Inchcock Today – Saturday 2nd December 2017

Saturday 2nd December 2017

Welsh: Sadwrn 2 Rhagfyr 2017

0120hrs: I awoke with a stinging pain in the right foot. The mind seemed gnomic-like and hard to process: although the usual sort of vague blankness of content, returned later.

A mild rumbling from the innards served as a warning that the Porcelain Throne needed visiting, and how silly I was to risk baked beans in last nights meal.

I extracted my overweight bouncing flabby-body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner. Hippy Hilda, the new foot pain and Duodenal Donald all started to indicate their attention’s and intentions of giving me grief, as I made my way to the wet-room.

The foot pain I identified, as being caused by Foot-Lady Sue’s overuse of her electric-file on the hard skin.

The session was not so good. Much cleansing and cleaning up required afterwards. But I blamed myself for this, eating the beans.

I noticed that for some reason, the right leg had far more fluid retention than the left one? Also, the ankles had not been affected in either one this time?

I was feeling very low spirited this morning. Yet, I should have been happy that so many other ailments were going easy on me. Haemorrhoid Harold, Roger Reflux, Anne Gyna and Hernia Harry all.

The heater I’d put and left on yesterday in the front room had done its job, the place was less icy now. Although the electric bill is not being looked forward to.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications with a mug of tea.

Updated and finished yesterday’s diary. Then the rumbling from within started again, and back to the Porcelain Throne. False alarm. All wind and spit. Hehe!

I was going to have one last effort at trying to get a decent photograph of the tooth, sneezed, dropped it, and I haven’t seen it since?

0300hrs: Started this blog off, and then went on WordPress Reader and comments.

0410hrs: Off to the Porcelain Throne. Cleaned up, made another brew and took another Dia-Limit Capsule.

Seeing the ginormous pot of Marmite behind the mug after pouring it out, I pondered for a while about should I or should I not, treat myself to a slice of Scottish Plain bread with Marmite? I decided to wait until I saw how the Trotsky situation develops. Possibly prompted by these thoughts, the gurgling from the innards started, and I had to nip to the Throne again. A bit worse this one than the earlier sessions. A lot of cleaning and creaming needed this time. Tsk!

On to CorelDraw, to continue doing the TFZer Food Related graphics.

Many hours later I got them done.

I’m going to do a post of them all on our WordPress.

I had two slices of Marmited Scottish bread – and fell asleep eating it.

Woke and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Down in the recliner again and fell asleep.

The phone rang, and I fought my way out of the chair over to it. Said Hello twice, but no reply. Rang off.

Fell asleep again, waking with a start after having a nightmare more than a dream. I was being chased in old 1950s Nottingham Streets that I recognised, in the Meadows area. Then along the side of the River Trent… Found I was on the old steamer that used to cruise in summer, next on the opposite side of the river near Trent Bridge. A gang of four were persuing me all the time on pushbikes. At one point we shared fisticuffs, I ran away. Ended up at the Canal on Carrington Street, and then it ended when I woke up.

I can honestly say, that I was so overjoyed to find it was only a dream and not real.

Minutes later I’d nodded off again. Woke up with the TV on? Realised I had not had a meal, only the Marmite Scottish bread. But I had no hunger. I thought it was late morning and began to rise. Looked at the clock, surely I thought, it is not still only 2100hrs? Got the mobile to check the time, but it would not start when I pressed the button on the side. Put it on a charge, but it did not light up as it usually does when charging? Changed plugs, still no go.

Fell asleep again. I found myself on the bank of the river on the West Bridgford side still; I think I forced myself to wake up out of fear?

I checked the mobile, still not charging. Unplugged it and reconnected it, fell asleep.

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  1. You could become X-Brit and be Nottingham’s super hero like the old guy in Three Door Down’s music video “Kryptonite”: The X-Brit super hero character would go with your dream as well (it’s similar to the video). Sue got a little aggressive on the foot sanding? Hate it when that happens. You did a great job on the graphics you posted earlier. Scottish bread and Marmite sounds like a good, light meal to fall asleep to. Although, the word “Marmite” always makes me think of “marmots” — large squirrel-like rodents.

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