Inchcock Today Wed 13 Jan 16: Another long busy day


Wednesday 13th January 2016

I woke up at 0155 hrs, wide awake. The dreams I’d been having seemed to escape from my memory so quickly again. I have no idea what they were about, only that they were not nice.

The ulcer was a lot easier, but Ann Gina lingered on.

Little Inchy, so much improved over the last two days, was bleeding a bit. The tingling and stinging were back with a vengeance. Humph!

I put the kettle on and realised how early it was still. Thoughts of the things I had to get done today felt a bit daunting. Good job I had risen early gives me a chance to get the diaries caught up with before having to prepare and go on my missions for the day.

Dizzy spells put in an appearance this morning. Two in the first hour. Oh dear.

Turned the light on in the living room and nowt happened! Got the steps and managed, not easily mind, to change the bulb. The bulb that had gone was the one I got from Derby Market at £8.45, claiming a long life and soft shine. Humph!

Got some time or Facebooking, checked emails, etc.

I Got myself a good wash and brushed up.

Little Inchy bled quite a bit when I titivated and cleaned him up. The back passage was clear of blood Good!


Pondering on the tasks that lay ahead.

With moving the things out of the hallway into the bedroom last night – I’d blocked in my shopping bag of stuff to take with me. Tsk! Had to take all the things out to get to the bag, and then put them back in again. Silly boy!

Got the things from the fridge to add to the bag of goodies for Jane and Pete. Put it in a large bag with my usual small bag, so I could carry them all in one hand on my journey into Sherwood, then town, and out to West Bridgford. Made sure I’d got the bus pass in my pocket.

Updated this rubbish and checked taps, lights, etc. and set off to the lobby, where I hope I can have a natter with a few other tenants who might be waiting for the bus.

P1020860I set out to go down for the bus and was greeted with this at the lift.

The “Lift Out of Order” signs blaring at me.

The other elevator was working, but If I couldn’t get on it soon, I’d miss the bus.

Eventually, it stopped on my twelfth floor but had a lady in a mobility scooter in it, so no room for anyone else.

I hobbled down the stairs to the lobby.

Out to the bus stop, gave some residents a nibble and the bus arrived.

I was soon in town, and walked to the bus stop and caught a bus out to West Bridgford and Sister Jane’s mansion.

My first job was to fuss old Fooey. Despite his being in the land of nod.

P1020856 P1020855

He looked well done in and tired bless him, but managed a purr or two for me..

Pete took the photographs for me.

They made me a cuppa, and I gave them their treats and nibbles.

A good chinwag ensued, but I couldn’t stay too long, a lot to get done today.

Pete gave me the key for the old house. Then I set off to get the bus back to town.


Attempted ‘Moody’ shot

Took a Moody photograph near Victoria Centre Mall.

Not a bad one as it turned out.

Well, alright, it was not good.

Okay, crap then!.

Had a walk in the centre and called into the Tesco store, to get some Fresh Cream French Horns – they didn’t have any and I was pleased in fact. Cause I am planning to have, a large beef pie and savoury seasoned baked beans later. If I’d had the cakes, it would have destroyed my dieting plan.

Caught the bus to the clinic on Hucknall Road. They seemed concerned about the puss coming out instead of blood. Got to go back on Monday for further checks.


The Swine!

Got the bus into Sherwood.

Espying a git of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, belting down the hill across from the bus stop.

If they are too scared to use the roads, they shouldn’t be on a bike!.

Had to wait for yonks for an L9 bus, the L8 that should have arrived didn’t..

I was tired and niggly, due no doubt to my getting up at the stupid hour of 0230 this morning.

What a plonker!

Got back to the flat, a lovely few words and a laugh with some tenants in the lobby, but had to leave them to get to the porcelain quickly. I was glad the lift was working again.

I was glad the lift was working again.

Bathroom, kettle on, nosh in the oven.

Laptop on to update this, up to here.

P1020861Got my dinner ready and consumed it with glee..

Seasoned baked beans with black bean sauce, brown sugar and BBQ marinade.

A single easy-cooking session, because I was too tired to bother with owt else. Having been up since 2:30 AM, I was struggling to stay awake.

Rated this 9.6/10.

Took the medications and after trying for a while to read my book but falling asleep repeatedly, I gave up and drifted off.

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