The symmetry of life


Thoughts on life from Inchcock

Mother wasn’t there for me to be breastfed,

She ran away from the police, she wasn’t dead,

The throne of Motherhood she abdicated,

Dad was my hero, it really must be said.

His honesty and tightfistedness were totally unbended,

Education was a farce, I was glad when it ended.


The symmetry of life is non-existent now,

Not that it ever was, of course,

The diaphragm of my brain is missing somehow,

My willpower and desires, no longer a potent force,

Logicality, Memory, my mind will no longer allow,

No pleasure time now, no social intercourse,

The cat Pippa, no longer around to meow.


My ululations now are from the pain and agony of life,

I’ve lost most things too, my health, hearing and the wife,

Am I, almost enraptured by the anxiety and strife?

It’s essential that I need to believe in some kind of afterlife,

Now that I’m nearing the end of my shelf life.


Another opportunity to get life right is what I need,

Forget the mess I made of this one, oh yes indeed!

I investigated myself and then we both agreed,

We’d like to have lived in Berwick-upon-Tweed,

Where yobboes didn’t roam, mugging for cash for their weed,

Still, I can now in old age, afford to drink and feed,

From pigritude, I managed to get myself freed,

But it’s returned, I really do overfeed,

And depression, nowadays is almost guaranteed.


My desperate longing to be freed of imperturbation,

Also, I’d like not to have my daily inoculation,

Or the many tablets, gels, creams and medications,

The ticker with its new valve can be a botheration,

 Angina, ulcers, arthritis etc that come with antiquation,

Must be endured, for they are part of life’s equation,

It is bad when I get a metamorphically inspired invasion,

Taking Warfarin now to help the blood circulation,

The escapes of anal wind, are likened to a nuclear detonation,

And these start the reflux valve sticking, more perturbation!

Now I’ve torn a leg muscle, pain is like a vocation,

I’m getting down more, misery is like a relation,

Enough is enough, why more of life’s continuation?

I’m getting to the point of desperation!

No, hold on… Morecombe and Wise are coming on the television.



I’ve got food in the cupboard and fridge galore,

Nibbles, biscuits, cakes and tea bags and more,

I’ll see the pretty lady later, who live next door,

The leg suddenly doesn’t feel so sore,

Abruptly, I don’t feel so depressed and poor,

My blessings are coming to the fore,

I hadn’t recognised these before!


4 thoughts on “The symmetry of life

  1. That’s a bloody nice red cane you have in this year’s photo. Another thing to be thankful for. No breast feeding as a babe makes it seem like everything around you sucks, because you didn’t get too. I know the feeling, because I wasn’t breast fed either — it wasn’t in style when I was born.

    • Cheers Tim.
      I lost that cane, left it on the bus as I struggled off of it with my two shopping bags. Tsk! Times like this I do miss having my licence and car. Tsk!
      Off to the surgery for INR blood test and have the leg looked at later. Hope the snow doesn’t come again today.
      Take care, all the bestest. TTFN

      • Thanks Sir. The warden at the flats kindly phoned the bus company, but it wasn’t handed in.
        One thing, if I see it again I’ll recognise it. Never seen one dyed red before, took me ages to do it too. Humph!

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