Inchcock – Monday 10th April 2017: Hectic, wore myself out. Hehe!


Monday 10th April 2017

Maltese: It-tnejn April 10, 2017

Struggle as I might have, I could just not get to sleep last night! Gone 0300hrs before I got off – then I woke up at 0540hrs, realising that the food delivery was due twixt 0600>0700hrs, and I was in need of the utilisation of the porcelain throne urgently!

Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner I knocked over the part-drank mug of orange juice, swore and made my way to the wetroom. Haemorrhoid Harold bled a lot, and it was a painful effort, considered as to whether or not to take a Senna?

Doing the ablutions, the delivery arrived. Tsk! Only a small one, this time, put the stuff away and got the computer going and finished yesterday’s diary off.

1Mon03Made a cuppa that went cold and did the graphics for this header, then checked the emails.

The different coloured sky this morning as the moon faded, was nice.

Started this post going, and realised I’d not taken the morning medications or done the health checks yet.

So I took them and a Senna too. (Now watch me get caught out when I hobble out to do the jobs… Oh Dear? Hehe!)

1Mon057Sun02bChecked the Google Diary for the things that needed doing today.

Humph! Don’t think I’ll get all of these done?

Wrote the list down on paper and put it in my pocket so as not to forget them when I do get out.

At least I can forget the prescription collecting, cause I did that on Saturday morning.

So I made a mug of tea and got the checks carried out.


I think they look okay now. A few odd day rises, and the weight is a bit concerning, especially as the fluid retention seems to have gone done a bit in the legs and a lot in the feet, the weight hasn’t? Otherwise, all looks good?


The weather forecast for today was so much colder than yesterday.

I’ll make sure I put my jumper and a warm hat on methinks.

Got some more emails come in: The Clinic has changed the appointment this week and gave me the operation date, 0730hrs Wed 13th July at the clinic, not in the hospital. Told me what to eat and not eat and to take in with me (Medications, paperwork), estimated to take only two hours, four hours observation then all being well I would be going home. Letter to follow. Excellent! No name on the email itself it must be a standard print-out.

Did some WordPressing and then some Facebooking. Posted the latest TFZer graphic.


Readied myself for the trip out to the bank first I think, then get Norman’s things. Now I have fewer tasks to carry out!

Rang Olive to see if it was alright for me to call on her on my way out, it was, so I did.

We had a jolly good chinwag for a good while. Kissed and I departed.

1Mon09Walked down to Chestnut Walk and Winchester Hill, where I took this shot of some plants on the roadside. To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

Depressed, I left and went to the Continental Food Store. Got a loaf, jar of mushrooms and some cooked belly pork with herbs.

Hobbled into Carrington and filled a prescription form in at the doctor’s surgery for someCodeine Phosphate tablets.

Then to the shop to get Norman’s bits of fodder.

Limped back into Sherwood and caught the bus up back to the flats.

Chinwag on the bus with other tenants.

1Mon10Dropped the fish fingers and bread off at Norman’s flat. He thanked me and said he’s got the cleaners coming today, so no need for me to do any cleaning for him. He was in fine form, and this cheered me up.

To my apartment and found a book had been delivered. It was from the TFZ’s Andy in Canada, and much appreciated.

CorelDraw opened and started the next graphicationalisticalisation. (A cough!)


Hours later, I’d got it finished.

Got some oven chips heating up on the stove. Did the evening ablutions.

A fabulous selection of programmes I wanted to watch on the goggle-box picked out.

2Tue001aMade the herb pork sandwiches.

Got the oven chips out… and put some antiseptic cream on the newly burnt to the pattern of an oven rack shaped scar on the back of the right hand!

Hehehe! Tsk!

Served the meal up.

2Tue03The oven chips, pork sarnies, seasoned baked beans and a pot of Greek Style yoghourt with added honey.

Excellent tasting fodder for this Monday night!

Rating it 9.43/10.

Got the pots into the sink in soak and nipped to the porcelain, somehow staying awake! One again, suddenly so tired.

Law & Order watched on the box, with the promise of the Underground Documentary, The Interceptors and another Interceptor programme on a different channel to watch and relish.

Only got as far as the first section of Law & Order and nodded off at the first set of commercials came on.

Spent hours waking and watching a few minutes of unknown programmes and repeating it again and again. Gave up around 2200hrs. Turned the box off and nodded into a dream filled kip that lasted until gone 0400hrs! Bliss!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Monday 10th April 2017: Hectic, wore myself out. Hehe!

  1. Do you have your photographicalization lesson on Tuesday? You musn’t forget it. Sleep can be such a problem. Dinner looked to be good. I had a hot, spicy Cajun jambalaya my wif made yesterday for dinner tonight. It was great. Nice graphicalizations today.

    • I do thanks, Tim. Left a scribbled note on the TV to remind myself. Mind you, having done several time before and not noticed the paper? Hehe!
      Cajun Jamalaya. If I don’t fall asleep when I gt back later, I’ll look this one up mate.
      Cheers Sir. TTFN

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