Inchcock Today – Friday 17th November 2017: Nottingham City Centre Christmas Fayre preparations Photographicalisations!

Friday 17th November 2017

Swedish: Fredag 17 November 2017

0200hrs: Awoke partially confused. When the expergefaction was complete, I began to assess how things were. As I disentangled my inertia ridden mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, it became apparent that things were a lot better than of the last two days healthwise. The back pain was a lot less, Theodor Thighs slightly better, Anne Gyna really was calm, Arthur Itis not too bad at all, Craig Cramp no bother, Reflux Roger okay, Hernia Harry negative pain and only Duodenal Donald and the Incisors were giving me any hassle. Was today going to be a better day? I almost felt confident that it would be, and that any nocive Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas at a minimum for me! No logic to this feeling, mind!

Out of the recliner, and hobbled to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne session. Things had changed in this department. A rock solid and painful movement. I read a chapter and a bit of the ‘Lenigrad’ book as I sat there in agony. Hehe! Of course, this solidity had opened up Harold’s Haemorrhoids. The blood was a far lighter colour than usual. I’ve no idea what this indicates, though? Cleaned up and medicated.

Off to the kitchen and got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.

Made a large mug of tea, and got the computer on.

Finished off and posted yesterday’s diary and made a start on today’s.

Back in the kitchen to make a mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.

I hung out of the window to get this shot of part of the workers nearest compound down below.

The hoist can be seen plainly across the bottom.

Had to zoom in to get this, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it came out afterwards.

Then I zoomed again straight out of the window to try and get a ‘Moody’ one of the streets. The blue lights at the top off of centre, are on Mansfield Road.

Moved on to WordPress Reader, next.

Checked the Emails.

Facebooking next. Then TFZing. Then CorelDrawingsetting up (Or to be more precise, making a bigger mess of) Tsk! Then made some graphics to use later on CorelDraw and saved them to Corelpaint for use later in the next TFZer effort.

Ablutions to attend to next. As I stripped off, a workman came silently up into view through the window. He kindly laughed, then whistled looking nonchalantly up in the air as the cage went up beyond my floor!

During which I knocked the soap and dish off onto the floor, and retrieved them. After the cleansing and medicationalisationing, I started to get things ready for my departure. But could I find my wrist alarm? No! I got down with the torch and grabber-stick right behind the WC and into the corner. No luck.

Into the spare room searching through the laundry bag in case I had left it on when I took off the jumper and dragged it with it into the bag. Not there!

Front room and checked all around and under the recliner. No! Cabinets, desk, ottomans, drawers, cupboards, corner unit and bookshelf. No!

To the kitchen. No!

Back in the wet-room. No!

Kitchen again, checked the waste bin, back into the front room to check that one. No!

Concernment, disquiet and nervosity taking control of my grey-cells now! The thought of embarrassment of having to report the loss to the Obergruppenfurhress Wardens and the cost of the replacement put me on a downer and started Duodenal Donald off.

Back into the spare room. There I found it, Halleluja!, laying on a rung of the step ladders. Why? How? When? Sad innit?

Good job I’d got the ablutions done earlier than usual, or I would have missed the bus!

Being as there was no rush, I double checked taps, lights, plugs etc. Taking this photo from the kitchen window. What a cracker, although I say it myself!

The mist in the distance, the ice and frost, melted now where the sun had got through between the blocks of flats. And my beloved Copse of course.

I must remember to ask Jenny who to send it to at Nottingham City Homes. I thought it would be a good one for them to use perhaps? In search of self-encomium of course. Hehe!

Then, I made my way down and out along to the bus stop. Lots of folks there, and the lady from the top home. She told me she had got her weight up and was going on the free holiday to the Mediterranean after all. I was so happy for her.

I got on the bus, and the chap who is a little minacious sat next to me.

But all was well, apart from I could not hear all he was telling me. But he was in a good mood, bless him.

I took this picture through the bus window en route. Rather ‘Moody’ I thought?

Arrived in town and walked along Upper Parliament Street and up Standard Hill. With surprisingly little bother from Ann Gyna. But, Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda were not so happy with me. The lady at the reception must have been new, because she didn’t sneer at me at all, and handed me the batteries without any hassle, and signed my record book for me. Bless her cotton socks. Hehe!

Popped into the Pound World shop to see if they had got any of the nougat or screw-lid storage tubs in again. They hadn’t, but me being me, I came out with a bottle of MAple Flavour Syrup, Chocolate covered Peanut and Hazelnuts, Fruit & Nut Nougat Honey flavoured yoghourts and packet caramelised biscuits.

I hobbled down into the Slab Square and Council House. Where some of the stall and rides were up and selling, others had not yet got their booths finished? It looked like the Ice Rink was almost ready to use.

I hobbled around and back towards Queen Street to go up to the bus stop, and these two imitation Police Officers (CPOs) passed me on my left as I was taking the photo.

They got ahead a bit, stopped and turned back in a slightly minacious manner towards me. At first, I thought I’d done something wrong. But, they walked by me. Phew! Big gals, too. Oh, I am a milquetoast bloke!

Caught the bus back to the flats and the same bloke who I arrived with on the bus, accompanied me back again. Nice gossip.

We walked from the bus back to the flats, and he got out of the lift on the eight floor. Said our farewells.

Into my apartment on the twelfth storey. Had a wee-wee and got the bits stored away.

Got on with updating this diary, and put a potato in the oven to bake while I did.

Carried on updating until the potato was ready for mixing with some cheese.

Cut it half and blended the cheese in and replaced the mix in the husks and returned them in the oven to brown off. The plate looked decent enough.

The only snag was gnawing at the very tasty chicken legs. I more or less sucked the meat off of the bone and there was a lot of it could not get to without too much pain from the teggies. Even the tomatoes were hard, but the cheesy potatoes were grand!

Washed the pots and settled to watch the TV, knowing full-well it would be a fruitless exercise.

I didn’t get through much of the ‘Pie in the sky’ episode before I’d drifted off.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 17th November 2017: Nottingham City Centre Christmas Fayre preparations Photographicalisations!

  1. The big photo out the kitchen window is fantastic. All the photos are really good today. Well arranged meal. Good thing you could suck the meat of the drumsticks.

  2. Yeah, that television is the best way to get one’s rest, eh?! I love the 6 PM to 10 PM news analysis programs on one channel, yet rarely see them in full because of the soporific effect of the non-blinking eye of the television!

    • Thanks. We share the same secret for sleep, Doug? Hehe!
      With my habit of rising anywhere between midnight and 0300hrs, I don’t think I’ve seen the news for months now mate.
      It’s freezing here this morning, the tea is going cold too quickly, door handles, keyboard, cutlery even the mouse all feel so cold when touched. Brrr! Sniffling and sneezing too, now.
      I don’t like this weather at all. Hehehe!
      Hope the lads and yourself are doing alright.

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