Inchcock: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Tamil: செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை 4th ஏப்ரல் 2017

0255hrs: Woke with a start as usual lately. Slight memories of dreaming, none of them good I’m afraid. I was being harangued by different people about my bad memory? Ha, but I remembered this! Hehe!

As I tried to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner, it dawned on me that I had got a lot of water retention in the legs and feet, far more than normal. Perhaps this is the cause of the weight increasing every day for over a week? And believe me, the weight has been enlarging daily for nearly a week.

I did the Health Checks when I got into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and take the medications.

The red figure is the average for that week.

No wonder I’ve been struggling on my hobbles. Huh!

This mornings weight was even higher!


To the porcelain throne and had a hell of a long and painful evacuationalising session! No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold though, and this, surprise me?

Washed the pots from last night and opened all the windows, as it felt incredibly warm in the flat this morning. Despite the thermometer telling me it was only 61°F (16°C) in the kitchen.

2Tue03I think the retention increased during the night too, ’cause the new jammie bottoms felt awfully tight around the top of the legs this morning, in comparison to last night?

Got the computer going and finalised the diary for yesterday and got it posted off into the internet ether, then began this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Then did some graphicationalisationing for the TFZer site.


EasterThen some I made into sepia after graphicalising them, of the TFZer gals celebrating Easter of old.


Here’s one of them.

Posted them to the TFZer site, put them in my Facebook Photo album and sent some out to the gals sites.

2Tue05A mixture of overcast and sunny up to now today since it’s got light.

Tended to the ablutions, shower, shave, deordorisationing.

Cleaned the glasses and got attired, took the black bags to the chute and set off down to catch the bus into town so as to visit the Nottingham Arboretum and hopefully get some photographs of the wildlife and fauna there.

Being as I missed the L9 bus, I decided as the next one is not for an hour, to walk up the gravel path and through Woodthorpe Grange Park up and over the hill and catch a bus on Mansfield Road.

2Tue06I was soon stopped in my hobbling tracks as I found three baby squirrels playing on the grass near the trees about ten foot or so in front of me.

I liked the photo on the left best – after taking many photographicalisations of them that did not come out splendid at all.



Up the path, left down the footpath through the park and right, up the hill and down to the bus stop.Didn’t have to wait long. The bus was full, and I had to sit on one of those side saddle seats, and this started the legs aching, and they haven’t stopped yet!

2Tue08One of Sherwood’s Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he rode off the pavement over the pedestrian crossing, the opposite way up a junction road (Photographe left) and onto the pavement opposite.

I took a while to get the camera out, but got him!

Didn’t have to wait long for the bus; it was full, and I had to sit on one of those side saddle seats, and this started the legs aching, and they haven’t stopped yet! Grumph!

Must have looked a rather sad sight as I limped across Mansfield Road and through to the Arboretum Gates. I’m putting this down to the water retention? I don’t like it! But still, the other ailments were being kind to me, apart from Duodenal Daniel that is.


2Tue09aThrough the entrance and approached the short Muggers Passage as it is known locally.

Out the other side and it was nice to see so much greenery compacted together.

Up to the left, I could see the Chinese Bell cannon balls and cannons.

Quick History:

The structure called “The Chinese Bell”, calls for a word of explanation, for it is a curious conglomeration of ideas and objects.

(1.) Richard Birkin, Esq, had efficiently served his fourth year of office as Mayor, and it was desired to record the event with approval.

(2.) ‘The Notts Regiment of Foot’ had deserved well of their town and county, which had sent it so many good soldiers that it ought to be recorded.

(3.) In the Crimean War of 1854-6, some cannon guns were taken at Sebastopol, and two of them were sent to Nottingham and mounted, and a heap of balls added.

(4.) During the war with China (1857) a bell, believed to consist of steel and silver, was “taken from a large and handsome Temple near to the east gate at Canton when that city was captured. This bell, which stood in the principal part of the Temple and was struck during religious ceremonies to call the attention of the Joss or God, or to announce his presence, was removed by the army and brought to Nottingham, and here it was mounted, and a canopy placed over it. The result being that guns partly Russian are mounted as firing from a Chinese Temple into the four quarters of the earth; while the bell has never been used”.



The fresh flowers and bushes were heartwarming, and for a few minutes, after I limped down to the pond, while feeding birds and ducks, I forgot about the bank fiasco, the ailments and the imminent operation totally.

That was nice.

2Tue14Out the bottom entrance and walked up into the City Centre.

Got into Trinity Square and took a photograph in the Jewellery store window of these glass thingamabobs.

They made me think of the TFZer gals for some reason. The larger ones were £2-3 thousand pound plus!

2Tue12At this window, I looked back (The right one) where I’d just walked, and there are eighteen eateries in this view some of them enormous. Not many customers about I thought? The left second picture taken to the right is of the three new dineries, each with two floors of customer settings! And only four or five people nearby, and they are all outside of the mega-restaurants?

2Tue15At the end of this Foreman Street on the right corner, is an entertainment thingy, Cinemas, games rooms, shops, restaurants, Casino, etc. (Not my photo, took this one off of the web)

I think there are three or four eateries in there, and two next door!

So, if any of you were thinking of relocating your food business to Nottingham, don’t bother! Hehe!

The sunshine got less and less as the day went on, but it was not cold or windy with it at all.

2Tue12aWalked down into the slab square.

Not even many folks there either.

Those who were looked decidedly morose, grumpy and miserable.

The Big Issue Sellers were absent from their usual haunts of Primark, Clumber Street and Exchange Walk?

A few of the rough sleepers were there, though, one on Upper Parliament Street, one on Queen Street and one on Long Row.

Had something happened that no one had told me about? Hehehe!

I bought a TV magazine for next week while I thought of it.

Caught the bus back to the flats, I think Nigel Mansell was driving it. After hitting a good selection of roadside kerbs, I got back to the flats safely.

Got in and rubbed some pain gel on the legs, unsure if it would help, though. It didn’t!

Got the already sprouting potatoes on the boil, after removing the sprouts of course.

2Tue16The computer utilised and updated this diary to here.

Got the meal of the day prepared quickly tonight. Crispy bacon (Ready cooked) Krakowska, soft cheese, cheddar, uneatable tomatoes, apple, beetroots, mushrooms and the old small potatoes.

 9/10 rating.

Took the medications and did the last health-check.


Please note the weight reduction, decrease and decline!

So, the very painful long hobble might have been worth it? Hehe! Noticed the temperatures were a bit higher this week?

The legs were even worse than then I was using them now. Although I think the swelling has gone down a bit. I don’t like these new pains you know. One gets used to the daily inclinations of Haemorrhoid Harold, Roger Reflux, Duodenal Daniel, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Donald’s Dizzies, Colin’s Cramps, Inchies Lesion, etc. Now I have come up with a name for the water retention. Not easy this one, all the other names I came up with in an instant. What about:

  • Walters Water Retention: A bit long to be typing that one?
  • Willy’s Wet Water Well: No, not good that one: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Fred’s Fluid Retention: Mmm: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Ralph’s Retention Reservoir: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Walter’s Water Well: Mmm?
  • Henry H20 storage: Mmm again?

No, I don’t like any of them. Need help with these options folks?

Settled to fall asleep to the TV’s accompaniment.

Woke around 0050hrs and recalled a rather disturbing dream I was having, wrote it down. Then decided to get up put the computer on and update this diary with the dream memories: (What a Plonka!):

Dream: I was laying asleep in a tree, with animals all around me, squirrels, birds, mice, Koala bears, puppies amongst them. My legs had turned to stone, but pretty coloured stone?  I was totally unconcerned about this, and the animals were doing noughts & crossed on the surface of the legs and arguing about which colour to use. There was one puppy that kept bringing me a flask of tea, he had a brace around his neck and always licked my face after he brought me one?

After putting this on here, I wondered what the hell I was doing and if I’d dreamt doing it?

But sure enough, in the morning here it was?

In the event that Inchcock should disappear from the internet, this will probably be due to the lack of computerisationalistical equipment at the prison, asylum or psychiatric hospital.

Hehe! TTFN.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock: Tuesday 4th April 2017

  1. Water retention can be a very annoying thing, sometimes my feet don’t like me very much & they occasionally manage to take my legs as allies, so the swelling sometimes creeps up my legs. You might want to limit your sodium intake for a bit (which unfortunately might mean that you need to lay off the soy sauce for a time as well). <3

    • Thanks for the advice, I will do that!
      Arthur Itis doesn’t like it when the water builds up, and lets me know! Haha!
      I think it is going down a bit now though… mind you…
      TTFN and thanks and have a good day pet! X

      • I hope you have a wonderful day as well <3 though it's probably beginning to get late out your way, with the time difference being what it is 😉

      • I wonder what the difference is?
        I keep greeting people using the local time without thinking… Good morning… and it might be late evening where they are? Hehe!
        Take care and have a cracking day. X

      • I imagine I would be difficult to pin down as I’m nocturnal as well, lol. I believe I’m -5 gmt as I’m in US central time, we’re also on dst at the moment so part of the year I think I’m -6 gmt, so many abreviations in that lol hope it makes sence

      • Erm… er… well… erm… Is gmt Greenwich Mean Time? No, I’m lost. Hehehe! Mind you, I am in a bit of a pickle this morning. Bad night, dizzies when I woke. Tsk!
        Haha, TTFN thanks.

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