Inchcock Today – Tuesday 12th December 2017:

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Greece: Τρίτη 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

0030hrs: I woke up in what I believe is the exact same position as I fell asleep in last night. I remember thinking about changing the watched DVD in the player, I awoke with the remote control still in my hand?

This, is despite my having suffered a pseudohallucinational dream, in which I was solving problems and helping, advising all sorts of visitors to my outside toilet from 1949, and a cerebricity which seemed to amaze all of my inquirers? In the background, cheering and clapping could be heard every time I said anything? The dream seemed to last only a few seconds, and I think I tried to get it back. Me? Clever? Worra dream.

When I tried to move, Hippy Hilda and the water retaining legs complained and then I remembered what it was I forgot to tell the Doctor about yesterday. ‘Hippy Hilda and the water retaining legs!’ Tsk! Off to the Porcelain Throne. A better session, slight overtones of the Trotskies, but not much.

Got the medications taken with a mug of tea and did the Health Checks.

Gor dressed without any ablutions, to be ready for when the Morrison order arrives between 0630 > 0730 hrs.

Checked WordPress messages and comments, didn’t take long. Then went on WordPress Reader. Lots of good stuff on again.

Went on Facebooking.

The Morrison man cometh, not a very happy one, though. Through gritted teeth he muttered something in reply to my “Good morning, everything alright with the weather today?” No idea what it was he said.

I’d got some extra Scottish Plain Bread to freeze and keep over the holiday period.

I found I had to throw some bits away to make room for them in the freezer. Tsk!

I’ll have to sort through the use-by-dates to see what to have later for the nosh. Got plenty of stock now, cooked beef, fresh belly pork, the Pork Knuckles… I think I got carried away again.

Got the stuff stored and took three photographs from the kitchen window. Ont to the left, one right off centre and one of the right view.

Bootifull, but not very warm. I had to put the oil heater on in the main room.

On with graphics creating again. Hard work this morning, CorelDraw keeps freezing on me.

1500hrs: Feeling so tired now, but pressed on with doing another TFZer Vehicle Related funny graphic.

Fatigue, mental of course, forced me to stop and get the nosh prepared. I got the spuds in the oven. Then did some Facebooking while they cooked. Two hours later I took them out and removed and mashed the flesh, added cheese and tomatoes to them. Refilled the husks and back in the stove to brown them off.

Served the nosh-up and ate it all, every scrap and morsel.

I did not get to doing the washing up because I put the TV on and fell asleep almost immediately.

Woke a few hours later and the brain was full of memories about the dream I’d been having. I searched for the pencil and pad to record them.

But by the time I found both, any recollection had dissipated. Most annoying!

Spotted the untaken pot of medications on the Ottoman, and took them.

I thought about getting out of the recliner and doing the pots, and as I started to manipulate my body mass, I felt something hard under my bottom and the recliner’s cushion…

That damned remote control! Hehe!

I extracted it and fell asleep again.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 12th December 2017:

  1. Hi, Inchcock! I have decided that you are a very creative person in all areas!
    Instead of using a pencil and tablet for taking notes, I have a simple voice recorder app in my phone and since my phone is always on I can record any thoughts or messages in just two clicks. I can also use it to record phone calls containing information that I will need later such as instructions or directions or appointment times. Just a thought.
    Thanks for blogging me along today!
    ^^ Buffalo Tom

    • Thanks.
      Sounds a good idea. I’m afraid with my hearing problems, I try to avoid using the phone, Buffalo.
      Voice messages are almost impossible to understand, and I have been known to make serious mistakes with misunderstanding them in the past.
      Bad day yesterday, and it started so well, as well.
      Ah, the 13th? Haha!
      Cheers, take care Sir.

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