Inchcock Today Thu 7 Jan 2016: Hassle, hassle, hassle! Did I tell you I’m getting hassle?



Thursday 7th January 2016

I woke up at 0225 hrs and struggled to get to the porcelain. And nothing moved, just wind.

To rumbling innards prevented me getting back to sleep, so I gave up and put the kettle then laptop on.

IMG_0038Checked my supplies of luxury foods in the draws in the kitchen, getting low now. Hehe!

The emissions of the wind from my rear end were so bad this morning and foul smelling, they started my haemorrhoids off!

I finished off Wednesdays diary and started on this one.

Too early to take the morning medications yet.

Deana is coming today to talk to me and do a questionnaire thing about the tenancy? 0830 hrs she said.

BettyGroupI did some Facebooking.

Then I finished off this graphic for the TFZ site and got it posted.

Rushed to the WC in response to me innards letting me know it was urgent.

Made it only just in time, very close to having another Whoopsiedangle!

I had some almost instant, relief in the rumbling innards department. So much easier now.

P usaMade graphic of one old photo I had of Pete from years ago when he broke his neck.

Turned out a bit like I wanted, quite pleased with it in the end. Emailed it to Jane and Pete

Got an email from Steve Age UK:

I have called the Nottingham Building Society, and they inform me your house is still about eight weeks away from completion they say due to the solicitors waiting for your ID etc.

Which is hogwash I might add, two weeks after taking in the required ID, I got a letter and phone call from them asking me for it! Gits!

He continued:

They have given me names of companies who will insure empty properties. They will charge heavily of course for an empty house. You may have to drain the water from the heating system.

Let me know what you want to do and I can help you with it.

I answered asking him to go ahead and get it sorted ASAP, please.


I took the rubbish bags to the chute, got a telephone call when I got back to the flat.

IT was Deana; she would be late for our appointment, her car window will not close, and she is taking it to get sorted out.

Updated this boring crap while I waited.

Going to miss the bus to the clinic now – humph!

After Facebooking a bit more, Deana arrived. Upset she was late, I told her not to worry.

The questionnaire was finally finished in an hour or so. We found time for  a natter and laugh in between.

The 1039 bus had just gone, so I got on the laptop to update this.

Got an email from Steve – he’s calling after 1400hrs today. To make arrangements for the insurance cover.

So I scrapped my Clinic visit and settle in for the day, Again!

Will I ever get out and about again?

I hope to get to the shops and clinic tomorrow, then.

Boy, has the wind got up? Yes, it flipping well has!

Rain and high winds seemed to have settled in now. The gaps in the kitchen window and frame are letting in the perishing wind – I nearly got blown back out of the door just now. Hehehe.

Steve arrived, and we got the insurance for the old place sorted, but only after much kerfuffle.

Took him over an hour to get it sorted, but I’m more at ease now it’s done.

P1020829Got a bit of cleaning and sorting done after he’d gone.

When I’d done cleaning and sorting I felt tired, exhausted and every part of my anatomy hurt!

Whoopsiedangleplop again when I cleaned underneath my 1967 G-Plan cupboard sideboard thingy, I tried to get up using my walking stick – and fell off of it! Hehehe! A bit of bad luck when I was raising myself supported by the stick, the left hand froze and the right knee gave way at the same time! Hey-ho! 


9.4/10 for this nosh!

Dinner in the oven, a fish meal tonight. Fish fingers and fish cakes, garden peas, beetroot and bread thins.

The rain almost stopped, the wind still vicious, it went dark quickly and the clouds massed.

I’m not too bothered about things now the insurance is settled.

Looking forward to getting out tomorrow. Must get back for the Iceland delivery though at 1500 hrs, so need to make an early start to ensure I can catch the L9 back to the flats. The last one from town is at 1505 hrs. May go to Arnold instead and get some of those Anya potatoes from J Sainsbury tomorrow?

I took my evening medications, missed the midday ones being so busy like. Tsk!

0704Watched some episodes of Goodnight Sweetheart series five on DVD.

I cannot agree or condone the polyamorous content of the show – but I couldn’t help finding it amusing.

I suspect the thought of time travel appeals to most folk?

The rain had stopped, but the winds continued.

Stayed awake for two full half-hour episodes before drifting off into oblivion for the night.

Slept well for once too.

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