Inchcock Today – Tuesday 4th July 2017: Early Whoopsiedangleplops, Hearing aids go over double in original price, Accifauxpas rampant and such along day, poor old Inchcock confused and a bumbling wreck now! Hehe!

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Napali: मंगलवार 4 जुलाई 2017

Best Wishes to all my TFZers Friends in the USA!

0400hrs: Woke with no memories of the dreams I was certain I’d been having – then the urgent call came for a visit to the Porcelain Throne.

Things went well, other than Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding a lot, but soon stopped him with applying some of the antiseptic cream. Stung a bit mind!

Searched for the Anticoagulation Card again. No luck. Danged thing is somewhere cause I found it the other day… Tsk!

I did come across an old photo booth picture though.

Ah, memories! Haha!

Just look at that smug face on me! Humph! I didn’t know what was coming years later, did I?

Did the Health Checks, all over the place this morning they were.

Had a wee-wee.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

The computer on and finished the Monday Diary and got it posted.

Back to the Porcelain Throne – nearly had an Accifauxpa with the loose-fitting seat again!

Many Emails to sort out. Then got a bit of Facebooking done.

Had a wee-wee.

Tended to the ablutions. Turned out a bit of an unexpected farce this session. Having the clean-up early, I did not use the shower, for fear of bothering or disturbing any of my neighbours.

  • Doing the teggies, I cut my gum.
  • Dropped the razor and trod on it.
  • Knocked the bottle of antiseptic over and it broke!
  • Banged my head on the corner of the sink as I bent down to retrieve it.
  • Went to get another bottle and stubbed my toe on the mop bucket (Again!)

Not the best of starts to the day. Tsk!

Got dressed and all the things ready, remembered to take the food for the ducks and birds at the Nottingham Arboretum.

On the way out, I took the other bag of lamb in mint & Rosemary Gravy and rang my neighbour Josie’s door bell. The lovely woman she is. She was in and answered the door, and I explained about the lamb gravy being far too sweet for me, gave her part of the original packet I’d cut out of the box, with the instructions and a sell-by date on it. Thankfully, she liked the idea, and I handed it over. She offered to pay for it bless her, but I wouldn’t have that.

Down to the foyer and had a chinwag with a bloke for a bit. Others arrived, and we all walked (The now, far greater distance) to the bus stop at the end of the road. Further little gossiping sessions took place. When the bus to town came, and I sat next to the gal on the 11th floor, another nice person and we chatted en route and had a laugh.

Off the bus, it was raining now, only drizzle. I walked through Victoria Centre (Mall) with Mary from the 9th floor. She asked me when she could return the DVDs I gave her to watch. She will call me in the morning. She was on her way to collect some DVDs she had ordered from the store in the centre. I went in with her and asked a member of staff if they had any of the Biederbeck Affair and or Biederbeck Tapes in stock. He had a look and informed me they had not, but I can order a new release of all the series, and he believed they had subtitles on this one. I ordered it, and I have to go back in a week to see if it has arrived.

Out of the mall and along Shakespeare Street passing the college buildings and residences en route to the Arboretum to see the birds at the pond.

Through the gates and was greeted with the relocated bust of Nottingham MP Samuel Morley. (1809 – 1886), Head of I & R Morley in Nottingham.


Samuel Morley was born in 1809, the youngest of John Morley’s three sons.  His father and Uncle Richard founded the family’s knitting business and established its London warehouse and distribution base.

The firm of I & R Morley played a significant role in the knitting industry and by 1844 was responsible for 6% of the sector’s total output.

Fed the ducks and pigeons, had a talk with them and generally enjoyed myself no end. Loved the Mallard and Coot chicks to bits. Despite my getting wet. Hey-ho!

As I walked up the hill towards the tram stop at the corner of Upper Parliament Street, I came across some Nottingham Street Art and vandalisation.

Fire hose dry riser valves outlets damaged, covers broken open and litter, waste and what smelt like urine scattered around inside and out. Humph!

Over the road and down into the Slab Centre Square.

Looking a bit bleak at this moment, and not many folks out and about yet.

Can’t blame them, if I didn’t have to go to the hearing test, I would not have been out – and – I would not have spent a fortune buying the DVDs. Huh, I am a fool!

A CPO (Community Police Officer) meandered by slowly as she crossed over the lights with the ‘Don’t Walk’ red light against her.

Attractive, meaty thighs though.

I hobbled, the foot where I stubbed the toe and trod on the razor earlier was giving me some bother, down to the Hearing Aid place and gave the Obergruppenfurheress on the desk my appointment card. Without looking up at me, she spouted: “The appointment won’t be until 1130hrs because you’ve come early you know!”

I purposely did not answer until she did look at me. “I’ve only come in early to get out of the rain, do you think anyone would actually want to come in here to be spoken to like that, voluntarily?” – Advantage Inchcock! Hehe!

She then became sociable. “Oh is it raining?” – “Yes!”

I wandered to the waiting seats and got the last one available. Took the crossword book out and had a decent session with it.

A young, good looking, educated, good looking, evidently a rich bloke with hair, tall, well spoken and fit looking arrived to take me into a treatment room. Gawd, I was jealous! Only joking, Haha! Introduced himself, Craig his name was and into his cubbyhole.

He explained the procedure for the removal of the compacted ear wax and got me to sign a partial disclaimer in the event of any damage.

He was having great difficulty in getting the wax out of my right ear hole. He got the top layer out without nay hassle, but the layer beneath was proving very hard and stubborn. At one point he thought we might have to do another week of putting olive oil in and try again. I pleaded with the lad to do his bestest, and he did too!

The tool used was like a vacuum cleaner, obviously with a narrow tube. Very noisy in the ear, as Craig had warned me it would be.

He patiently persevered and eventually got the nasty clump put for me.

You can see the size of the compacted lump on the left here.

Wasn’t it a big clump?

Not half! Hehe!

I was so pleased with his efforts.

He then moved onto the other ear, and that one was much easier to clear out, thankfully.

We then went through the options of the aids on offer. The small one that was from the cheaper range proved to be unsuitable when the lad told me the batteries only lasted for two or three hours. Shame that. Then I had to choose one suitable, which meant the price doubled for the next options.

I went for a one piece model. That the batteries should last for a week. At least this will avoid my having to change the tubes when they crack or work loose, cause there are no tubes on it. Fingers crossed anyway.

Then he started to mould the ear pieces, five minutes in each hole alternately and they were ready and moulded.

Then he got me in the hearing box for the test.

That didn’t take long.

The whole thing should have taken about 45 minutes, but I think his getting out the wax from the stubborn right ear channel took far longer than that.

So then, I had to pay for them. That hurt! Still, the batteries are free for three years, a four-year guarantee, and free aftercare… they say.

I left the store a lot less well off, and still have to wait two weeks while they are made and fitted.

Out and the rain had stopped, I went into the M&S food store for perusal, but didn’t buy anything.

Noticed some more Nottingham street art around a waste bin and cigarette disposal box. Not nice to look at.

Then I walked up to Bridle Smith Gate and notice an alleyway and next to it, another empty retail unit. It was last in use as British Heart Foundation Charity Shop.

Made my way to the L9 bus stop and back to the flats.

The lady from the 11th floor got on at the first stop, and we had another good chinwag en route back to the apartments, She even helped me with the crosswords, bless her cotton socks.

A laugh in the lift when we got to the flats, with six of us squashed into the lift together. Oh, the other elevator is working again.

Inside, wee-wee, got the nosh on, Throne visit and onto the computer.

Took me hours to get this diary updated. Well into the nighttime before I got it nearly finished (Up to here) and had to leave it to get some much-needed rest and a nod-off. Of course, I could not get to sleep now I wanted to! Humphski!

Had a wee-wee.

Got the evening Health Checks done. Sys166 – Dia 72 Pulse 83 Temp 32.4

Got the meal served up, and a cracker it was, it made up for my earlier fodder disasters. Sprinkled extra strong cheese on top of the minced beef slices, tinned garden peas, mushrooms, beetroots, a dab of BBQ sauce and Jersey new potatoes. Got some nibbles by the side of the recliner to have a go at later, Marmite Crisps, chocolate brazil nuts (Only two of them, honestly, Hehe) and a bottle of fresh orange juice.

Put the things in the bowl to soak, returned to the chair and decided to try and watch some TV, that must surely send me into the land of nod? And, it did.

Slept for what was about six hours, a lot for me to manage, but it was needed after such a long day for this, now a lot less financially stable old fella. Tsk! I’ll have to leave ordering a table server for the chair for a while now the hearing aids have suddenly doubled in price.

TTFN all.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 4th July 2017: Early Whoopsiedangleplops, Hearing aids go over double in original price, Accifauxpas rampant and such along day, poor old Inchcock confused and a bumbling wreck now! Hehe!

  1. You had a rough day. If I had time I’d write another song of woe about it. Probably have to use a country tune or something. That was quite a chunk Craig dealt with. Those fire department connections — FDCs as we call them — are in pretty sorry shape. At least you had a decent looking meal at the end of your long and woe filled day.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Country Roads is a tune I remember. Can’t recall who made the song, a woman for sure. T’was in my drinking days, seem to remember my mate always playing it on the jukebox?
      The meal went down so well, Sir. Highlight of the day. Hehe!

      • There was “Country Roads Take Me Home” by John Denver. He was pretty girlie in a lot of ways. Seems like it would have been easy to mistake him for a girl in your drinking days.

    • A fortnight to go, they say they’ll ring and Email me when they are ready for fitting, Corin.
      Best meal for ages that one pet.
      The plates are bad again this morning. Tsk!
      TTFN, thanks. XXX

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