I woke up several times during the night and nodded off again. Eventually getting up around 0445 hrs.

To the WC and boy did the haemorrhoids bleed, passing was painful.Made a cuppa and took my medications. Then checked the calendar diary to make sure I knew what I was to do today. Not that I’ll remember later mind, so I wrote the jobs down.

  • Walk into Sherwood and catch a bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic for a check-up on ‘Little Inchy’.
  • Chemists to collect the trunkload of prescriptions. Hehe!
  • Back to the flat for 1400 hrs. Joel from Occupational Therapy is calling to see me some time after 1400hrs; I have to sign some paperwork?
  • If time; Get some potato cakes.

Going to be hard sorting out the timing to get everything in order thinks. Then I got Blogger going and a Big – I say Big… Whoopsiedangleplop occurred!

I opened the Sunday diary to finish it off and managed to lose the whole post! Not sure how I did it, but I couldn’t get it back!

Realising I had lost all that work, and couldn’t remember what it was I’d written or had happened annoyed me somewhat!

So I set about doing this diary and decided to recall what I could of the dream I wrote about yesterday.

Duncan seemed to have enjoyed himself so much on his nocturnal visitation to the flat.

01WLuckily the graphicalisation of the dream I’d done was still available on my hard drive and reminded me of some bits of it.

His heaving me out of the flat, he repeated for hours and hours.

I wish I could remember more of this dream. In the dairy for Sunday that I lost, I’m sure I did eight paragraphs or more about it.

Something humourous happened as he left me in his car, but can I remember what now? No!


It took me many hours getting that diary for Sunday how I wanted it too; Very vexatious.

P1020878I still had the photograph on my drive, of the weather viewed from the kitchen window. I recall being pleased watching the dogs with their wagging tails walking their owners out in the snow, and hoping when I had to go out this morning that the snow will have cleared a bit.

I set about doing this diary but found many things awkward to get right.

Now I remember why I went on to using WordPress. But that will not let me use the old editor, and I can’t get used to using their new one. Tsk!
P1020880Last night’s meal was superlative. Potato cakes, Anya potatoes, crisp chips, beetroot with orange peel, carrots, garden peas and Smoked kippers in vegetable sauce with Irish Sour bread.

Followed by a mini pot of ice-cream.

Had to give this one another high score rating, 9.55/10.

Nearly 0600 hrs now. I must get a good wash and treat ‘Little Inchy’ in readiness for my visit to the GUM clinic at the City Hospital.

Made sure I’d got my camera, bus-pass, crossword book, pen, cash and mobile phone in my pockets.

I got the three bins emptied and bagged up ready to take to the chute on my way out later.

I feel confident I will not forget this task. (Ahem).

Toyed with trying to get into the old editor on WordPress, and attempted to get back the lost Blogger Diary – had no luck with either!

 Got a wash and brushed up, tended to the haemorrhoids that were bleeding rather a lot this time.
Little Inchy? No blood whatsoever! Hurrah!

Then got me looking presentable, and checked on the internet for the times of the 40 bus. 1005hrs and 1035hrs it said.

So I got a move on (of sorts) and down and walked to the bus stop in plenty of time for the 1005hrs bus. Arrived at the stop by 0950hrs.

P1020881Stood there for 35 minutes before a bus came.

Had I read it wrong?

Had the timetable changed?

Still, it gave time to realise I’d forgotten to take the rubbish bags to the chute. Tsk!

Eventually, it arrived, and I was at the hospital shortly and in plenty of time for my appointment.

Booked in, and got on with doing the crossword book.

They called me in for my eleven o’clock appointment at 1135hrs!

The lady and the student who took me into a room said, after looking up my paperwork and computer read-out; “We’d better get a doctor to see you, hang on here and we’ll get one for you”?

After a while, a doctor came in and asked me all about my problem again. 

He then took me into a treatment room and had a ponder at ‘Little Inchy’. He was kind enough not to laugh.

After a few minutes, he advised me to carry on with the same treatment.

So, out to catch the bus into Carrington to get me the large bag of medications.

The coat zip got stuck as I went out into the cold.

Double Tsk!

I called into the launderette next door to the chemist and had a chinwag with Grizelda.

She took a hammer to the coat zip and got it freed for me. Bless her. I gave her some nibbles and my thanks.

Out to the Lidl store and bought some cheese cobs and pots of porridge.

P1020882Then out to the bus stop and waited.

And waited.

Got on the bus into Sherwood and walked up and over the hill and into and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park, as I’d just missed the L9 up to the flats.

A lady was walking her dog,  short-legged thing with long hair. I fell in love with it P1020883immediately. We had a natter and I continued up the hill. As I did so, I spotted small areas of unmelted snow on the grass.

I imagine it must have fallen off some dog or dogs as the played around, but it looked odd to me like.

I got in and visited the WC, put the package of medications to one side for sorting later. Made a cup of tea and transferred this diary from Blogger back to WordPress.

Although I dislike this editor now on WordPress, I’d had enough of trying the blogger again with it being so hard to customise posts on it.

The Occupational Therapist, Joel arrived. Got me to sign a form declaring any decorative or structural damage during the installation of the Wet room shower, I will pay for replacements and structural or decorative damage caused during the installation. Oh dear!

He told me to expect the work to be started in about six months.

I got the laptop on and updated this diary.

Then I rotated the medications into their storage drawer.

P1020879At this point, I had what must have been one of shortest depression attacks ever known?

The ennui came over me as I sat down to have a cup of tea, and remembered I had not taken my rubbish bags to the chute yet.

Why this should affect me like it did I don’t know.

I took the bags to the chute and found myself singing to myself on the way.

Odd how you can confuse yourself without trying innit?

The fodder was prepared.

Another rather fine feed this one was.

I put on the goggle-box and dosed afew times, turned the TV off and drifted into the land of nod.

Inchcock Today: Mon 18 Jan 2015: Oddest of odd days

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  1. Inchy, I hate the new WordPress editor, too

    like you say, WP has removed the link to the old editor to try and force folk to use the new

    the trick I use to get round this is to add


    to the end of the madhatter url address

    it works for me, it may work for you

    copy this


    and paste it into your browser’s URL address box

    press enter, and fingers crossed it should load the old dashboard for your blog

    • I have a way too. Different though. Go to the page and on the right where they show the old settings go to the top and instead of sliding down to posts go to the WP-Admin a few lines up. Sometimes it doesn’t work. I think they are getting the hang of people getting around their new post page and trying to change it. I had to do it many time to get in there. I hate the new one except I can do mosaic pictures on it.

      • I meant the left. Starting off good hear. It is still on the left. under my sites. I just got in there myself. They are definitely making it harder.

      • Thanks Terri. I’ll try anything. Surprising how many folk don’t like the new editor?
        I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about them trying to stop us using the old one. I used to click on All Posts and get to it, but now it doesn’t work.
        I had a go at your idea thanks, first time it worked, second time not. I’ll see how the third goes in a bit.
        Hope you are okay pet. TTFN X

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