Inchcock Today – Monday 3rd July 2017

Monday 3rd July 2017

Danish: Mandag den 3. Juli 2017

I had a wee-wee and was up and out on the balcony cleaning the outsides of the windows and door before 0400hrs. Determined to get some cleaning done, whatever. A bit windy, but no rain and it wasn’t cold. Took me a while and nearly lost the kitchen towels I used to finish off the job a few times in the gusts of wind.

Back in and did the insides of them. Cleaned the frames and then sorted out the loose paperwork into folders and updated the written diary.

Polished the furniture, shook and removed bits from the chair covers and replaced them all neatly like. Wiped the TV, computer, printer and keyboard.

Hoovered up and emptied the bins. Took the bags down and out to the caretaker (That is the one who I have never seen not on his phone, mind you, we don’t see much of him anyway) area.

0605hrs: Into the kitchen, Cleared the window ledge and got on with doing the windows. Not easy, turning the damned main one around to clean the other side, but just one blood-blister later I managed it. Replaced the stuff onto the shelf and cleaned the cooker. Not the oven, though. When I got down to remove the trays, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven both complained, so I left his part of the job.

Had a wee-wee.

Sink draining board cabinets and kettle cleaned.

0700hrs: Got the mop and bucket from the wetroom and got the kitchen floor swept and cleaned. I’d forgotten about the fridge, so took a look… far too much stuff in it, so I just titivated it and moved stuff around a bit. Hehe!

De-podded the garden peas and put them in a saucepan for later.

Had a wee-wee.

0800hrs: Hoovered the spare room and then got on with the ablutions. Started with the Porcelain Throne Session. (I must get help with the moving toilet seat, I’ll be off of it one day!) The shave produced a few little nicks on the chin and neck. Little Inchy was in a poor state, red and tender? Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding to his heart’s content. Diarrhorea Derek had eased off nicely this morning, and I was now getting messages of complaints from Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis for doing the cleaning so enthusiastically. Hehe!

Had a good shower and dried off, dressed and smelling all sweet, I got dressed, put the towels on the airer and went to make a mug of tea.

Checked the calendar for today so I could remember.

AM: Warden about the alert battery?

1200-1400hrs: Iceland delivery (Iced lolly replacements included, Haha!).

1400hrs > 1700hrs: Survey visit from builders and company doing the work. Had a wee-wee.

1630hrs: Ring for date and time of rearranged op at the Gum Clinic. (Reminder to self; use the second number on the list. Otherwise, you’ll get the Obrgerfreiter Receptionist bloke!)

The plates are stinging a bit this morning?

Got the computer on and started this diary going, then finished off the Sunday one.

Tonnes of WordPress reading to get through today, some good stuff posted by the other members.

Had a wee-wee.

Noticed when I went to put the kettle on, the motorists were still blocking each other in?

The lady surveyor from Nottingham City Homes arrives, sweet cheery woman, Kathy. She went through what will happen change wise. All three windows will be replaced, and a new, different balcony in place. Unfortunately, the storage heaters will not be swapped – and they are all scratched and dented with the markings on the control switched dirtied and unreadable. Humph!

She arranged for some help for me in moving the furniture while the wall is knocked down. Bless her. I had to sign a form to say she had been and I was happy with the instructions given me.

The Iceland delivery arrived while she was here. She helped me carry the bags into the kitchen, good gal!

I got the lamb shank in the saucepan, peas in a small one and the potatoes were already in the Crock-pot.

Pressed on with WordPressing and Facebooking.

Had a wee-wee.

Checked the cooking.

Back on the computer, a visit from Dizzy Dennis did me no good. Huh!

Hello, the door chimes ringeth again…

A surveyor bloke with ID. Needs to take measurements out of the window for each corner and floor, with his expensive looking what I thought was a camera on a large tripod.

Left him to it.

AffinitySerif recommended by Tim Price in a comment. I’ll have a proper look tomorrow, or whenever I can get the time. Did have a quick look, but it seemed all complicated to me, with words that meant nothing to me, Humph!

What happened to the day, where did it go?

Better get the fodder ready.

It smelt so good, looked fantastic and tempting as I got it in the dish.

Accifauxpa somewhere though; It was horrible! Gave it a rating of 4.8/10… Eurgh!

The lamb shank and gravy were so foul tasting. I shall give away the other lamb shank, they are too big to fit into my largest saucepan anyway.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the TV on while it cooked, then had a go on Facebook again.

Did a Spot-the-differences competition.

The usual farce when trying to watch the TV. My ‘Nodoffabilities’ seem to be increasing.

To the Porcelain Throne, I must ask someone to help with sorting out the flipping Throne’s seat, it’s getting dangerously loose now.

Reflux Roger kicked off, possible his protest at the distinctly dodgy lamb shank from Iceland?


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 3rd July 2017

  1. When I started racing bicycles back in the mid 1980’s, there were a few old racers who smoked cigarettes and several who smoked pot. They really caught me by surprise, as ya got to breath to race bicycles. Some of the smokers were top level races. I figured they’d been really top of their class if they didn’t smoke. Now those parkers look like Spaniards parking. Does the person with the blocked car stand there and honk the horn until the blocker moves the car? Weekend mornings were specially bad for blocked in horn honkers all around our apartment. Half the time I think they had to give up and take the metro as whoever blocked them in was probably still too drunk to find the car. Bad tasting lamb shank? Mary probably cursed it for the sake of all little lambs. I don’t know how Affinity Design is on Windows, but it’s wonderful on the Mac. But if you are not used to the lingo of desktop publishing mixed in with graphics, it will seem confusing at first. As I mentioned, that was a super find six differences.

    • I had a similar thing happen in the early 60’s to me, with other squash players. The champion for two years of the Co-op League smoked in-between games!
      As for the Parker’s, I think the council should use Catalan Clogs on them! I heard this term used in the TV series Aufweidesehen Pet Series Two when they moved to work in Spain. (The best one of them all to me this one is)
      Going to be mayhem with the cars this and next year while the flats are being done-up. They are pulling down the resident’s garages to make room for an extension and building 46 extra new flats! That will be fun trying to get a washing machine not in use then! It can be hard enough now. Humph!
      Your comment made me laugh: ” I think they had to give up and take the metro as whoever blocked them in was probably still too drunk to find the car.”
      Bad tasting lamb shank! What a disappointment that was, Tim. It didn’t taste like lamb, more like pork, it was pink in colour and the gravy was weak and far too sweet tasting. I’ll not get that again, I’ll stick to the one from the Fulton Food Store that I know is okay. Got to find someone I’m not keen on now, to give the other one too. Hehe!
      Busy today with the hearing aid test and the Fire Safety Meeting.
      I looked at the Affinity Design Windows page. Totally lost as to what some of the words meant? When I get a chance, I’ll investigate further Sir.
      Glad you thought the ‘Differences’ were okay.
      A bit niooy here this morning, I’ve had to close all the window. Brrr!

      • All part and parcel of the usual practices I reckon, Tim.
        Going to the Doctors for the blood test later today, so no time to take any pictures of the college buildings today.
        If all goes well, I hope to get there on Thursday to shoot these amazing (To me anyway) buildings.

    • T’was Corin my flower.
      Yesterday was a really busy one. And the price of the new hearing aids went up by over double! Tsk!
      They failed to tell me when i picked out the cheaper ones on the previous visit, that the batterries only last for 3 hours?!?
      Conned again! Humph!

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