Inchcock – Sunday 9th April 2017: Incorporating his hobble to see the Tropical Gardens!


Sunday 9th April 2017

Polish: Niedziela 09 Kwietnia 2017

Terrible night again, kept dreaming and waking, nodding off again, dreaming and waking… Oh dear! The irritating thing is I cannot recall any of the dreams and failed to make any notes on the pad.

0435hrs: Felt a bit nippy this morning. The stomach rumbled with a painful stab or two that informed me of the urgency to disentangle myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and make for the porcelain throne… Damn it! I didn’t make it in time on this occasion! Tripping over the picker-upper stick on the way didn’t help.

Like yesterday, it flowed freely and had some blood in it this morning. Then, as I started to cleanse and sort things out, as I put the clothing in a bucket to soak and disinfect, I realised the hot water was cold!

Yes, I checked in the kitchen and found I’d left the hot water tap running last night in the sink once more! Luckily it was still only around 0500hrs so the water should heat up a bit before it stops for the day. Boiled a few kettles of water to soak the clothes in.

7Sun01Realised also, that I’d left the kitchen window open – that explained why it felt a bit nippy earlier. Huh!

Got the medications taken with a cuppa and took the drugs.

A bit concerned about the first readings of the day.


7Sun03Might be due to the hassle I’ve been having so far?Still, the weight had gone down a bit.

Still, the weight had gone down a decent amount.bit.

I got the computer going and finished the Saturday diary off, then started this one off.

The tea had gone cold, so I went to make another one. Tested the hot water while in there and it was heating up nicely. Phew!

I felt that warm wet sensation again. Another cleaning and the medicating session had to be done. The tea went cold again.

7Sun04aPut the kettle on. And had a feeling-sorry-for-myself moment as I viewed the scenery outside.

Then had a feeling-sorry-for-myself moment as I saw the scene outside, while the tummy rumbled, Anne Gyna let me know she was there and Duodenal Daniel started off giving me some jip!

It didn’t last long, though. As I returned the medications to their drawer, I saw that last night’s dosage pot was still full of the tablets – I’d missed taking them! What a clot! I’m getting worse and don’t know where to get help from, Humph! Hehe!

Mustn’t complain though, I’m lucky to be here still. I cheered up a bit and decided to stay in today.

7Sun02bAnd see how he is, and get this WordPressing finished and did some graphics and Facebooking. No buses anyway on a Sunday.

Checked the Google Calendar and found a reminder that Monday is going to be a rather busy day.

I don’t have to collect the prescriptions now though, having fetched them yesterday.

Not looking forward to tomorrow much.

Might not have time to do the diary at all, so I may leave it and do two on the next day when there will be far fewer tasks to be completed?

Got an email from Sister Jane.

Replied and hoped to get out to see her soon.

I warned her of the dreadfully bland tasteless Mature (Huh!) Manchego lambs cheese I got from Lidl.

Ga6Sat12wd it was awful.

Like paper-mashie with plastic! Tim Price told me that this type of cheese was appetising, apparently, Lidl had bought in the crap brand.

The tummy continues to rumble grumble and twinge. Anne Gyna has eased off, but Duodenal Daniel was persistent. Hate days like this.

Did some Facebooking. Got graphic started and finished for the TFZers.


Amazed it only took me four hours from start to posting it off.

Got myself ready for the ablutionisationing session.

Only one cut in the shaving process, no bleeding gums or teeth, however, Little Inchy was sore and Haemorrhoid Harold bled a bit, but far less than earlier. Again, no complaints from me.

Called Olive to see if I could call on her, but no answer. I think I had a distant memory of her telling me she was going out with the family today though.

Got the jars in the bag and set off down to the foyer.

Tenant Janie was there waiting for a lift and I had a chat with her, cause she had not bee to any meetings for a while. Seems they had changed her medication doses and it didn’t suit her, poor gal.

7Sun04aHobbled off down Chestnut Walk to deposit the jars in the bottle bank bin.

Back to the flats turned left and up into the beloved Copse.

Lovely morning as I set off walking up through it, but Anne Gyna soon let me know she was there.


To the top and right into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

As I passed the kiddies park I took a photo of the flats.

Olive’s is located on the left corner four floors down.

Wandered off up and through the park. With the weather being so fine it had brought out many families and dogs walking their owners, and I got a lot of pleasure (A touch of jealousy too, Hehe) just by watching them enjoy themselves.


I waddled through the garden section and up into the Tropical House.

I loved this last time I went a while ago now, and again I did so.

Just out of site to the right of this path I took on entering the indoor garden, I found they had altered the fish pond and added another feeding water pond next to it.


I can’t remember if the model of the elephant was there last time, but looked like it was either new or had been cleaned up.

7Sun05Had a chinwag to a lady and gentleman who were sat on the rest bench at the end.

Well, a chat with the lady, the poor bloke looked awfully down and depressed, poor soul.

She asked if I knew what the model animal was supposed to represent behind where she was sat. I said I’ll take a photographicalisation of it and if I find out, I’ll return and write it on the sign near it.

She laughed and he sneered. The chap was obviously in pain, I think.

7Sun05aSaid my farewells and turned at the end and back down the other side, where I managed to get another photograph of the pond, this time with the feeder one in the shot.

Just missed getting the two people I’d been speaking to it, but got the end of the bench. Hehehe!

Departed the lovely warm garden and made my way to have a look in the PArk’s Flower Shop. Not the foggiest idea what I was looking at plant-wise, but had the idea of asking someone if they had any indoor plants that are hard to kill-off. But they were so busy, I just had a wander around and left.

7Sun06Anne Gyna was getting more irritable with me the longer I plodded on, so decided to have a nip (Or hobble, might be a better word here, Haha!) around the edge planting and then cut through back towards the apartments.

The beautiful and tallest tree I passed demanded photographicalisationing from me.

So I did. Glad I caught mother and daughter in it, I didn’t mean to, but Mum seemed so happy at getting out and about, it pleased me that she did. I knew she was happy, cause my I.Q. told me.


As I wandered around the thicket I spotted these whatever-they-are plants, with the flower heads seemingly growing upside down. Gorgeous, they were.

I foolishly let myself hobble down the hill into another thicket. (I say foolishly because then, I have to climb back up the hill and knew Anne Gyna was not going to be pleased with this – and I was right, Humph!)

7Sun06eI went down to get a closer look at this bit of growth because I thought I’d spotted a little squirrel in it.

I waited for ages in case it came out or showed itself again.

It did eventually, but by the time it did, I had been distracted by watching some Wood Pigeons that were too far off to photograph 7Sun06bwhen the squirrel did appear once again and was too slow to catch it as it ran off. Still, I got a good one of the greenery?

As I turned around and climbed the little hill to the pathway back into the park, I caught this Horrible Herbert of a Footpath Cyclist coming out of the park and nearly colliding with a young couple strolling along. Humph!


Hobbling rather painfully now, I regretted my decision to try and take a photograph of the squirrel down the hill.

Limped back up the hill and along to where the flats are, and down the grass to the flats.

Far busier on the kiddies park and cafe area now than when I set out. Perhaps the pubs are closed? Hehe!

Managed to get to the flats easier than I thought I might. Had an unpleasant dizzy spell in the lift going up, but all okay by the time I got into the diminutive dwelling.

A heavy duty session on the porcelain throne went well, very well, no bleeding whatsoever. And Anne Gyna calmed down nicely.

Had a rinse and got the potatoes in the saucepan on a low heat.

Made a cuppa and took the midday medications.

A spell on Facebooking then got on with updating this diary. So glad I took the photographs now, I love it when they come out alright. It took hours to get the diary how I wanted it to.

Time for the evening tablets and lotions now. Tsk! I took them a little earlier than I usually do, bearing in mind I missed last nights dosages, I thought it best to.

So, as I made anothe7Sun07r mug of tea, I notice a young couple far down below, shoes off and having a mini picnic and getting the sun. Don’t blame them.

I tried to take a good picture of them through the glass in the windows but had to take several efforts before I got the decentish one here on the left.

The boiling potatoes were certainly overcooked (Understatement there, Hehe!) a bit. When I tried them they fell to bits. This called for a change of meal plans. So I poured a bit of Soy sauce into the cracks and tried to get them back into a shape resembling potatoes and put them in the oven to firm up and brown off, fingers crossed.

The fatigues came over me even earlier tonight. Ah, the hobble in the park I suspect as being the reason?

There can be no doubt about it, my Métier, stroke forte is defeat. Guaranteed and utter failure! Humph!

Not with a lot of hope or expectancy of success, I scrutinised the TV paper to see if there was anything worth trying to stay awake to watch.

Went to check the spuds and add some vegetarian sausages to them. Hard to believe I know, but I burnt the back of my hand doing this. Such a shock it was, me having an Accifauxpa? I think I might have said,  “Oh, my word!” WPlie

7Sun05Enjoyed the fodder. Rated it at 9.2/10

The TV was not good – but could I fall asleep? No!

Well into the morning before I got off into the land of nod.


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  1. I looked around the net a bit about that upside down flower & discovered that it could be one of a wide variety of species. Distilling it down, the flower might be Dutch in origin, LOL. I know, almost no information, but it was still interesting looking about. <3

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