Inchcock Today – Friday 15th December 2017

Friday 15th December 2017

Bengali: শুক্রবার 15 ডিসেম্বর 2017

2315hrs: Woke with the innards really rumbling and painful with it. But the other ailments not bad at all, even Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna in a good mood! I glanced at the big clock and saw it was five to three, wondered why I was still feeling so tired after such a good sleep?

Dislodged my wobbly body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner without any contretemps, and off for a much-needed wee-wee. Which turned into a Heavy Duty session; an excruciating one at that. Rock hard and unwilling to evacuate the rear end! Tsk! Trotsky Terence has been beaten into defeat by Constipation Conrad! No reading of the book this time; hard to concentrate when you think your bottom is about to burst open. Haha!

The tummy was still playing up afterwards. Needs time to settle after getting rid of the brown/black mini-concrete lumps, I suppose. Medicationalisationing and cream followed the cleansing session.

A Senna and extra painkiller might be a good idea, now.

Believe it or not, but when I came out of the wet room, I went back in seconds later to check that I had not left the taps on. Departed and had to go back again to see if I’d left the heater on, that I didn’t know if I had put on anyway, on?

To the kitchen, made a brew and did the Health checks. The Sys & Dia had gone down at last.

I then realised I had not taken last nights medications, so sorted out the duplicates and swallowed the rest with the morning ones.

I looked out of the window, it was drizzling just a bit, I could hear the emergency services alarms and klaxons in the distance.

It didn’t seem too cold this morning. Which reminded me that someone is calling from the builders today some time, and I am supposed to stay in… I think. I wanted to go and meet Pete in town, I rarely get a chance to meet anyone. Phissed about this!

Got on the computer and sent an email to the surgery for an appointment fo the nest blood test.

Made a WordPress post with the TFZer TRansport graphics and added some older ones to it.

Then updated the WordPress anecdota. On to the Reader. Then Facebooking.

Then did two more TFZer Transport graphics and paste them off.

Off to the Porcelain Throne again. Another struggle.

Had another brew. Did a funny ode about the dream. Posted it off.

My Beautiful Phantasmogorian Dragon

Off to get the ablutions done.

Enjoyed that. All refreshed, I made a brew and on the computer again, preparing items for future us on CorelDraw.

Jane rang, Pete had rung, her to ring me to ask if I could make it to meeting him. I explained no and why.

Found a tape Utube about the dangers of System built high rise flats, well… These below, one on the left in Leeds, collapsed. My block on the right. The Leeds one took a 26 weeks before it started to crumble, and it was built twenty years later than ours was!

The video (1987) goes on about how and the reasons these disasters took place, and warned of a catastrophe, like Grenfell. Pins, belts and hinges not fitted when built, because the men were on piecework and the holes were not the right size or shape. So over 40% of them, were not put in place!

The video is watchable at this link

Of to the Throne again,  things softening now.

There have been no calls from the builders yet. Looks like they are going to come late in the day, and that is not good for me, cause I’ll be wary and wearied again when they do call late.

Did some further WordPress Reading.

Got the kitchen floor mopped and counters cleaned.

Got the titfer and coat on and went to see if I could find anyone to ask about whether or not they will be calling on me. I met Cathy on the way to the shed, and she explained I was going bonkers… Not really, only joking. (Although she may av thought that, Hehehe! I’m in trouble now) She kindly came to the flat with me and checked the paperwork and filled in the diary for me – it was for January? I think I am going bonkers! She had a quick look at the Dragon Rhyme and said she liked it.

Updated this page, and got the Health Checks and medications done, then sorted the nosh out.

A plate of unfancy fodder. Sliced tomatoes with balsamic & beetroot vinegarette, four tiny oven-reheated cobs, sliced apple and pork knuckle. A pot of lemon dessert. But this was an excellent feast. 9.25/10 rating.

The salt pot I thought I might use for the first time in months on the tomatoes, but I use balsamic for fish vinegar nowadays.  The salt in the table-pot had got damp and sticky, so I did not use it, threw it away. Washed the pots.

The £300 second-hand recliner called me to it. Settled to watch another of the Seagal movies, this one had only Spanish subtitles. Not that it mattered, cause I got fed-up with falling asleep and having to rewind to find where I was on the DVD earlier, then dropping off again. So I gave up, lay there pondering on how the world has changed over the years and fell asleep.

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