Inchcock Today Thursday 11th August 2016: Tenants Social hour today – Olive okay!

01bThursday 11th August 2016

A dream-ridden night, during which, at one point, I was a rhinoceros running with a herd of gigantic dinosaurs through Nottingham City Centre’s Slab Square?

0510hrs I got out of the working once again £300 second-hand recliner chair for a WRHD job. No problems on this visit, no blood at all leaking anywhere – but I did have a dizzy spell. Tsk!

Made a brew and laptop on to do the diary.

Got the nibbles and things in the bag for the Tenants Social Hour later. Wondered what time I should try to see Olive again this morning. Too early and she may still be in bed? Don’t like disturbing her, ah, I might have her telephone number, I’ll have a look… Great, I’ve gorrit! I’ll call her before I set off for the meeting.

Then realised as I belatedly got out the morning medications to take, that I’d missed last night doses! The hassle of the late appointment at the hospital and the new dizzies will be the root cause of this, I think?

01dPosted the Wednesday post off. Started this one, then checked the emails – I got yet another one from British Gas asking for me to send them a reading in for the non-existent meter again!

So obviously, their telling Deana on at least five occasions that the account had been closed, was another British Gas LIE!


I sent a copy to Deana via email. Tsk!

Warden Deana replied telling me to send nothing to them.

Not that I could, with having no meter of that number!

Dean is now getting well and truly peed off with them!

I have a lingering feeling that they will somehow decide I’ll have to pay this anyway, they’ll come up with some convoluted plan, and tell me the proper meter, which has five readings on it when I press the button on it contains this reading for another meter?

I’m getting all uptight and mentally distorted again now! I updated the TrustPilot British Gas page one again.

Got a shower, shave and… went to Visit Olive to see how she was. In great form this morning! Yehaa!  A good cheery chinwag, she told me did a Gerry last night and forgot she was going out for a meal. We had a cuddle, I was enjoying it so much, I was late for the Tenant Social Hour at the community Shed.

I nipped back to the flat and got the bag of the nibbles and raffle prizes to go to the meeting then hobbles as quickly as I could to the hut. Handed in the raffle prizes and then realised I’d forgotten the photos from last week. 11b Humph! Back up to the flat and I collected them and back to the hut with them.

A short for me, but splendid meeting followed. BJ was there and had got me some raffle tickets for which I repaid him. He said he would give me a lift to the laundrette on Tuesday, bless him. Tina was in good form too.

Afterwards, I went to the flat for a WRHD, then caught the L9 bus to Arnold. It had been rerouted due to roadworks, and for a while, I got a bit panicky wondering what was happening and had I done something wrong again? Eventually, though, all was okay, and I dropped off behind the Asda store.

11b I went in to print off today’s photographs and realised I’d again left the camera in the flat. So I wandered to the Fulton Store and spent far too much again! A raspberry sundae (For Olive), Two tiny pots of English seasoned beetroot for a quid! Orange Fanta small bottles 3 for a quid! And two Liegeouis Strawberry pots for only 58p.

Then went over to Asda and did some more shopping. Tsk! A packet of chopped red onions at 50p, A pack of short-dated carrots and garden peas at 50p, a TV paper, Potato Cakes, some nice looking tomatoes and an Irish High Fibre Wholemeal loaf.

Then to the bus stop and found the last L9 bus was due in 15 minutes so I waited for it. But it didn’t come! So I got on a Calverton bus to Sherwood dropping off at the bus stop where I might catch that last bus if it took a different route and that is why it didn’t arrive at the Asda bus-stop earlier? Phew, what a mouth-full… Hehe!

When I arrived and dropped off the bus, the timetable told me the last L8 was due in 20 minutes. So I nipped into the shop and got two large cartons of Orange Juice. I struggled a bit with the bags going back to the bus-stop. The L8 didn’t arrive either! I did a lot of standing around today! I decided to wait 30 minutes for the number 40 bus to come, being as the bags were too heavy now for me to walk either through the park or up Winchester Hill back to the flats.

After ten minutes the L9 that should have gone 45 minutes earlier arrived? I was well confused now, but so glad it did come!

Back to the apartment, feet well stinging and feeling a bit drained, I met Jenny and Norman, and we had a good gossip and laugh between us. The INR Warfarin rest results had arrived through the post. Then to the wetroom for a WRWW, and put the fodder away and got the laptop on and emailed an appointment request for next Tuesday for the INR blood test.

01fGot the vegetables all readied and prepared, into the Crock-Pot cooking. Carrots and garden peas, leeks, mushrooms, yellow peppers and a sliced tomato. I added some vegetable stock and tomato puree to the mix.

Put it on low, and intend to have this tomorrow. Having lamb burgers and baked beans tonight!

Started this update, then I got myself presentable and went to see Olive. She was luminously radiant! We had a good natter before I cuddled her goodbye an hour later when he grandson arrived to visit her.

She was luminously radiant! She could not eat the Raspberry Sundaes I took her because the seeds get stuck in her teggies. I left them for her grandson, who happened to arrive on a visit later. We had a good natter before I cuddled her goodbye an hour later.

Back to the apartment, stirred the Crock-Pot and added some water to the concoction. Put the minted lamb steaks in the oven and seasoned the baked beans and put them in the saucepan.

Updated this diary.

P1110563Got the fodder consumed.

Seasoned baked beans, the lamb burgers, or whatever they are called were super-tasty, and two slices of the hi-fibre Irish Batch Bread!

As tired as I was feeling, I watched TV with brief short nod-offs until far too late.


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