Inchcock Today Wed 12 Nov 15: Progress, but still discombobulated

Wednesday 11th November 2015


Woke at 0130 hrs. – to the WC, Little Inchy tended to.

P1020407A right mess in the living room where I got so far in sorting the paperwork out before I had me nosh and dropped asleep in the chair last night.

Laptop on to start me diaries.

Made a cuppa and took me medications after doing the diary for yesterday.

Set doing Facebooking and emails.

Seren3I sent email to Steve Age UK along with some photographs of him helping me out.

Duncan Robertson sent me a photo of Seren and her big brother on Halloween night. So cute and loveable!


Cleaned the kitchen a bit more and went to have a nice long bath.

When I came out the hot water in the tap was completely cold, I’d left the hot tap running in the kitchen while bathing – Humph! We’re on storage heater here at the flats, so no hot water again until late tonight.

I got on with the paperwork sorting and got some satisfaction in getting a lot done in that department.

Got the things for me trip to the clinic ready, took some nibbles for the nurses, made sure mobile and camera was in me pocket.

WC’d, then set off down to the reception area to await the arrival of the first bus at 0930hrs. Had a jolly good natter with several tenants who were also waiting for the bus and gave em some nibbles.

All three early buses arrived at the same time, one going to the city, one in the other direction to Bestwood and the circular L8.  I was the only one of us that got on the City L9.

IT was a bit dim and windy but no rain today… yet…

01W01Had a walk into Broad Marsh and the 99p shop. Got air-fresheners and cleaning cloths,  didn’t need any fodder cause I’ve got an Asda delivery coming tonight. (Must remember and stay awake!)

Plodded up to the clinic on the Ropewalk – realising I’d forgot me appointment book… oh dear! The nice receptionist who booked me in should qualify as Britain’s Champion Sneerer. I nearly told her so, but being as she was still sneering intimidatingly, stood 6’2″ and weighed around 16 solid stones I resisted the urge say owt.

I was in quickly, dealt with in second there and then moved to another room to await me examination. I don’t often over an hour to concentrate on me crossword book…

The two female what-ever-they-were’s had a cursory prod and poke and five minutes later I was on me way with a prescription for some more cream. It really is unbelievable that today of all day, Little Inchy, after bleeding for so many days on the trot had to decide not to! Flipping heck!

 Went to the chemist for me cream, a different one this time.

01W01aWalked into the slab square and into the Pound Shop to see if they had any of the BBQ sausages in stock – then came out when I remembered I’d ordered some from Asda on Special Offer being delivered later. And, it’s the Walls ones that are superb tasting.

I did espy some ladies articles they had on sale though.

Just thought I’d mention it like.

01W01bIn the Slab Square it was nice to see a large flock of people for the Remembrance ‘do’ outside the Council House.

Not many younger folk though, I thought that was a bad sign, with so many students in Nottingham and unemployed youngsters too who could have attended perhaps? I know it was not the official day but maybe they attended at the weekend do’s.

01W01cAs I got on the L9 bus, a sole pigeon was rooting around trying to find something edible bless him.

I got a close-up shot of him through the bus window using me Panasonic.

I think the usual masses of birds had been scared of by the large crowd.

The bus soon got me back to the flat and I woke up just before the bus stop needed too. Again, it was a close thing though. Hehehe!

Had another nice natter with a tenant when I was going into the complex – I like it when this happens.

WC’d. Tried the hot water still cold though. Boiled a kettle of water so I could clean up Little Inchy. Yes you’ve guessed it – he’s started bleeding again. Applied the new cream, see how it goes now.

Laptop on and updated this twoddle.

Got some good comments come in, and answered them.

Made a cuppa and took me midday medications rather late.

Got me air-fresheners going… then had a dizzy spell. First one for a while so I’m not complaining, but it left me a bit shaky, no more sorting today for me.

GCy02bDid some graphic creating for a post on WordPress. Took me a while but I enjoyed doing it so far, it’ll take a while longer to get right yet.

I framed and aged an old photograph of me from about 1950, came out decent. Just look at them short trousers!

Mother couldn’t be fussy at the jumble sale eh? When she ran off to avoid being arrested, the clothes situation improved – when it was just me and Dad he simply stopped buying them from anywhere! Ah, memories.

Thoughts of that time returned to me when I got it done. Recalled the Jumble-sale clothes, the brickwork from the train soot covered walls of railway house at number 4 Brookfield Place.

A petite sweet sounding address, in reality a flea pit of the highest order. When the London Express belted by on the viaduct within 12 foot of the house, the windows and frames rattled, the light swung and this never woke me up once as I recall. Ah, memories.

P1020418The dizzy cleared fully and I got me  nosh on and eaten.

Petit Pois, beetroot, roasted red onions and parsnips cooked ham and bread thins and oven fries, followed by a pot of Mandarins in jelly. Followed by me evening medications.

Not doubt about it, it was as good a nosh as I’ve ever had, although this rating of 9.45/10 might have been influenced by the fact that the dizzies had just gone, and the reflux valve eased at the same time?

I received the Asda delivery, with the Wall’s thin BBQ flavoured sausages amongst it, just managed to get it into the freezer (4 packs of ten sausages).

The wind outside could be heard even without my hearing-aids in as I settled down with a cuppa in me wonderful new second hand easy-chair.

I selected another ‘New Tricks’ DVD to watch. After many nod-offs and rewinding to catch up I gave up.

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