Inchcock Today Monday 31st July 2017 – Lousy night – better morning.

Monday 31st July 2017

Cebuano: Lunes 31st Hulyo 2017

What a horrible nights so called sleep. I actually think I got in four hours of sleep. But over a period of 12 hours! Dreams were rampant, short and frequent leaving me with memories of only the last one, and that one was of long-gone physical pleasure. And I assumed this was what had started ‘things’ bleeding, which I noticed as soon as I woke properly around 0625hrs. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room, where Inchy was cleaned up and medicated after a disturbingly loose Porcelain Throne Session.

I got back and tried to get back to sleep again, feeling strangely tired still. There was no chance of that as the brain started to fret, worry and analyse things, logicality and understanding absquatulated from my mind.

Within ten minutes of settling, another demand for a Porcelain Throne session forced me out of the recliner and back to the wet room. The complete opposite this time, rock hard? Wee-wee demands were frequent and numerous throughout the morning.

Gave up trying to catch up on any sleep again, and went into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Took the top and this picture of the parked cars. The top one was the first time I’ve ever managed to take a vista shot on my camera, I tried several times, only this one worked.

Got the computer on and checked the calendar. Finished off the Sunday diary and started this one off. The wee-weeing continued for ages?

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading. Wee-wee.

Went to make a brew and:

Dang me, more tar spots on the window! Nice looking morning, though.

Had a bash at cleaning them off. Trapped my fingers in the flipping gap against the frame again. Failed to get any spots off, but I think I scared them a bit cause they are a lot lighter in colour now?

0900hrs: Tended to the medicationalisationing of Little Inchy, Haemorrhoid Harold and the blood blister marks on the knuckles.

Readied things just in time to catch the bus.

Hope to go into Arnold, visit the Arnot Hill Park and feed the ducks, then walk into Arnold proper and call at a few shops in the hope of obtaining some cheap nail polish remover and a Razor scraper. So I can tackle the kitchen window tar spots again later.

A new work van on site as I poddled along Chestnut Walk.

I crossed the road onto where the car parking is now, and further down I found a bit of Nottingham Street Art at the side of a van.

It happened to be a Nottingham City Homes trailer, not that I assumed the empty consumed alcoholic bottles were left there by any of their dedicated workforces, of course.

At the bus stop, the bench was filled up with tenants, female tenants. And good chin wag and laugh ensued while we waited for the bus. ‘All Aboard’, and in Sherwood, everyone, bar me got off. I was abandoned!


The bus took a little longer to get to Daybrook, due to the long ‘Diversion’ for road works.

Dropped off and hobbled towards the park and pond.

At the mini-island where I took the right road to Arnot Hill, the security fencing had been taken out and mangled by some vehicle or other and been thrown over the wooden fencing to the McDonald 24-hour Eat-in or Take-away place.

As I went into the park further down, Anne Gyna gave me a few nasty pangs and a funny turn. I decided just to take some photographs, and then return to the apartment. Didn’t feel up to walking into Arnold and shopping, poor old thing!

Took these in order as presented in the park.

I left through the top gate and gingerly hobbled to the bus stop, just as the sky began to threatened rain or a storm.

But neither arrived.

Got on the bus and sat next to a tenant on the 15th floor of my block. The lady in the white coat in the photo below, bless her. We had a good natter away during the journey. In Sherwood, we picked up some more residents and were soon back at the flats.

Again, I was the slowest of us all in hobbling back along Chestnut Walk to the apartments from the bus stop.


The lady hung back and walked with me to and up the lift. Very kind of her! Said our Cheery byes and back to the flat, I call home.

Took the afternoon medications with extra painkillers, did the health checks, had a wee-wee, cleaned and medicated Little Inchy and made a brew. Then on the computer, checked the Emails and then on CorelDraw to work on some graphicalisationing preparations.

Eventually got the TFZer graphic finished. I used one of the photographs taken at the Park as a background. Hope they like it.

Got the fodder prepared and digested while watching some Boon DVD episodes.

Had extra cheese on top of the vegetarian Cottage pie, potatoes garden peas and an apple added. Followed by a plain yoghourt with some gorgeous Maple Syrup stirred into it.

To the Porcelain Throne and washed the dining pots.

Then, boy did it rain!

Now Little Inchy was bleeding once again, but no as bad as recently.

Got the last of the day Health checks sorted and took the medications.

Fell sleep, woke up and watched some Law & Order on the gogglebox, fell asleep, woke up and watched some LAw & Order on the gogglebox, fell asleep…


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Monday 31st July 2017 – Lousy night – better morning.

  1. Looks like friendly geese there. I take it you didn’t get goosed? I guess you want to control dogs during bird breeding season. We wouldn’t want any cross pollination between species now would we? Image that flying dogs dropping aerial poop bombs, and barking geese that lift their webbed feet on your leg. People leave beer bottles around here all the time. We have the highest per capita of brew pubs in the country right here in river city on the Rio Grande. It’s like all beer all the time. And then they wonder why drunk driving is a problem in this state. I have never figured out why people like beer. I think it is really foul tasting. Speaking of foul, great photos of the ducks and geese. All the photos are excellent and super graphic. We have started getting our monsoon rains, which are relatively short, but can be very intense. The skies almost always clear up after sundown. That is a really well arranged plate of food.

  2. Hehe! The geese on the canal are not as sociable with humans as them at the park are, Tim. I was a bit weary when they surrounded me and started flexing their wings. Especially as Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis were visiting me at the time. Tsk!
    I’d not thought about the risk of any cross pollination between species. I could picture the flying dogs dropping aerial poop bombs, and barking geese that lift their webbed feet on your leg. Hehehe!
    Drunk driving and fighting is a real problem over here in Nottingham too, Tim.
    Proud that you thought the photographicalisations were okay Sir.
    Monsoon rains? Blimey!
    I’m hoping to get some more of the vegetarian Cottage pies if they are on offer still. Never would have thought of trying them at the full priced, which far higher than a proper Cottage Pie? Not sure how they arrive at this pricing, more for veg than meat?
    After I’ve been to the hearing aid place, I’m going to try and find a razor scraper and get some nail-polish remover so I can tackle the tar-spots on the kitchen window. Another mystery here! Huh!

    • Hehehe! Thanks, gal.
      Got some nail remover today. Couldn’t get a razor scraper, but they will be getting back in stock the lady told me.
      Think I might have to find the rubber gloves to use with this liquid, it pongs dangerously to me. Haha!
      Now where the heck did I put em?
      TTFN cheers Corin. XXX

  3. Hehe! I could do with someone here to help me remember things. Reminds me of the old early Elvis song “I forgot to remember to forget!” A few years ago that one.
    Cheers petal. XXX

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