Inchcock Today – Wednesday 5th July 2017

Wednesday 5th July 2017

Maori: Wenerei 5 Hōngongoi 2017

Kept waking up and nodding off again for an hour or so, so drained after yesterday’s exertions and hassle.

Rose up for a Porcelain Throne visit around 0600hrs. (If I had not wanted the Throne visit I might still be in th recliner, so weary. Haha!) Tired, yes. But Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald, Arthur Itis, Hernia Harry, Reflux Roger, Shaking Steven and Dizzy Dennis were all being kind to me at that moment. It felt odd, wrong somehow. If you know what I mean? Only Haemorrhoid Harold was any bother. My EQ tells me this will not last, and something not nice is due later in the day. Huh!

Had a wee-wee.Then did the Health Checking routine.

Then did the Health Checking routine. The temp was 33.8 and the weight was a staggering 14.94. Oh dearie me!

Got the nibbles into the bag for the INR blood test nurse this afternoon.

Email sorting next, a lot get through this morning.

WordPress reading and then onto Facebook to catch up again.

Had a wee-wee, then got some potatoes on the slow boil to have later when I get back from the surgery.

Carried on with Facebooking for an hour more or so.

Had a wee-wee, made a mug of tea and watched a YouTube about car crashes.

Ablutions carried out, midday medications and Health Checks done.

Collected the bag and off on a walk into Carrington and the INR blood test.

Out and to the end of the road then right down the hill and left and up the Mansfield Road hill and down into Carrington.

Strangely quiet on the roads this morning.

Got to the surgery, signed in, took a seat. I was the only patient in there?

Nurse Nichole collected me and into the blood room. We had a chat while she took my blood. I mentioned that I’d sat down with the sample bottle and broken it, and she said she’d get me another, which she did bless her sumptuous thighs.

I was certain there was something else I wanted to ask her about, but could not remember what it was. Huh!

Gave her her box of chocolates, bid farewell and off a trotted out and to the paper shop in Carrington. Got a packet of four highlighter pens. I’ve got these to use on my written diary to indicate the different task that I record in advance.

Down to the Chemists and inquired of the date for my prescription collection. The young lady checked and informed me it was next Monday, 10th July. I wrote this down on the inside cover of the crossword book, to record on the paper diary and Google Calendar later. (I remembered to at well. Smug mode adopted!)

Down and into the Lidl store. Got some wholemeal bread thins, meat slices and mint nibbles for myself.

Out to the bus stop and caught a bus back up into Sherwood. Lots of time before the L9 bus arrived, so I wandered around a bit. Called in Wilko and got some Y-lang fragrance boost and softener and Surf capsules (Lemon scented) for the laundry.

Called in the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop but did not get anything.

To the bus stop.

The traffic had increased, but no L9 bus arrived yet.

The L9 was due at 25 minutes past the hour, but by 30 minutes passed, had not come, and a number 40 bus did, so I got on that one. I lot further to walk when using this bus, but I was not sure if the L9 was going to arrive or not. They often fail to turn up.

Naughty Nottingham Pavement Cyclists lingered everywhere I looked in Sherwood.

Dropped off the bus on Winchester Hill and started the ascent up to the flats. The feet were stinging, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna both kicked off.

Turned left onto Chestnut Walk, as the oh-so-late inbound L9 bus passed me. The outbound was at the new bus stop in front of this bus.

Note the bus stop could not be further away from Woodthorpe Court and is situated right next to Winchester Court. Doesn’t bother me though!

In the flat and had a wee-wee.

Got the meal cooking and put the bits away. Amended the written diary with the new reminders.

Had a wee-wee. I’ve just remembered what I was was going to tell the nurse about… Humph!

Did the evening Health Checks.

Got the fodder prepared and served up.

Roasted strong cheddar cheese, boiled potatoes, beetroots, ready-cooked crispy streaky bacon, garden peas and two, not eatable boiled, pickled eggs and minced beef and gravy in shortcrust pastry. Lemon Fool to follow.

What was wrong with the eggs I have no idea. They were foul (Bit of wit and wordplay here folks). Despite this, the rest of the meal deserved an 8.8/10 rating.

Took the medications and checked the TV magazine and found that Hetty Wainthrope was on at 2000hrs, that was all I was interested in.

Watched some Dr Who series one episode between nodding off now and then and rewinding. At 2000hrs I put the TV on to watch Hetty… It was not on! Checked the listings… and found I’d looked at tomorrow’s page. Humph!

No chance of staying awake after this, soon off in the land of nod proper, until 0100hrs when I sprang awake full of vim?

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 5th July 2017

  1. A little bit of foul fowl in the fodder to alliterate your day? Otherwise the food looks like a good batch. Nurse Nichole seems to take good care of you. I can imagine you and Nichole in an episode of the Benny Hill Show with you blessing her sumptuous thighs. Pavement cyclists probably have a game they call “rolling for pensioners” to see how close they can come without actually crashing into you. If they do crash into you, they call it “bowling for pensioners”! I often get it wrong when I can get a refill on the one prescription I have for a nasal spray — I can get the spray over the counter anytime I want, but it’s 4 times the cost of getting it with a prescription. The pharmacy has an app that sends a text to my iPhone to let me know when I can get a refill. Does your pharmacy have any smartphone notification apps? Sleeping in now and then is definitely good for you, especially after a day like yesterday.

    • I too, like a good aliterationalisationing session now and then, Tim. Hehe! I shan’t be bothering with them eggs again.
      Nichole brings out what is no longer there in me. Well, there is a tiny bit.
      I don’t know about the pharmacy having any smartphone notification apps? But if they had one that could send emails it would be good. I must ask them.
      Is Bobby’s Burger Palace anywhere near to you, Tim? Only I saw that the TripAdvisor recommended it for their sweet potato fries and onion rings, nosh.
      Not that I can come over and try it, but it sounded very good.
      TTFN, cheers.

      • That’s good can bring out that twitch. I had never heard of Bobby’s Burger Palace. Looks like the closest one to me is on the Strip in Las Vegas Nevada 600 miles west on I-40 (old Route 66). We do have Bob’s Bitchin’ Burgers here, but I’ve never been to one. We have Blake’s Lota Burger, which is New Mexico through and through.

        We also have Grandma’s K&I Diner on Broadway that offers up a Full Travis, Half Travis, Quarter Travis or Wimp Travis. “The Travis is a combination of seasoned beef and bean topped with with red chile and rolled in a flour tortilla it then topped with green chile cheese lettuce and tomatoes then piled high with hot crisp French fries”. I tried to eat a Full Travis once after riding my bicycle 75 miles around the mountain (very hard 3 hour ride back when I was racing bikes) — I failed to eat all of that Full Travis. Giant amount of food it was.

        Here’s a writeup of KK&I Diner: and here’s their menu:

      • The seasoned beef and bean sound good to me Sir. But the hot peppers, I cannot handle at all. Plenty of options for you, though.
        I don’t think I could manage a Giant Travis either. Years ago I could have.
        The sausage and egg breakfast is tempting. Too much chili, tortillas and peppery stuff for me. Whimp for sure nowadays. Hehe!
        Are enchiladas hot?
        The Ham & Eggs, I could go for too.
        Tonnes of choice on the menu.
        Waiting in for the hearing aids and horn, shouldbe here today they tell me by Email.
        Cheers Tim.

    • The readings are up and down a bit this week Corin. But now I have Trotsky Terence back again this morning visiting, he seems to be getting more attention than even Anne Gyna. Hehe!
      I like sumptuous thighs, can’t help it. Haha!
      Stuck in today waiting for the hearing aids to arrive, I got some cheap ones (Not really aids, rather a booster type, but at this price, I thought I’d get a pair in, just in case I misplace or break the others? As long as they help a bit, like.
      Oh dear, off to the Throne again.
      Tale care thanks, flower. XXX

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