Inchcock Today – Tuesday 1st August 2017: A hobble through the Nottingham each today!

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Corsican: Marti 1u Aostu 2017

Woke around 0415hrs. The mind confused, a mess all around me and the £300 second-hand recliner, the TV still on with crumbs on my stomach, the chair cover and the carpet, and my glasses pushed back on top my head.

Remembered the Morrison delivery, the Hearing Aid update visit and to get a razor scraper and finger nail remover while in town later. Hopefully, Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis will give me a break today. Please!

Dismounted the recliner and off for a Porcelain Throne session. Not good this one, but at least Haemorrhoid Harold was only leaking blood the tiniest bit. Little Inchy needed attention as is usual lately.visit

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.

All the readings seemed lowish today?

Apart from the weight, which I am not prepared to share with you at this moment, due to my shame! Hehe!

Into the kitchen, noticing there were no new tar marks on the window glass.

Got the kettle on and attempted to take another of the Vista shots that I seem to have difficulty in making. But today was different, and I got it right on the third attempt.

Cleaned up the mess near the chair. Appears I had been nibbling some crisps I think… a lot of them, judging by the number of crumbs I had to hoover up. Tsk!

For a fleeting moment, memories of some of the dreams came into my head. By the time I’d got the pencil out of the drawer, they had gone from my puzzled brain. I do annoy myself when this happens!

Computer started, and I made the graphic for the top of this page.

Had a wee-wee. Painful Little Inchy was re-medicated. This prompted me to check the Emails, to see if any had arrived from the clinic yet. But none.

Responded to some of the emails and did Some WordPress reading.

Finished yesterday’s diary and posted it off.

Food delivery arrived.

Got it stowed away, freezer and fridge full again.

Had a wee-wee

Got the crossword book and the nibbles,  in the bag for the site Obergruppenfurheresses.

Medicalisationing and ablutioning tended to.

Gathered everything (Well, I thought I had) needed for the day and got myself down to the foyer. Had a chinwag with a lady in the lift and she mentioned she had to make a list of things to do when going out and asked if I had lost my hearing aids as she could see I was not wearing them. Whoopsiedangleplop! I went back up in the lift after she dropped off, to fetch the list and hearing aids.

Time was getting close to 0930hrs now, and I was a bit nervous in case I missed the bus and was late for the appointment, and I still had a decent walk to get to the bus stop. Grabbed the hearing aids and put them in going down in the elevator.

Hobbling along Chestnut Walk and realised that I had not picked up the note of things to do! Humph! There were five things on it, I remember that much.

All I could recall at the time was the razor scraper, nail polish remover and the hearing aid place visit.

The bus was late arriving, so had a chinwag and a laugh with some tenants in the queue. The city bound bus came and off to town we were transported.

Dropped off on Queen Street and limped down through the Old Market Slab Square, which was designated as The Nottingham Beach with its rides, amusements and highly priced eateries, etc.

A little early for it to be busy yet.

But some families had laid claim to the favourite corner positions on the beach. I wondered if any of them were German holidaymakers? Hehe!

I took a photograph that should have been of one boy on the car rides that was very happy and waving each time he passed to his family. But when I got back and downloaded it, this is what I got. Missed the boy off altogether? Twit!

Jogged into the Pound World shop… (Jogged? Where did I get from, Haha!) to search for some nail varnish remover and a razor scraper. Got the varnish remover alright, but had to ask one of the staff if they had any scrapers. They sell them but had none in stock at the moment.

Out and nearly fell over a rough sleeper in the doorway, who I had not noticed on my in?

Up the road and into the Hearing Aid place. Logged in with Snottypants on the reception and got the crossword book out.

The young chap who dealt with me last time collected me and took me into his room.

He recorded details on the computer and then showed my how to clean the contact point on the aids. Using a brush and prodder-througherer to clean the air hole and little contact slot cover. Also how to replace the lid of each one when replacing it. The cleaning has to be done each day.

I thanked him and departed. Noticing the rough sleeper had gone, and the shop opposite that was signed as being up for lease or sale last week, were now To Let.

Desperate times for retailers in Nottingham these are!

Checked the time and the bus back to the flats was due in ten minutes. So made my way to it via the Nottingham Beach.

This Herbet of a young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist almost hit me as he rode along with music earpieces in his tab holes.

Bless him!

Across the road and through the square.

This ride that rises above the Council House height at the top was belting around at an uncomfortable looking rate of knots, for me.

Then again, the youngsters on it all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The last amusement ride I looked at was also moving fast and up and down.

I find it hard to realise that Suzie and I used to like these types at the fairs and seaside all those years ago.

Across near the beach and made my way to the paper shop on the corner of Queen Street.

The beach, was now getting far busier with happy, noisy kids and frustrated looking given-up-on-controlling the ankle-snappers parents? Hehehe!

Went into the paper shop and bought a TV magazine for next week. Then up the hill to the bus-stop.

Where I pondered on what the missing task was that I could not remember needed doing. Failed to recall it, though.

Caught the bus and at the next stop, a few of the tenants got on, including Obergefreiteress Jenny. We had a friendly gossip en route.

At the flats, I found this parked outside the apartments.

The lady from the 15th floor came out to catch a taxi and informed me that the lifts were not working.

Oh dearie me! By luck, when I went in the firemen had just restarted them. Phew!

Up to the apartment and had a wee-wee.

Put the hearing aid tools away and got the black bean beef and egg, rice and fresh garden peas into their respective foil dishes. Lidded them ready to go into the oven later.

Picked some programmes to fall asleep to later, as well.

Updated this diary. Did the midday and evening checks.

Got the trays into the oven, must remember to check them after half-an-hour, so I set the timer.

A quick check on the Emails. Nowt from the clinic.

Had a bash on Facebooking.

Got the meal served up.

Beef in black bean sauce, egg rice with peas and a few little potatoes.

Really did enjoy this one.

Went to do the washing up and the rain had returned.

No getting to sleep for ages and ages.

Far too late, not even many nod-offs?

The mind racing away over everything and nothing at the same time.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 1st August 2017: A hobble through the Nottingham each today!

  1. Is the young man who does your hearing aids a manly equivalent to nurse Nichole? He looks pretty cute in the photo. I take it you didn’t go on any of the rides at the Nottingham beach? They look like the types of rides that would make you want to barf. It looks like businesses come and go about as fast there as they do around these parts. One of our large music stores closed its doors today. It had been in business for 34 years, but I have to admit, they were always too pricey for me. On the few occasions they actually had what I needed, I didn’t buy what they had because I could get the same thing at half the price on Amazon. Cyclists are still trying to run you down? — tsk!.

    That’s a pretty hardy and decent looking meal you put together there. I got a box of Cornflakes off the shelf in the pantry to have a late snack, and Laurie had put the box on the shelf backwards with in bag in opposite normal to keep critters out of it so she said. It was simply a booby trap and I ended up dumping all the cornflakes on the floor. Since we have 8 cats, ants and mice the kitties only catch on occasion, the 10 second rule does not apply when food ends up on our floors. The cornflake spill was a rather disheartening event, or whoopsiedangleplop in your world.

    • The young man who did the hearing aids is a jovial charismatic young un. Quick witted and a patient bloke. Can;t help but like him, it’s true. Hehe!
      Your take it right, Tim. The rides at the Nottingham beach were beyond me nowadays? You’re spot on with the barf inducing nature of some of them, I almost wanted to, just looking at those on them.
      Businesses the same over there then? Something to fret over or not do you think Sir?
      The famous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, just do not slow down or give elderly pedestrians any room.
      I’m sure it should not be allowed, but many of them have music through their headphones or are on their mobiles (Cellphones) as they tear about all over the place.
      I do like the beef in the black-bean sauce a lot, Tim. Nice to have rice for a change.
      Your cornflakes Whoopsiedangleplop, I think was almost definitely schemed by Laurie in advance. Did you notice any sneaky smiles on her face afterwards? Hehehe! Top marks for her!
      10-second rules not needed then? Haha!

    • I didn’t gal. Did this morning, none from the clinic. These things take time, it seems. Hehe!
      This morning (Thurs) 146/75, so I’m doing well then? Well, that cheered me up a bit, fanking you.
      TTFN. XXX

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