Inchcock Today – Tuesday 13th March 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops: Bus missed. Hehe!

Tuesday 13th March 2018

 Chinese Simplified: 2018年3月13日星期二

0110hrs: I stirred into a pseudonymous form of life, I felt instantly annoyed over my not being able to recall any details of what I had been dreaming about seconds earlier.

I had a bit of a kerfuffle with Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, in extracting my ever-more-bulbous frame from the £300 second-hand recliner. Signs of nocturnal nibbling were spotted as I did this. Tsk!

Off to the Porcelain Throne, for once a less messy evacuation session.

Got the Health Checks done.

Got the kettle on the boil, took a photograph out of the window; It had been raining again in the night! Fancy that. Hehe!

The resident’s vehicles all looked exceptionally well and tidily parked up.

It didn’t feel too cold at all.

Made a brew, then took the morning medications. No creams potions or lotions used yet, they will be tended to during my ablution session later. Got the computer on and started this post from scratch, up to here. Then began the mammoth task of finalising yesterdays rainy diary. A lot of photos and notes to reference.

Started to do some page headers on CorelDraw, and made up the draughts. Time for the ablutions to be tended to by the time I’d got them done.

Left a note on the computer screen to remind me of tomorrow mornings INR blood Test.

The noise from the building work was terrible, for they were drilling on the walls and balconies nearby and in Thom’s flat across from mine. He is having his windows installed. I decided to get out a bit today, to avoid the worst of this cacophonic, grinding headache giving racket.

The fungal lesion bled, Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled, I even managed to cut myself shaving, and it bled! Hehe! Still, no raining at the moment.

Got the black bags to the waste-chute, and off out to the Social and Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Hut. Taking this picture of the centre build en route along Chestnut Walk.

Got to the hut, and Welsh William and the alcoholic chap, already in there.

I’m glad to report that William is looking and sounding even better this morning, after his Morphine Poisoning session. His tongue was quick, sarcastic, but not cruel, but his was a good thing to me. It showed he is getting back to his usual state, and feeling much better. Others joined us, and few laughs and gossips were enjoyed, before going out to catch the bus.

I had a little nattering with Cindie and Carol, who got off the bus in Sherwood. I stayed on into Arnold. Where I went straight to the Asda Walmart store. Consulted my shopping list as I rushed as best I could to gather the items and get out in time to catch the L9 bus back to the flats. Spent a bit more than planned on the list, though. Again, Tsk! Sugar snap peas, potato cakes, TV magazine, curried baked beans, a tray of Mediterranean style vegetables to oven cook, cheesy curls, pork pie and some lightly battered potato slices. Oh, and a ready-made Lasagne meal.

Got to the checkout and was delayed as a lady in front of the queue was buying for more than one person, bless her cotton socks. I got served and hobbled out ASAP as best I could manage and to the bus stop.

Alas, the bus had gone. So I wandered back down into Front Street.

Sadly noticing even more retailers had gone out of business leaving the sad sight of abandoned shops. I went into the Fulton Foods shop but didn’t buy anything. Then to the Saver Shop, convinced they would have some Haemorrhoid cream on sale, but no.

To Boyds Store to get some. But they had none either. But I did get some shaving foam and Zoflora Citrus from there.

Suddenly I realised I needed to get to back along Front Street and up to High Street sharpishly, to avoid missing another bus.

I was walking along fairly-well, and arriving on High Street when my left foot caught in a pot-hole, and I twisted the ankle, and Hippy Hilda kicked off at the same time. This Whoopsiedangleplop pulled me up, and I waited for a second or two, but everything apart from Hilda, seemed to be okay. A lady who’d seen my incident generously came over to me and asked if I was alright. I thanked her warmly and assured her all was well.

Then I had the job of catching up to get to the request stop in time. Hippy Hilda had eased off as I limped along, and by the time I arrived at the bus shelter, she was hardly any bother at all.

I was pondering on whether or not I had missed the bus, and should I go down to catch a City bus and an L9 back from town. The L9 bus was so late in arriving, either that or it had gone early. I was glad to see it come when it did so, late or not! Hehe!

As the bus went through to Mansfield Road, in Daybrook, the weather suddenly went all dark and threatening. But this lasted only a minute or so. I took a photo through the bus window of this, and moments later the sunshine was out, and all the dark clouds seemed to disappear, and the bright blue skies returned?

When we got back to Chestnut Walk, I thanked the driver and slipped her a bar of Tunnocks chocolate caramel. Greeted some of the tenants who were getting on the bus. And as I hobbled along, I appreciated how lucky I had been with the twisted ankle, for it was no bother at all now?

Got in and had a wee-wee. Got the sliced potatoes cooking in the oven and did the Health Checks.

I got the fodder served up. A nice different one this time.

The lightly battered potato slices, baked beans with mustard, curry powder, sultanas and mini tomatoes halves, and a small pork pie. Orange juice and a lemon mousse to finish it all off with.

The noise coming from work taking place was so loud now.

But, it had to be done and did not bother me too much then.

I think they were working on the floor above, cause the hoists kept going up and down in view.

Some mail was received. One from Nottingham City Homes about the Fire Information Session and advice on the new Fire Sprinklers.

Seems, that this Thursday 15th March, between 1230 > 1730 hours, there will be: A Q&A session on the new Tannoys, sprinkler system and intercoms they will fit in the flats later. Showing us how they work, Telling us when the fitting/installation will start and what this will involve. Testing all fire alarms in all blocks.

Plus Annual Tenancy visits will take place.

They included a ‘Fire Safety Event Refreshment Voucher’?

It is going to be a busy Thursday this week.

Did the last Health Checks and took the medications.

I felt the general collapse of inspiration, will-power, and so tired and drained suddenly.

Went to make a brew and do the washing up – but there was no water available from the taps (Faucets).

Then, of course, I remembered the signs up in the lift.

All that warning they gave me, and still, I go and forget about it. Tsk!

But, with all the things that are going on, I’m not surprised: Meetings to attend from Nottingham City Homes, the heater installation not working correctly and costing twice as much to run than the old ones, Sprinkler installation, Tannoy installations, the Fire Strobe not working correctly yet. New intercoms are to be fitted soon, and all of these to be learnt how to use. The upset and noise of the upgrade working, (Can’t be avoided of course, but it is still there). The upcoming fitting of three windows and the new balcony with the accompanying mess to sort out afterwards. Meetings to learn new procedures. The flat fires last week that no one told officially told us of. Dentist appointments. INR blood Tests. GUM Clinic appointments. Whoopsiedangleplops and Memory Blanks. Noise from Herbert above.

And the ailments: Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry, Diarhorrea Duncan, Shaking Shaun, Haemorrhoid Harold’s and Little Inchies fungal lesion. Anne Gyna, Trotsky Terence,  the hearing aids not working correctly: no wonder I’m struggling with life. Still, not to complain eh? Hehehe!

Settled to watch some DVD episodes of ‘Jonathan Creek’, falling asleep regularly throughout and rewinding often. Put the gogglebox on to watch ‘Hustle’, but nodded off, before it even started.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 13th March 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops: Bus missed. Hehe!

  1. Oh dear, glad your ankle was not severely injured & that your hip did not take long to calm down. Those potato slices look so good. <3

  2. The parking lot is, indeed, in better order than usual! Perfect? Not totally, but maybe well enough organized not to allow door dings on one’s neighbor’s car or van. Gad, that drives me crazy! The dings are preventable if you live in a perfect world. Now that I can park legally in handicap parking (I have the little tag and card telling the world I’m a mess…so can park there!), I can avoid more of those dings since the parking spots tend to be bigger to accommodate modified handicap vans. I drive a VW Golf Sportwagen, smaller, of course, than the typical American “wheels”, another advantage to avoid those dings.

    One thing I’ve noticed of late…the older I get, the more I get going on a thought and I wander till everyone else is bored and leaves the room. Hello?! Hello!?! You still there, Gerry?!

    • Hahaha! Oh, Doug.
      I do understand completely about the ‘Dings’. And agree with you too!
      Waffling and wanderings are permitted on my site, the n when I do it, no one complains. Haha!
      Well, they do…
      TTFNski Sir.

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