Inchcock Today Tue 19 Jan 16: Melancholy


Tuesday 19th January 2016

I stirred around 0430hrs and lay trying to recall the dream I’d been having. It involved my being back as an ankle-snapper living (If I may use the word living?) in the Meadows area of Nottingham.

01W02It was a crazy mixed chimera, full of varying emotions and incidents. All of which had a touch of reality to them. More unpleasant than pleasant for me. Hey-ho!

I moved my legs and was pleased that Arthur Itis was not giving me much grief, and Anne Gina was not bad either.

A bit of wind escaped, and I nearly passed out at the aroma it produced. Cor blimey!

So to the bathroom the first job. Agony it was, there’s no other word for it. Thought I was going to tear myself open! The blood flowed leaving beautiful patterns on the porcelain.

And to think how I had the runs a few days ago, now I’ve got the opposite?

I set about making a good strong cuppa, to have with me medications. Took a swig of the medicine for the reflux and ulcer, noticed a letter I’d left in the medicines drawer that they sent to me from the hospital last week. Something about Laparoscopic insertion of a magnetic bead band? Sounds complicated to me, whatever it is I’m glad they decided not to insert it! Hehehe!

01W04I got the potatoes on the boil to have later when I get back from my outing to Sainsburys to get some Irish Potato Farls and anything else I might fancy.

There are odd noises coming from somewhere in the flat this morning.

I even put my hearing aids in so as to locate and identify the plopping sound that continues plopping away?No luck, I think it is close by, but each time I hear it, it appears to be coming from another area? Getting a bit annoying now.

No luck, I think it is close by, but each time I hear it, it appears to be coming from another area? Getting a bit annoying now.

No luck, I think it is close by, but each time I hear it, it appears to be coming from another area? Getting a bit annoying now.

P1020886Made another cuppa and started this diary off.

Then realised I’d not took me medications earlier, so I took them.

Posted Mondays. Had a lot of bother with it getting the layout anything like right with it, though – I don’t like this new editor. I can’t resize photographs or graphics to the size I want as I could in the old publisher.

Did some Facebooking, during which the plopping noises stopped at last.

Got cleaned, polished and titivated ready for my trip to Sainsburys to search for some Potato Farls.

I took the bags of recycling and rubbish to the chute on the way down into the lobby.

Had a walk to the Community Shed, and left some nibbles for the gals.

Back to the lobby and a nice chin-wag with several tenants as we all waited for the bus. Handed out more nibbles.

Did a complete crossword on the way into Arnold, well I had to look-up one answer at the end. But that’s as well as I have done lately.

It was when I arrived at the store and noticed two dogs in an amusing situation that I grabbed my camera and realised I’d once again left the SD card in the laptop back at the flat. So angry making with oneself!

Went into Sainsburys in Daybrook and spent a bit more than planned.


Sainsburys buys this afternoon

Wandered into Arnold and getting carried away, I spent another fortune in some of the shops. Came home with a DVD and a book that I’ve been looking for, for a while. ‘The Forgotten Soldier’ by Charlie Connelly.

Then into Asda and got some more Irish Potato Farls to add to those I got from Sainsburys. Tsk!

So there I was, almost broke and struggling to carry the two bags to the bus stop at the back of the Asda store. As I came out of the shop, the walkway up to the road had workmen sorting out an open sewer – core-blimey what a stink!

I’ll bet that’ll cheer up the manager somewhat?

Got the bus back to the flat and was soon in the bathroom making use of the porcelain again.

IMG_0014Put the potatoes I’d done earlier on low heat.

Cleaned up some spillage on the floor, put away my fodder and other purchases.

Got the kettle on for a cuppa and the late midday medications.

01W04Tiredness and fatigue dawned on me. So I got the meal done sharpish and ate it up before I nodded off.

No time for fancifying my food now.

After 25 minutes I went to check on the pies progress.

I turned the oven on and tried again.

Eventually, I added the potato cakes as a side, and peas potatoes and gravy (Bisto of course!).

IMG_0016Did I mention that the fresh cream French Horns jumped into my shopping trolley in Sainsburys?

I rang BJ to see if he was any better after his flu session. He said he’d call to see me later.

So I put me fodder in the oven on a low light for later.

BJ arrived an hour or so later. We had a good cuppa and waffle about everything and anything. He’s looking good, and I enjoyed the visit.

While we were talking away, the laptop went into update mode on its own. An hour later, after BJ had took his leave, it was still installing the updates.

I got my meal restarted, potato cakes, boiled small spuds, baked beans and a mini beef pie. Had a mini pot of ice-cream and a bit of Lemon Swiss Roll. Still no call to evacuate came.

I received a phone call on the landline – It was from FraserBrown the solicitors: She asked for even more details in addition to the ones sent to her in reply to the four pages of questions about the old house she’s already had. She’s to ring me back with more enquiries later. Will I ever get the place sold and out of me hair… figuratively speaking of course.

Plenty of stand up visits to the porcelain today. No heavy duty porcelain activity apart from the painful and bloody effort this morning.

I thought it was about time I had a clean up in the living room.

Put the TV on and Fell asleep!

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