Inchcock: Saturday 15th April 2017


Saturday 15th April 2017

Esperanto: Sabato 15a Aprilo 2017

Woke around 0400hrs: So annoyed no notes or memories of the dreams I was sure I’d been having. Why one morning I can recall, or find notes I’d made about the dreams, and others, like today, nothing? Humph!

WhoopsieOut of the £300 second-hand recliner, stomach churning and into the kitchen with the intention of getting some tummy medicine down me… of dear, another Whoopsiedangleplop – I’d left the damned hot water tap running all night again! A flipping good job I’d not left the plug in the sink at least! Humph!

Did the Health Checks, all looking good, apart from the weight back up again.

To the porcelain throne for a painful, heavy duty session. Haemorrhoid Harold had not been bleeding though, Little Inchy only a tad, but still sore.

Made a cuppa and took the medications, computer on and finished yesterday’s Chronicle off, then started this one.

Got the fodder started for later, potatoes on the boil.

Did some WordPress reading, and commenting?

Made another mug of tea and went on Facebook. After a while, the site went down again, no connection. Humph!

6Sat01bI just sneezed and me teeth nearly came out, and there are not false ones – blimey, my tummy felt like it was trying escape up through me throat!

The view was beautiful again this morning.

Made another mug of tea and set about doing some TFZer graphics, and got a few finished too. Heads swanks with pride!




Facebook still down.

WhoopsieWent to check the potatoes I’d put in salted water in the saucepan on the cooker three hours ago, but not turned it on! Clonk-humph!

6Sat03Got the vegetables chopped, un-podded, cut and on the boil in the slow-cooker.

Turned on the potatoes (Belatedly, Tsk!)

Crock-pot contents, garden peas, turnip, leeks, carrots with a bit of demerara sugar added. Put some distilled vinegar in the potatoes.

Opened a tin of beef slices and added some homemade caramelised gravy and left them in the small saucepan to marinate while the slow-cooker did the other stuff.

WhoopsieAt this stage, and this happened to me few times over the last few years, but this time it more aggressive: I passed the wind and sneezed at the same time. I had the chopping board in my hand at the time, it fell, bounced up and hit me in the shin, and I may have used some naughty words out loud. This started off Arthur Itis of course, and his Co-attacker Anne Gyna soon joined in, and they stayed with me. Huh!

Made another mug of tea (I’m hoping to get one drank sometime today!)

Tried Facebook again, no go!

Back onto Coreldraw and started another graphic. Got so far and realised I’d not done my ablutions, so I did.

All fresh now, I called Olive to see if or when I cold visit her. 1400hrs granted.

Back onto the computer, Facebook was jumpy but back on.

Posted the graphics to the TFZer site.

6Sat05Getting readied to call on Olive, and the hand and fingers warped as I was putting the camera away, managed to take this photo of disfigured agony-ridden left hand using the right one.

Handy old thing ain’t I? Hehe!

Poddled to Olive’s flat and had an absolutely fantastic visitation.

She told me off repeatedly, but in her own Special caring way, bless her. Good long chinwag, a cuddle and I was off back to the mini-home.

6Sat04Got the dinner ready, all looked okay.

The best one for a long time this was. Had to give it a 9.65/10 rating. Hehe!

Had a dizzy while washing the pots and a headache developed and stayed with me all night and into the morning??

Not a wink of sleep, no nod-offs; the brain just would not allow me to rest until gone 0200hrs when dreams kept waking me then! Recalled in one of them I was a famulus to dressed-like-wizard Rudolph Hess in a cave underground with him teaching me a trick, that I could not grasp involving a selection of different magic wands, I think? (From notes consulted in the early hours)

TTFN all.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock: Saturday 15th April 2017

  1. The disfigured, inverted flying fickle finger of fate looks terrible. Grandma and grandpa can be quite tasty and saves space if you don’t have to bury them. Who’s that trying to kill you in the photo with the dog? Dinner looks great with all that gravy.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      The FFFF has never attacked me before when I had the camera nearby. Blimey, it gives some jip, but usually only lasts a few minutes. It scares me if it happens when I’m using the camera, mind.
      That be Marie with her cockatiel Alfie and dog Roxy in the piccy. Marie is a member of the old folks who are ex-Yahoo Answers members, and Sandra from there started the Facebook Page TFZ (Troll Free Zone). I love doing graphics for them when they like them.
      Super nosh that one was Sir.

    • Thanks, flower.
      Mostest annoying when they do this gal.
      They froze one day when I was cleaning my glasses and crushed and broke them! Hehe!
      Going for the camera lesson in a while you reminded about. Don’t know if there are any buses running it being a Bank Holiday? Best to go out early and hobble into town to be on the safe side.
      Take care. X

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