Inchcock Today Tue 12 Jan 16: Messy day

What’s the difference between a good and a bad Solicitor?

A good Solicitor can drag out a case for years and years

A bad solicitor can make them last longer!

Tuesday 12th January 2016

I woke up at 0255 hrs, wide awake.

Pondered on and hoped that yesterday’s sorting of the solicitor and old house problems will soon be eased.

Got the laptop going and made a cuppa took me medications.

The duodenal ulcer is still playing up. The angina is rather nasty. But Arthur Itis nowhere near so bad… yet. Hehe!

Created some graphics for the Troll Free Zone site and got the posted.

The Wilko order is arriving, well, due to arrive today. I checked with the order tracker, it has not been scanned yet. So I expect it o be delivered late on in the day. So, stuck in the house again!

Did some  Facebooking.

Got myself all pruned, washed and brushed up and called at the Community Shed. Passed some residents who were at the bus-stop as I passed by, gave them some nibbles to eat on the bus.

P1020844Dropped some empty sauce and beetroot jars in the recycle thingymabob on the way back. By the time I’d got back to the flat, the rain stopped.

By the time I’d got back to the flat, the rain had stopped.

Put the radio on, Radio Nottingham, and the weather forecast was on at the time – not good!.

Winds going to rise later, more rain, and a frost tonight, and the wind persisting into Wednesday!

Shame, I’ve got to go out to see Sister Jane tomorrow, to collect the spare house key from Pete. Also, I’ve got to go to the clinic and collect my load of prescription medications from the Chemist on the way back. Blobblecocks, I’m going to get wet and cold methinks! And, get back in time to ring Steve UK to let him know I’ve got the key for him to collect so the plumber can get in to do the work insisted on my the buyer and solicitor – getting het-up again now. Humph!

P1020843Sorted out and made-up some more medications pots.

Put the laptop on and updated this diary.

Then, made a graphic about Solicitors and posted it.

A bit of fun inspired by my ever growing hatred of solicitors, and in particular, mine, FraserBrown.

The Wilko delivered arrived. The gentleman kindly left all five boxes outside my door for me. four of the cartons were large one small, but none of them were particularly heavy.

P1020845I managed to drag them into the hallway – I just hope there isn’t a fire alarm activation.

Struggled a bit, but accomplish what should have been an easy task, and got the into the bedroom out of the way for now.

I opened the smaller one and got out the bits and pieces.

The imitation flower thing I’d took too and bought was not as nice as I expected that it would be, though. Still, it makes a bit of colour P1020847and decoration in the room. I’m still determined to keep it minimal, not overdo owt fancy, and easy to clean.

Thought I’d get rid of the box and the fillings by taking it down to put it outside the caretaker’s room.

BJ rang me from Asda where he was shopping, to inform me they had some of the Spare Rib noodles on offer there at 50p and would I like him to get some for me? I asked him to get 6 pots, at that price, they are £1.09 each at the Co-op store!

He said he’d pop down this afternoon to bring them to me and have a natter, and get the kettle and strong cuppa ready for him. Bless him!.

He remembered how much I like a pot of this flavour for supper sometimes. Down to my last pot in the cupboard well.

Then, I was going to go to the chemist to pick up my prescription to save time tomorrow, but Hey-ho, I can’t have everything.

Back on the laptop.

Read some of the Brian Clough comments book. Then BJ rang to say he can’t get up to see me, he’ll try later in the week. Can’t be helped, just sad that I missed the chance of getting my medications from the chemist to save time tomorrow.

Had a bath and got into me night clobber.

Started to watch a Heartbeat DVD and that was the end of the day for me – drifted off into the land of nod!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Tue 12 Jan 16: Messy day

    • Bobblecocks Tim, is my latest word creation. It replaces the swearwords I’d otherwise be tempted to use. Hehe!
      Busy day today, hope to find time to cook some pork shoulder for me nosh tonight. Pork and beans perhaps?
      Cheers Sir.

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