with the delays and pull out – I’d be in a pickle then!
        Both me knees went yesterday at the same time, back to the sticks – but this morning they are much better? Sorry I’m a bit low pet, fretting about things again.
        God idea with yer tent, I use the bedroom. Hehe!
        Hate feeling like this, and the stomach ulcer has started off again this morning. Tsk!
        Take care pet, please. XXX

      • My nurse was here this afternoon luv, and said I’m looking happier and better than she has ever seen me. I’m feeling so much better now, and wishing I had longer days and at least 8 more arms and hands so I could do more things at one time. I’ve been sleeping better, so things seem to be working out for me. Not sure why, but I’m not going to question it, just accept it and move on and be grateful for each good minute, hour and day.
        My son was here yesterday, so that made it good, and a nice surprise for me.
        Take care of you luv. No more going for walks without those sticks.

      • Wonderful you’re doing well Angie me angel. Take care not to take risks cause your feeling a bit perkier please though. It’s when one gets feeling things are going well that they don’t sometimes isn’t it gal
        I’m up and down lately, at least things are moving again with the house sale, crossed fingers.
        I’l have a look at the barges on the canal when I go to feed the ducks later today and see what they cost, I was thinking yer see… maybe I could convert one into an “Angie & Gez’s Mid Atlantic Diner”?
        Hehehe! Cuddles. X

      • That sounds like just the ticket. Barges are great for restaurants. If business slows down in one ocean we can just move to another. Sail the 7 seas and stay on the move all the time. Maybe never have to pay taxes again if we can plan it right. Oops, shshhhhh. pretend I didn’t say that. We don’t want tax people from every country in the world after us now, do we?
        Take care of you luv, And I’ve slowed down now, resting more and moving slower.

      • Your right Angie, must avoid the tax men at all costs – talking of costs, how long do you think the coal would last like for the boiler on the barge?
        Maybe we’ll have to get a different barge to the one I saw, cause getting the coal delivered might be a bit tricky in the Pacific? Hehe!
        Glad your steadying down gal, that’s the spirit. oh, both our lifts went kaput yesterday – hope they are working this morning. Hey-ho!
        Got permission yesterday to visit me sister and her pussies today. Got to ring first to make sure they are available. Take care pet. XXX

  2. Didn’t think about the coal luv. We probably should have the extra barge for that. I’m living in coal country, so I’ll check on this end for that, and see if I can pick up a barge on my end also. That would make more sense than having an extra canoe, and be safer than getting caught in an Atlantic storm in a flimsy bark canoe also. And if we both stock up on food for the restaurant, as well as the extra coal, we can go even longer without having to worry about finding more coal in the ocean. Don’t suppose you are a diver? I can’t even swim, so don’t think I want to dive, but that would be a great way to catch extra seafood for the restaurant. Maybe some nice shark steaks if you can catch a couple of those, and the long nose would work well as a saw if we ever have to use one for anything.
    I was very energized during the rain, and now the sun is out and I just want to sleep. I think that’s what I’m going to do now, before I fall asleep across the keyboard.
    Take good care of you luv.

    • Thanks Angie. Good ideas! I can’t swim either, so we could be in a pickle if we had a leak? Hehe!
      Good idea too about the shark. I had shark steaks once, tasted to me like pork, very nice!
      Not too good this morning, woke to mist rain and snow all at the same time?
      Hope you get a decent kip in pet, nice to be able to nod-off when you want to, or even when you don’t plan to – as long as we haven’t left something cooking. Thanks again flower, be careful. X

      • Most of my cooking is done in a crockpot now, so it will keep for hours and be okay luv. And that is good, since I just can’t stay awake during the day, but can’t sleep at night. Have my days and nights mixed up, just like a baby. Typical, I guess, since I’m in my 15th childhood now.
        Guess we should find someone who can swim to come on the barge with us from each side, because I’m not afraid to die, but I am really afraid of drowning. Sounds silly, but just something about having my face under water that really frightens me..
        I’m regretting the orange juice I had earlier in the evening luv. It has me making frequent runs (2/3 of a pun — P U),so I guess I’ll have to drink it with caution from now on. 1 part juice, 99 parts vodka. If I drank spirits that probably would work, but I don’t mix alcoholic drink with my meds. They don’t play well together.
        Take care of you luv. I have to run, if you get my drift.

      • That’s us both in our umpteenth childhood Angie. Hehehe!
        Amazing how we have so many similarities, could have been me saying ‘ I’m not afraid to die, but I am really afraid of drowning’.
        I’m off too, to the porcelain again pet.
        Worra state we’re both in! (Well you are in a state twice? Gerrit gal?) TTFN take care. XX

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