Inchcock Today Fri 8 Jan 16: Got out a bit anyway – nodding off is becoming a habit again. Tsk!



Friday 8th January 2016

I had a decent nights kip. Reckon I got a good 6 hours in last night.

I stirred around 0445 hrs and lay thinking of yesterday’s hassle and what needed doing today.

P1020829The tenancy interview seemed to go well yesterday. I got the living room sorted a bit more, although the Whoopsiedangleplop I could have done without happening! Hehe!

Getting there slowly.

Hobbled to the bathroom porcelain to be pleasantly surprised with several things: The haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all, the blotches on the legs seemed to be fading a bit and not so sore. The angina was nowhere near as bad as of late. And; Little Inchy had bled only the tiniest bit!

Looking good this morning. Mind you, the bruise on my hip where I fell off me walking stick yesterday was a bit tender!

Got the kettle on and made a cuppa, took my morning medications, and even remembered to put my midday pot of them in the bag ready for when I would be out and about. I hope!

The rain had stopped but the wind was still high. You watch it; I bet when I go out later to catch the bus, the rain starts?.

Started the laptop and finalised the Thursday diary and posted it.

Started this one, and then checked the emails and went on Facebook.

Got a shave and did me teggies, had a good bath then doctored Little Inchy, the knees, lesions and back passage.

Rubbish bags to the chute.

Called in the Community Shed and gave the girls a loaf of dough bread. .

Back to the foyer and met some other residents, who for some reason were not their usual cheery selves.

Caught the bus into town. Did some crosswords when en route.

01W02Dropped off and walked over roadway through the walk-over and tooketh a photo of below.

It might look nice and sunny, but it was damned cold this morning.

I wandered through Victoria Centre Mall and called in Jessops, no, it’s John Lewis’s now. Had a search to see if they had any recliners on at Sale price.

01W03I spotted a few large ones, too big to get into the flat probably. But the cheapest one was £4000 plus!

This smaller one in the photo in an exquisite brown was on offer at £699. 

I took to it straight away and had a sit in it.

Comfort wise it was almost perfect.

Unfortunately, it was a little too low for me I’m afraid.

I nearly had to get some help to get out of it. Hehe!

01W04I walked into the City Centre and got a TV paper from a shop, then over the Slab Square.

They were finishing clearing the Winter Wonderland.

The Christmas tree was about the last thing waiting to be removed.

I went into a bookshop and bought a cheapo book. ‘Famous Last Words and Astonishing Epitaphs’. Might be interesting, I could use some on my leader for the diaries perhaps?

Up to the bus stop and caught the L9 bus.

01W05As the bus passed the Ice Stadium place, there wee hundreds of ankle snappers queuing for something or other.

So many approaching it stopped the traffic for a while.

Just managed to avoid nodding off this time, and got off at the right stop at the flats.

There was no call for the WC when I got in the apartment? Then I put the kettle on.

Put the kettle on and cleaned some bits I’d brought in on my shoes from the carpet.

Made a cuppa and took my midday medications a bit late mind.

Got some potato cubes cooking in the oven, and started this update.

Sausages and potato cakes ready to add later, hopefully, they will all be available at the same time.

It’s cold in here today. Got an Iceland order coming between 1500 and 1700hrs, so can’t put me jammies and dressing gown on yet to keep warm.

IMG_0006The nosh, all done in the same oven dish (Apart from the beans done in the saucepan), I timed right for once, and it was deliciousWatched a DVD while I ate me nosh.

One of me best meals ever I think, maybe I was in the right mood?

Rated it 9.65/10.

The Iceland delivery came, no paperwork to check the provisions against.

That’s me well stocked up with food again then! Took the evening medications.

Cleaned the pots and into the chair, started to watch another DVD of ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’; I was off into the land of nod within minutes.

I sprang wide-awake around midnight. Made a cuppa, but didn’t get to drink it as I nodded off again.

Once more I awoke with a start. Memories fresh from a dream I’d been having, so I got up and scribbled some details on my pad. I hope I could read them in the morning when I try to transcribe them.

TTFN all.

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