Inchcock Today – Wednesday 6th December 2017: Embarrassing Whoopsiedangleplop from the rear end… Tsk!

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Samoan: Aso Lulu 6 Tesema 2017

 0145hrs: Awoke, with a deep-feeling that my recent years of scaevity, were about to get worse. Maybe, I had been dreaming and couldn’t remember what about, but something had planted this new fear in my brain, and it was not going anywhere.

As I recalled that the meeting about the Heater Controls was at 1000hrs this morning in Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana and Obergefreitereress Julie’s temporary hut; I also remembered that the washing needed doing. So I set about gathering the required things and made my way down to the laundry room.

On my various trips up and down to get the laundry done, I photographed the new posters on the walls outside the lifts on the ground floor.

The only one that concerned me was about Mo’s hubby passing on. The proper wording from Jenny showed respect, I thought. Poor Mo.

Got the machine going and back up in the lift. A Porcelain Throne visit, that was not one of the best I’ve ever had. Wet yet lumpy, with much blood. Set the alarm for going down again.

Down and got the clothes moved from the washer to dryer. Cleaned the filter and casing of the machine. Back up.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications with a mug of Extra-Strong English Breakfast Tea.

Not that it was strong, though.

The readings were not much different to the last few times. Everything was just a little higher than usual, but nothing to concern myself over I think. Made a start updating the Inchcock Today for Tuesday.

Down again in the elevator. Got the clothes out of the dryer and folded them ready to put them in the laundry bag.

Cleaned the filter, drum and casing.

I didn’t notice until I came to my downloading this photo on the left, but it looks like a little more Nottingham Artwork, on the window ledge?

Took this photograph when I got in the apartment, along with another two, I can use them when I update the TFZer Visits Nottingham album.

Got the cleaned togs put away, and got the bag ready with the rest of the things that needs doing tomorrow. Big stuff, towels, dressing gowns, jumpers etc. This is, of course, if I remember.

I got the Tuesday chronicle finished and posted off, then made a start on this one. Not for long though, back to the Porcelain Throne. Painfull and messy, but far less blood this time.

Changed the pants. A costly, but essential wear in my current humiliating and embarrassing circumstances.

I might not have been feeling salubrious exactly, but notwithstanding the earlier EQ warning that things were going to get worse and the Throne dilemma, I felt quite chirpy? I suppose I should have been in a saturnine mood.

I took a break from this diary and did some WordPress reading and comment replies.

Another demand fro a Porcelain Throne visit answered. Changed again, no liquids at all, no bleeding at, just a painful evacuation. I’ll be on Senna tablets if this carries on! Haha!

Went on Facebooking.

Off to get the ablutionisationalistalisationing (Hehe!) done now.

All readied, and I set off to the Heating Training at the shed.

Only four of us there, the other three tenants had already got their heaters installed. I considered phoning Lynton Cox up to ask for help! The control box 7″x5″x 4″, for the heaters works all three of them (I think). Apparently, there’s two on-off buttons either end of the radiators, to be left on and lit all the time – until we need to shut down the heaters for summer. One input, one output. A computerised settings box fits on the top as well. Button for turning to make choices, and pressing to select. Three Mode Buttons. A Boost Option that they recommend we don’t use. Oh, dear, I got baffled to start with.

We have to set the four periods of when the heat need turning on for each day of the week? The temperature to set. When we are on holiday (Not that this applies to me of course, Tsk!).

The man was one of those that instead of talking slower, shouted, making understanding him difficult. In the end, he had to do a one on one with me, then I think I got it sort off alright. Nice chap, though.

He dropped a packet into my shopping bag.

I opened it, and wondered why?

I thanked him and made my way out to the bus stop to go up to the Aldi-store.

It had gone a little murky,  and the lamp post near the hut was blowing-about a bit worryingly?

I was chinwagging with Rose and Mary when the rumbling instantaneously started in the breadbasket. I had to abandon my catching the bus, mumbled that I had to go back, Rose knew of my problems and asked me if I had any tablets in-hand and kindly offered to give me some out of her bag. (Bless her Cotton Socks!) I thanked her, told her I had plenty in stock now, and hastily beat a retreat back to the apartment.

Got in and on the Throne. Huh! Things had changed again this time, back to the squirting and spraying! Still, no bleeding so that was good. A cleaning up session followed, and I had to change the pants again. A delicate and embarrassing situation.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks, then took the midday medications. Spilt the tea and made another one.

Opened CorelDraw and made a graphic for fun. It took a few hours, but I enjoyed doing this one and thought it came out humorously. I hope.

Then I did a Morrison order for next week.

Got the nosh going. Canned tomatoes with extra from a jar of tomato and mushroom sauce, oven baked bread roll and the Polish Sausage, cut in three to get it in the pan. (Hehe!) The bread roll was delicious.

The sausage tasted okay, but the skin was thick and sturdy, and it was very fatty. I shall not be having the other one, it’ll have to go.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The sun seemed reluctant to leave us tonight.

Off for another Porcelain Throne session. This time all wind and pith. Got the stomach aches afterwards.

Into the £300 second-hand recliner, got the Boon DVD on and watched two episodes. No nodding off yet.

The noise, tap-tapping from the Erk in the flat above started.

Put the TV on, and that did it, first set of commercials and I was off asleep.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 6th December 2017: Embarrassing Whoopsiedangleplop from the rear end… Tsk!

  1. So the heaters are programmable? You poor things. We have programmable thermostats on the HVAC at work and the programming confuses everyone in the office, so I have to do the programming. I have to set temperature ranges for each 24 hour period in each day. So the heat comes on at 6:00 am to 68º F then goes up to 70º F from 8:00 to 12:00, then back to 68º until 5:00 pm (the sun normally warms the west wall and keeps that part of the office above 68º), then 65º F until 7:00 pm and then off from 7:00 pm until 6:00 am, where it starts all over again. Fridays have a variation and weekends are different as well. Programming thermostats is lots of fun you see. I see you have a lot of new notifications from the Nannies. Good photos and decent looking food. If sausages are good, but you don’t want to mess with the gnawing on the tough skins, you can often split the sausages, scrape out the meat and fry it without the skins.

    • Well organised with your settings, Tim.
      This raffle ticket lark here, is getting out of hand I think. There appears to be one for raising funds for those with Special needs. One for the meal outing. One for Social Fund… on and on. And the looks one gets when you say you do not want a ticket – they could kill! Hehe! I’ll give prized but I am not a gambler. I suppose all the misery brought about by Mamata’s gambling ensured that.
      Those sausages were nice inside. I did skin one the next day and enjoyed it, Sir
      Bit of fun with the tooth-gap last night. I was eating an almond, and it got stuck in the gap, for a second I thought the tooth had regrown! Hehe!
      Snow forecast for Saturday night and Sunday, traffic warnings were given out.
      Do you cop for the snow over there? We are generally lucky with it and only get odd heavy falls.

      • I don’t like raffles, but I did win a 50 inch big screen and a blue ray player when I was talked into putting my name in raffle at a trade show in 2011. And I won a bunch of socks and a bottle of wine a few months ago when the hosts of a business networking event stuck my business card in the hat. So I’ve done alright by free raffles.

        We don’t get much snow in the valley. We are in rain shadows from the east and west. The The Sandia mountains get most of the rain and snow from storms moving west, and the Continental Divide gets most of the rain and snow from storms moving east. We will get hit with heavy rain or snow from storms moving south or north, which are mush less common than the storms moving east or west.

  2. A 50-inch big screen and a blue ray player, a bunch of socks and a bottle of wine won on raffles. Well done, Tim. I’m not jealous. Hehe!
    Good positioning choice to live there then, Tim. Weatherwise.

    I got myself a bit down earlier, when searching for a specific photo and I came across Fooey’s. But all okay now, he had a good life and has left me with so many wonderful memories, Bless Him.


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