Inchcock Today – Wednesday 18th October 2017

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Shona: Chitatu 18 October 2017

0120hrs: Woke with a jump, start and rude awakening. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the computer to do up a graphic and added it to yesterday’s diary.

Things in the ailments department were so good this morning. I had no bother with the new wrist pains, Hernia Harry, Duodenal Donald, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Hippy Hilda, Dizzy Dennis and Reflux Valve Roger were all kind to me. Only Anne Gyna and Toothache Timothy were giving me a bit of hassle, pain-wise.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, a decent session this time, and minimal bleeding from Harold, even the rear-end stinging was far less than of recent.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Things looked okay, apart from the weight I’m afraid.

That seems determined to go up daily lately, Tsk!

The pulse has gone down this week up to now. If that is good or bad, I’m not sure, okay I think? I’ll check on the web later.

After I’d taken the medications, I realised how early it was in the day. Humph!

I got the Tuesday dairy done and posted, then went onto WordPress Reading and Email checking.

Oh, just noticed the reminder note on the TV screen.

Morrison delivery this morning, 0730>0830hrs. Also, the pink note that Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana had kindly supplied me with, to prompt me about the man (Ryan) from the Nottingham City Homes calling next Tuesday afternoon to talk to me about getting a fire-alarm Strobe fitted in the flat. Bless her cotton socks!

I halved some of the bitter-tasting Lidl tomatoes and put them in a dish to marinade in Balsamic Vinegar, in the hope that this will make them eatable by the time I get around to serving them with the smoked fish later on.

Got around to updating this post to here.

I opened the kitchen window to take this photograph.

There was a lot of traffic about considering that it is only 0535hrs.

No signs of any rain, the winds were not too high yet.

But it was very cold out there…

That’s that then, I’ve got the tune in my head now. I’ll be humming and singing it for the day, at least!

I put away all of the paperwork that had gathered and accrued again. All looking neat now in my folders.

Did you notice that my savings account balance at the bank has now gone up to £2.89? Tsk!

Did some more work on preparing top graphics for the coming day’s diaries.

Caught up with Emails again.

Well, I was going to, but the intercom rang out as the Morrison delivery man arrived.

He dolloped the six bags inside the door, collected the used carrier bags and was off like a shot. Well, the lad was running to a tight schedule and only just made it to me on time. Wished him good luck and got on with sorting the groceries out.

Put the cupboard stuff on the counter, the frige and freezer stuff on the window ledge and set about getting them all away.

There was not so much stuff delivered today.

But they till filled the fridge and as for the freezer, I’d definitley overdone it again.

Ended up having to take some stuff out of their boxes and put them inside loose to get them to fit into the drawers. Tsk!

The fresh smoked haddock was smaller, less weight (Unlike me, hehehe!) than last weeks, but still cost the same.

The frozen fish was on offer, this I assume iswhy I bought it when I didn’t really need it, if you see what I mean, like?

Back to the Emails and responded to some comments on WordPress.

Made a mug of tea and updated this diary. The tea went cold and I went to make another one – I was so glad I did, I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop and left the fridge door open.

I bent down to check on the food in the drawers and…

I had a Dennis Dizzy just as I went down, toppled over and banged Hilda Hippy against the radiator! This has done me no good or favours.

Heck of job getting back up again.

To make things worse, when I got back to the computer, the Virgin Internet Connection was sticking! Turned every thing off and rebooted.

I was now in such pain, Odd Knob upstairs started banging and drilling away again.

Got the meal ready, it looked super but in fact, it was not good at all.

I’d cooked the chips too hard for me to eat without agony from the teeth.

The tomatoes were so bad that after trying the first one I didn’t eat any more of them. The fish tasteless, only the fish sauce encouraged me to eat it.

The garden peas were nice, though.

Health Checks medications taken.

The head spinning a bit still, and Hippy Hilda was active in her stabbing at me. Hehe!

A sad figure, I washed up and got down to watch some TV. Nowt on, so I watched a DVD I’d been meaning to get to viewing for ages now.

Most dissapointed, it was not like I remembered it to be. And, I did not fall asleep once watching it!

Put the TV on and even stayed awake watching the rubbish. The teeth and Hilda Hips were niggling at me for hours and hours.

I gave up any thoughts of even napping. Got up at 0145hrs, took an extra painkiller and did the laundry.

16 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 18th October 2017

  1. Your intro graphic reminded me of this Weird Al Yankovic parody of “Like a Virgin” called “Like a Surgeon”: You are a rich man by all means. I guess you use fish sauce to make tasteless fish taste fishy? Too bad “Ooh… You are Awful!” didn’t stand up well to what you expected. The title seems like it would be a lot of fun. BTW did you ever see the British TV series called “Bottom”? We rented it on a DVD with several episodes some years back and it was really low brow and crude, but very funny.

    • Certainly saw the links to how you connected the two together, Tim. Liked it. Loved the wallet extraction bit. Wasn’t it him who was in the Naked Gun film at the aeroplane getting off?
      I looked up about fish sauce. One chef uses it with chicken livers? Another recommends it on tomatoes, I’ll try that on the bitter ones I have in stock. Hehe!
      I seem to recall loving that film when I saw it in the cinema years ago. Maybe the element of surprise was lost this time as I knew bits that were coming?
      Bottom was far-fetched and silly. I loved it! I recall rushing home to watch it in my teens.
      Cheers sir.

      • I don’t remember that Weird Al was in the Naked Gun. He’s done lots of really good parodies over the years and he made movies called “UHF” and “Spy Hard” if I remember correctly. He also had is own Weird Al show, I believe, but I never saw it because we don’t have TV (I saw a few clips of it on YourTube or a DVD that advertised his TV show).

      • My getting a TV when I moved to this flat, (After 30 years without one) was on reflection not a good idea and a waste of time cause I just fall asleep (Usually) watching it. Hehe!
        I looked up Naked Gun Weird Al search, now you’ve given me his name.
        He’s only on for a few seconds, but I love this clip. The cases in the background being thrown off the plane etc.
        Cheers Sir.

  2. Your opening art reminded me of what I told the nurses at dialysis: “There are certain expressions you use around patients: Oops! Oh no! It’s hopeless now!

    • Hehehe, Understood Dougie.
      The worst said to me was after the heart op, two days after… “Get your things Mr Chambers, we need the bed for an emergency” Tsk! No longer allowed to drive, I had to call my brother-in-law at 0430hrs to fetch me and lift me home!
      I bet you could write a dedicated blog about the hospital humour you have seen, Sir?

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