Inchcock Today, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th August 2016


Thursday 18th August 2016

01gUp around 0520hrs, Having dreamt of Pete. The Brother-in-Law, being on top of the Council House in Nottingham, laying pink bricks and the police and firefighters were trying to get up the ladder to stop or arrest him, but failing as he poured engine oil down on the steps of the ladder?

Foggy view on the left from the kitchen window.

I did feel a bit nervous this morning, without knowing why? No confidence at all. Fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair as it groaned whined and shuddered, and to the wetroom for a WRWW and WRHD. Both being a bit painful today. Mucho bleeding from the rear end again? Tsk!

Had a long job doing the Wednesday diary with the help of some notes I made while the internet was down. Checked the emails, got one from the surgery telling me, they could not fit me in for the INR Warfarin blood test on the day given by the hospital again. But they put in for next Thursday at 1100hrs, that being the only free spot. Huh! Again they ruin my Thursday Social Hour! Humph!

I had no sense of acuity this morning, and it bothers me a touch, as to why? Felt, almost capernointed?

Did some graphicalisationing, then did my ablutions, using the lemon soap and citrus spray. I think I might have been trying to liven myself up? It failed!

Things got much worse after I nipped to see Olive. The poor gal was not well at all, and I got depressed then. I’ll call and see her later if she is awake.

Off to the Winwood Social Hour at the community hut. Took some raffle prizes and nibbles with me… I wish I could have taken some Oomph with me. Ah-well!

The meeting well as well as it could have. Eddie and Mike were in good form, and BJ visited and kept out spirits up a tad bless him.


Better turn-out than last week but still many empty chairs. I knew that Toni had a medical appointment.

I managed to see Deana and tell her of the British Gas phone call.

The call for the utilisation and activation of another WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) arrived, and I departed after saying my cheerios to the others, and back up to the wetroom. Still bleeding from the rear end, a bit. Might put on the protective nappy-like pants on just in case. Yes a good idea, so I did.

Started the Crock-Pot vegetables going. Potatoes cubed, leeks, garden peas, red onions and seasoned the with Bisto vegetable stock, mint and a leaf of Basil. Crossed fingers on how this will taste. Going to have them well cooked and drained with the fancy pork bloc with herbs and some beetroot.

Made a small cuppa, Laptop on and checked the emails again.

Not up to going out today now. Had the occasional mild dizzies and a jargogled vagueness that lingered on and on.

01aDid the fodder, the only highlight of the day.

Felt like I was disintegrating mentally and physically.

Did nothing of any value, worth or interest.



Friday 19th August 2016


0600hrs: Stirred painfully to life, back pains and dizzies immediately apparent. Felt as bad as last night. Tsk!

WRHDS (Wet Room Heavy Duty Session) that was bloody again, but far less severe than of late. Into the kitchen, cuppa and took the medications and photo from the window, of the Nottingham City Hospital in the distance.

Blooming cold this morning!

Then started the laptop, but could not get access to WordPress? Closed and restarted, still the same, other programmes were slow, but worked? Shut down properly and tried to restart, but it was not having it. Off again, tried once more, and eventually Windows started. The internet was so slow, but it let me get into WordPress after a few failed attempts, and that was mega-slow!

I’d lost the Grammarly Add-on. Did a McAfee scan, nowt detected. Turned off and restarted again. Still the same, maybe even slower now. Humph!

I didn’t need this hassle along with my not feeling too bright as well. I just hope it doesn’t play-up or pack-up next time I try to open it? (Add a wrd that rhymes with it to get the true feelings I had at this point)

Feeling so tired now, why? I’d just had six hours kip at least? The INR level is very low, which means the blood is thicker. I thought feeling so weak and tired would have been caused if the blood was thin?

Got on with adding this (Friday’s) post to Thursdays, just in case I lose the laptop or internet again later. Tried to save this, and the site became unavailable! Grrr!

I’m going to try and save and publish this to here, if it works I’ll add the rest to the next post. Crossed fingers, here I go…


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