Inchcock Today – Wed 6 Apr 16: Winwood Social Hour Day – Oh, no! Wrong day, sad innit?

G Dec

Managed to stir and rise up around 0500hrs and to the WC.

Feeling drained and the stomach is grumbling this morning. (Should I stop eating the Frikadellens maybe?)

A little dizzy when I was making a brew, and the rumbling innards continued.

Got the things ready for the Winwood Community Hut Social Hour later – Morrisons delivery due twixt 0730 >0830hrs.

Laptop on and worked on the diary then checked emails (Finding I’d missed going to see Sister Jane yesterday when I had me giant dizzy, in trouble now!)

No imperturbation for me today. Forgot to take my morning medications on time, then realised that last night’s wobbly must have affected me more than I thought because I’d missed those too!

Got cleaned and changed in time to be available for the fodder delivery.

As the wind and rain got started (Looks like it’s settling in to be the pattern for the day), I pondered on life in general. I came to the conclusion that I live a Vicarious, but sad life. I’ve never had the ability or facilities to create any autexousious luxury. Just thought I’d mention it, like.

0725hrs: Awaited the arrival of the Morrisons delivery. Did some word usage learning studying.

0840hrs: Still waiting for the delivery. Still using Grammarly advice. 

0925hrs: Still waiting for the delivery to arrive?

G Dec3

Morrisons delivery is on Thursday, I suddenly realised I’d thought it was Thursday, the wrong day – Now… now! I am aware it is Wednesday after all, today! I phoned Sister Jane and asked if I could have permission to visit her, and it was granted. I tried to dulcify the situation.

As ageing senile balding nincompoops go, I’ve got to up there amongst the most proliferous ones, surely?

So I rushed around and got the pressies and nibbles and things for them in the bag, after taking out all the Winwood stuff from it that I’d got ready for the Windwood Thursday’s Windwood Social Hour – feeling a right clot now! Had a wash and took the rubbish bags to the chute.

01 cupidDown to catch the L9 bus to town. No one else waiting for the bus, and I noticed that someone had planted a row of Spring flowers in alignment with the end of the garages wall.

Beautiful they were, so I took a photograph of them.

Caught the bus and was soon in the City Centre. 

01 meandGriz The usual Friday crowds of shoplifters… whoops! I mean shoppers were milling about on  Clinton Street.

I was so glad I didn’t have to hobble that way to the bus stop to catch the number seven to get to West Bridgford to see Jane, Pete and the pussies.

The rain pelted down on the journey there but eased off a bit for me limp from the bus stop to Jane’s mansion. Where I was greeted cordially and allowed to play with their pussies and one visiting from next door.

01 meandGrizBWEven Arthur let me fuss him a bit. Fooey was his usual self with me, I reckon we have a bond. He’s such a mild-mannered old soul, nothing like how he appears to anyone not knowing him. I love him so, I can’t help but.

A good natter and reminiscing session took place. I took these photographs, promising to email them to Jane and Pete.

I departed saying my farewells and legged it into West Bridgford centre and caught a bus bak into Nottingham.

02 allegroWhile waiting for the L9 bus, I took a photo of the Council House, which turned out a good one.

I’ll put this on my ‘Favourite Photo’s Wot I Took’ album on Facebook methinks.

The rain came down heavily again on the way back, but I’d done well in missing the worst of it on my travels today.

At the Victoria Centre bus stop, the bus filled up and William, the Social Hours treasurer, got on and sat down in the seat in front of me. He hadn’t noticed me, so I tapped his shoulder.

P1050921This is the photograph I took of William, at the weekly Winwood Social Hour last week.

We had a good chinwag, and once again, the rain eased off as we arrived back at the flats. I alighted the bus, William went to the next stop for Winchester Court, where he dwells. 

As I got into the apartment, two letters were waiting for me. One for Margaret the previous tenant and one for me from Nottingham City Homes, informing me of the increase in the flat’s rent.

Cheered me up no end, that did!

02 bottleAs I went into the kitchen to get the fodder ready, the rain came again. Slowly at first

Slowly at first, then it poured down for a few minutes, then out came the sun as it stopped again.

I looked around to see if a rainbow has appeared, but no, none in site to be seen.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on to update this diary. Took the medications.

Emailed the photographs to Jane and Pete.

Including this one, which I was a touch proud of doing.

02 bottle

Then did some quick Facebooking before the nosh was ready to serve up.

The rain stopped and out came the intense sunshine again!

P1060031Big fodder dish tonight.

Cheesy potatoes, pickled eggs, beetroot, hot dog sausages and some potato sticks.

Followed by a lemon yoghourt.

Rated this concoction as decent enough score of 8.9/10.

Made a right mess eating it, though. Huh!

The dizzies eased off I had no more tonight.

Trying to settle down was an impossibility, the mind was racing away, worrying and fretting about all sorts of things, some relevant to my existence and some not? The resulting turmoil was without any acquiescing or understanding. Any aesthetics or logicality within the wild, uncontrollable encephalon were hard to find.

Felt so tired, yet could not get off to rest with the mind’s rampaging – thought perhaps I was going bonkers at one time – then realised I already was bonkers!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wed 6 Apr 16: Winwood Social Hour Day – Oh, no! Wrong day, sad innit?

  1. first thing I do when I awake in the morning is check my phone to see what day it is – only working 2 days a week at the moment, I lose track of the days so easily !

    p.s. given your trouble dropping off, I hope exhaustion doesn’t overtake you later and you fall asleep and miss the coffee meeting THIS MORNING !!!

    • I’m so glad someone else does that mate. Makes me feel better that. Hehe!
      Only two days a week eh? Are you on getting prepared for your full retirement then Dunc? By gum it’ll be good when it comes!
      I got to the Social Hour alright Sir – but oh dear, where was everybody? Very sparsely attended that meeting was.
      They loved the photo’s of Seren.
      TTFN Take care.

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