Inchcock Today – Thursday 6th July 2017: Winwood Tenants Social Hour Meeting

Thursday 6th July 2017

Russian: Четверг, 6 июля 2017 года

Jumped awake at 0100hrs – Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee. Overall, another good morning health wise I thought. Anne Gyna was being a bit nasty with me and Roger Reflux too. But Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Steven Shakes, Harry Hernia and Dizzy Dennis were all in a good mood and kind to me.

Got the laundry things ready and went down to the laundry room and got them in the machine. New notice on the board:

It was from Jenny, the flats coordinator, a former Woodthorpe Obergruppenfurheress Warden and tenant.

Back up to the apartment and got the kettle on, took the morning medications, A little early I realised after taking them. But I had taken the doses early last night.

Computer turned on and began updating the Wednesday Diary.

Very warm and close this beautiful morning.

Soon time to go down and move the washing into the dryer.

Popped outside, to take this shot (I still want to know what all these triple poles are going to be used for? Hehe!), luckily I’d remembered to take the foyer door swipe with me so I could gain entry back into the compound. Phew!

Up again, both of the lifts now working again.

Had a wee-wee and put on the kettle. Did the health checks.

Did the health checks, and very nearly, retook the medications! What a clot I am!

The pulse was 99, but I expect this is because I had been up and down the lift with the washing. When I took the photo of the machine and doctored it in Vinette, the pulse reading with the flash reflection looked like it was 299. So I doctored the 99 in the photo to make it clearer. Hehe, got me going for a second or two. I did notice that the pulse had been a bit erratic this week all through, though. The weight had gone down mind. First time for a while.

Did some more updating on the diary. Got it finished and posted off. It was time to go and collect the laundry again.

All folded neatly, cleaned the machines and filter. Lifted the bag and the handle came off!

Lifted the bag and the handle came off!

Picked up the clothing and shook the dust off of them and replaced them with the bag. Passed some wind, and hastily made my up to the flat, while fumbling to carry the bag, and the Porcelain Throne. The lifts have never seemed slower! Haha!

I made it in time, but only just. Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding since my last visit 3 hours or so ago. Cleaned things up and applied the medication cream. Wiped around, scrubbed my hands and out and back on the computer and started this Inchcock Today, off.

Went to make a cuppa, and saw that I’d forgotten about the bag of laundry I’d dropped as I got through the door in my haste to get to the wetroom. So I put away the stuff in the airing cupboard.

Looking a bit blue out there?

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

Facebooking next.

Had a wee-wee.

0536hrs: Started a TFZer graphics. Got these two done, both in monochrome style, and made look like an old photograph, best as I could.

Janet and Jillie in London, with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

Thomas, in the old Nottingham Victoria Station, with a diesel and Steam locomotives.

Hope they like them.

Had a wee-wee, made a mug of tea and watched a video on YouTube before having to get the ablutions done in time for the Tenants Social Hour in the new temporary hut.

A good few resident there when I arrived at the new temporary shelter/shed. I was going to take a photo of it, but I’d forgot to take the camera with me. Huh!

Some of the girls seemed happy to see me. A bit of a job finding a chair to sit on, and had to sit next to a Winchester tenant chap who took up all the available moving room to and from the seat I had to use. Fair enough, the man had a stick with him and was rather well-endowed stomach-wise, very big, covered in tattoos and not very sociable.  So I did not bother him and asked others to let me in and out each time I needed to move, which was often.

Got up to put the raffle prizes on the table. Chinwag with some of the ladies and back to get the nibble bag. Had to get around the man again to distribute the nibbles above.

Then back, via the spread-eagled bloke to the chair and I had half a cup of tea and natter with Bill (William on Sundays).

Then I required a wee-wee, poor old Frank had to move again to let me through to the WC. The tall chap didn’t even seem to know the bother and hassle he was causing by sprawling out so far away from the table, bless him.

I asked a representative of the work team who was doing the upgrade, and he told me the poles dug into the grass, concrete paths and road all over the place, were to build security fences, for when the expensive plant machinery moves into the compound. I know now. Hehe!

Got some raffle tickets and had to fight my past the chap again to give them out to some ladies. Jenny was looking good. One last exertion to get through the chairs and I called it a day, it was encouraging too much hassle from Arthur Itis with the tall, rotund gentleman not moving at all. I thought perhaps he couldn’t. But he didn’t speak or answer me when I inquired how he was keeping. He only talked to a woman opposite him, and Jenny?  I offered a cheerful cheerio to the folks and left early to get back to number 72 and another wee-wee.

The Anticoagulation Record had arrived while I was out at the Hut.

Down to 2.8 this time. For some reason, the DVT is having a heck of a job getting the INR level up, although I thought 2.8 was not too bad at all, very close to the target figure. But they had increased the dosages anyway. But I must not turn into a vaticinator.

I made an Email for the Sherrington Park Surgery requesting an appointment as instructed for Wednesday 12th July as early as possible for the next INR blood test. I added the photograph I took of the Anticoagulation Records details, like a subtle sarcastic reminder that they have not sent me an Email with the changed dosages. I don’t suppose they will be interested really, though.

Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Looking far more like okay, now I think compared to earlier.

Although the temperature seems to have dropped dramatically, from 36.1 (High?) to 31.9 (?)

Had a wee-wee. Into the kitchen for a brew of tea and notice outside down below in the bottom field near the Copse, was a gal with her two dogs playing ‘fetch-the-ball’… Well, I say two dogs. I had a real laugh watching them perform, I must say. The lighter coloured brown dog would race away and retrieve the ball, with the black running so far with him, then about half way to wherever the ball landed, he’d wait for the other dog to get it and run back to the girl with it and join in with him then. In the end, after twenty or so ‘Fetches’ like this, the black dog just laid down and rolled in the grass when his Mistress threw the ball for the other one to retrieve.

I was laughing out loud at the black dog’s antics. Hehehe! Loved watching them.

No rain at all today yet. It did say on the radio, some areas will get none, and others a ‘Yellow Warning’ storm?

A quick look at the news for Nottingham.

Apparently, this was Castle Boulevard twenty minutes ago.

This is how it looked from the kitchen window here, just over ten minutes ago.

A bit of difference then, I see?


Rechecked the Emails to see of any from the surgery had arrived. As I opened Gmail, it came through, from the surgery. I wrote in the paper diary and onto the Google Calendar. Wednesday 12th @ 1022hrs sent an Email back to them thanking them and confirming I could attend. A fair number of WordPress Emails, so I answered/responded to them.

Feeling well drained now, after another silly hour start to the day. Tsk!

Going to have something easy to make I thought. After which I decided on tomatoes and bacon… tonnes of bacon! Hehe! Then I realised I’d not got much bread in stock, so had a rethink. Gorrit, potatoes and bacon with some sweet curried baked beans?

Did the evening Health Checks.

Had a quick bash on Facebooking, then a wee-wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the bacon in the oven and watched a 15-minute video on YouTube while it cooked.

Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger both eased off – Nice!

Sister Jane rang as I went into the kitchen to check on the food. I’m overeating, and the wrong foods again and that is why I must cut down on bread and potatoes. She worries about me, blesses her cotton socks. Hardly dare print the photo of tonight’s meal. Hehe!

Got the fodder served up, and a great one it was too, taste-wise.

After I washed the pots and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch a DVD before Hetty Wainthrope started on the TV, Shaking Steven paid me a visit. Not good, but at least I was settled and had nothing in my hands at the time. So, no Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplop! Good that!

CorelDraw back on for a while. I updated this one below. Not easy with the fingers doing their own thing. Hehe!

Gave up after a while and got the head down – off I went into the land of nod within minutes.

TTFN all.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 6th July 2017: Winwood Tenants Social Hour Meeting

  1. Speaking of selective rain, the other day we could smell rain in the back of the building where the IT Dept is. I looked out back and it was raining in the alley. I walked up to the front of the building, about 75 feet, the sun was shining and the sidewalks, streets and parking lots were all dry. I walked back to my area, peaked out in the alley, and it was still raining. Rain and gloom out back of the building and sunshine with dry streets in the front. The rain moved east and never did wet the north end of the building.

    I’ve never figured out why Obergruppenfurheress’s type in ALL CAPS. Architects are bad about that, also, and I threaten to break their little fingers so they have a real excuse to keep their cap locks on. Otherwise, they are to use “Proper Case” when they type. ALL CAPS is so annoying, and that’s probably why Obergruppenfurheress’s use ALL CAPS because they live to annoy people. I think you should tell the Obergruppenfurheress Warden to use Proper Case or you’ll break her little fingers — she may ring your neck, but her reaction to the threat would probably be priceless.

    Seems like you have to do a lot of man-euvering to be social. I’m one of those multi-demensional long guys who can have butt, hands and feet in many different places at once and trip up people trying to make their way around my sprawled out limbs.

    Dog/people interactions can be quite entertaining. Great graphics and a decent looking meal.

    • Very interesting tale of the rain there, Tim. I’ve heard many tales and recollections of this phenomena but never seen it in real life. Oh, yes I have! Fishing on a canal in Ireland, it was raining on the opposite bank, but not on the canal at all.
      You think I should tell the Obergruppenfurheress Warden to use Proper Case or I’ll break her little fingers She may ring my neck, but her reaction to the threat would probably be priceless: I so agree her reaction would be priceless… but do not think I am brave enough to risk it! Hehehe! I don’t think writing in caps is a good idea either, I don’t find them easy to read compared to normal writing, and it seems that the writer is shouting!
      You little sprawler, you! Haha! I’ll arrange for a Throne for you to use if you come over. Hehe!
      Glad you liked the graphics, thanks.
      I have to admit with the meal, I added two more potatoes after I took the picture. But please don’t tell Sister Jane!
      TTFN, cheers.

      • Your loss of bravery around the Obergruppenfurheress is sensible. I usually have a Model 29 strapped on my hip when I threaten to break cap lock offenders’ little fingers.

      • I got into deep water with everybody yesterday at the Fire meeting. The embarrassment is all in the latest Inchcock. I’ll be sending it soon, Sir.
        The Model 29 is a biggun innit? Hard to conceal?
        You may consider a derringer with HE bullets? Just a thought. Hehehehe!
        Take care.

    • Cheers, Corin.
      That meal went down very well, thank you.
      I get satisfaction from just watching these dogs play, but a tinge of sadness that it will never be me with them. (Sob).
      TTFN XXX

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