Inchcock Today Thursday 6th October 2016: Not feeling so well, but much graphicalisationing achieved


Thursday 6th October 2016

0300hrs: Stirred suffering, as Anne Gyna was giving me grief. To the WRHD session, all right.

Made a brew, then on the laptop to update WordPress.

Remembered the Morrison delivery coming twixt 0830 > 0930hrs. I’ll call see how Olive is before I go to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut.

0435hrs: Took the medications, with one extra pain-killer to counter Anne Gyna who is still bothering me.

Had a dish of corn flakes.

Became heavily involved in WordPressing, Facebooking and graphicalising.

Went in to wash the breakfast dish and cup, found I’d left the hot water tap running again. 11b So, no hot water for shaving, Humph and Tsk! Washed by using the Shower spray into the sink – but that was not too hot either.

Sorted and took the bags to the chute, and wobbled along to the Community Shed and the Tenants Social Hour.


Toni came this week, not looking too good, but chatted away bless her. BJ kindly made a fuss of her.


May attended too. The first time since she got out of the City Hospital. Everyone gave her a round of applause and cheered for her. Nice! Smiler Brian has now moved to the tables that Toni, BJ, Eddy, Bill and I usually use. We call him Smiler, cause the only time he does smile is when he’s getting some free nibbles or winning a raffle prize. Grumps Bill might be a more suitable name for him. Hehehe! But I like him.


Seems to have gone down well all round today.

I’d wanted to go to the Goose Fair and get some photographs for the TFZers, but with the Reflux Valve and Anne Gyna both giving me so much stick, I decided against risking it. Hope I feel better tomorrow, so I can go then.

Called on the way back to the apartment to see Olive, but she was not available. Sob!

Felt a bit poorly when I got back to the flat and the ulcer joined in with Rea Flux and Anne Gyna in giving me a bad day. Ah well, it could be worse!

I got the vegetables in the Crock-Pot cooking on low setting and the potatoes in the saucepan.

The hot water is still not warming up at all?

Made a phone call to Sister Jane, no answer.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and got the laptop back on to update this tosh.

Did some more graphicationalisationing to use late for the TFZer site.

Sister Jane phoned back. She is not too good either, now diagnosed with Anne Gyna – what a pair we are. I wanted to get to the Goose Fair for some photographs of the food stalls, amongst others. Explained that I do not want to go (To the Fair) on Saturday, too busy. So if I go tomorrow, I could get to visit them on Saturday, although, it’s hard with the lack of buses on a Saturday. She told me they were out on Saturday, charity helping, then going for a show and a meal, so that was the end of that idea.

Checked on the vegetables and took the potatoes out to eat cold later. Put the oven on low, so when I put the lamb and Kartoffeln in later tonight, they will cook quicker.

Back on Facebook, feeling a bit better now.

Much more graphicalisationing was done.

4thu06Then got the fodder readied.

At last a decent tasting dinner!

Lamb casserole with Crock-Pot vegetables, onions carrots garden peas, three wholemeal cobs and a delicious Cox’s apple.

Went down nicely too!

I’ll not show a photo of the scales tonight… too scary! The highest weight I’ve ever been! Must get out to the fair tomorrow and get a good hobble it? Might walk to the fair? A bit far mind.

 Watched some DVD, nodding off began and sleep soon came, then Anne Gyna woke me, letting me know she was there.


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