My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

There came in the night, a dragon to see me,
At first, it fritted me… made me want to pee,
It settled down, landing on my chest,
I smiled and wished it all the best,
It was puzzled by this, I could see.

I spoke gently to her, told her an anecdote,
As her claws tore away at my throat,
I gave her obvious beauty much praise,
Told her how she could change her violent ways,
She said earlier she had eaten a stoat?

She released her grip on my bloodied head,
When I gave her food, pork knuckle and Scottish bread,
Hoping she’d like it, and not get diahorrea,
She was the prettiest thing in my phantasmagoria,
Best of all I thought, as she drank my blood,
Someone to talk to, and that is good!

6 thoughts on “My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

    • Tons of drugs midduck. I’ve found mixing two on um togevver is good. St Peter’s Wort un Codiene, great! Gizya an high and low at the same time like… come fink of it, I might as well not of bovvered. Sorry. I’ll get me hat… Hehehe!

  1. Yes, bloody dragon love! A surprising and pleasing bit of originality on your part, Inchy! Your collages are well-known, of course, but I never expected this! Well done, Sir! Well done!

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