Inchcock Today – Friday 6th April 2018: Worra horrible day!

Friday 6th April 2018

Turkish: 6 Nisan 2018 Cuma

0245hrs: I stirred into a Spike Milliganish form of life brain-wise. Battling back the harrowing wayward thoughts, and confusion milling about in the grey-cells. A thirst raged inside, and this forced me into physical activity, and I removed my short-plump chubby-wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner, almost with ease. Hippy Hilda was still asleep I think, so I moved with considerable attention so as not to disturb her.

5Fri001bI got the kettle on and made a brew. Using the small China mug, I used the English Breakfast tea and the Arla milk.

Took the cup and medications back to the computer, and got it turned on – the computer that is, not the cup and tablets. Hehe!

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 2.2/10: I started to do the updating of the diaries and tried to load the photographs to WordPress, but they would not go on (Download). I opened the old version of WordPress and, blow me down with a feather duster, it accepted them. Then, because the old one does not allow full alignment, I had to go back to the new version. Life, is so complicated, involved and complicated, don’t you find? Mine seems full of inconcinnity nowadays. Grumph!

Then I realised I had not done the Health Checks. So I did them.


5Fri002While in the kitchen, I took a photographicalisation of an apparent Alien Spaceship on the horizon. Or, was it an Angel coming down for me? Maybe it was a North Korean missile? Most likely a reflection on the glass of something in the kitchen.

Either way, it seemed to be coming down over Top Valley. So it could be a Parachute dropping their supplies of knives, guns, drugs, iPads, mobile phones and condoms?

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 2.8/10: Just as I got back to the computer, an urgent and sudden need for the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne was needed. So, off to the wet room. En route, it dawned on me that Duodenal Donald had eased-off on me this morning as well as Hippy Hilda. The relief caused me some concern, as it was unnatural.

The actual evacuation caught me by surprise, no sooner was I sat down on the loose-fitting toilet seat, out it came. Slowly, messy. Had a heck of a job cleaning up after the movement. On the bright side (I tickled myself there, writing ‘On The Bright Side’, this does not happen to me very often – Hehehe!), there was only the tiniest amount of blood.

Back to the computer and made this post up to here. Then finally, I got onto finishing the Thursday post. A long job indeed, having to keep changing from on WP to the other to get it ended, but I managed and posted it off.

I tried to get into the account for the bank again, but I still did not know my ID. Spent far too long failing to get into it back.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 2.9/10: Back to updating this one. I didn’t get very far, when another demand for a return to the Porcelain Throne arrived, Oh dearie me! I should best use the words ‘Gooey, with a distinctively putrescent, olid, aroma’ in describing this evacuation. I had a thorough cleansing session afterwards. I was left with the stomach feeling a tad queasy after the visit, where I would have thought it should have been before? An unpropitious indication for my future health here, I guess.

 Got on to the WordPress Reader, next.


5Fri003Back to the computer.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 3/10: I tried to get into the account for the bank again, but I still did not know my ID. Spent far too long failing to get into it back.

Time has shot by again, it is gone 0700hrs already.

Ablutions time soon. A quick look at the emails, then off to the wet room. Got the ablutions completed, remembered to take bank folder with the paperwork with me, and set-out.

5Fri006Again my reliable but unwanted EQ warning me that agitation is to follow!

I walked down to the end of Chestnut Walk, waving at the two uninterested Wardens as I passed their window.

Stopped at the end of the road to take this picture of the depressing place called home, as I turned down Winchester Street Hill on my way to the Bank to ask for help. (An enigma, my saying this).

5Fri007Not many folks about again.

Whoopsie O1 I got into the bank and only one other person in there, and he was being tended to. Just as well, only the one teller on duty.

I showed her the letter I’d received telling me how important it is to that I activate my internet account, and explained my difficulties.

The lady said that usually there would be someone who could help me, but not today. I was astounded and irate about this. The lady suggested she gets me a temporary Password. I was much cheerier at this news. She had it sent to me mobile, and I opened the message. I told her could I do this logging in etc. tomorrow, cause I have to go to the clinic and chemists yet today. But No! It expires in 6 hours, so it has to be done now. I was in there for ages and felt guilty keeping other customers waiting. In the end, I thanked her for making me miss my clinic appointment, and left, with stares from those now more aged people in the queue, burning into me. Oh, dear! Irritability Level; Now 4/10:

5Fri008Really aggravated now, again, after walking all the way down the hill, now I have to walk back up it to log-on and change things.

When I left, sulking and feeling hard-done-to again, all these closed shops in a row were next to the bank. I’m not surprised.

I struggled back up the hill, in a rotten mood.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 4/10: Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald both came on at the same time.

Irritability Level; Still at 4/10 I called in at the Social Shed to see if I could get some comfort from the Wardenesses, who were both in their office. I began to tell Obrguppenfurher Deana about my woes with the bank. Her face turned stern, and she said: Don’t tell me, all the banks are useless in helping anyone. The gal had plainly suffered at the bank’s hands too! Poor thing. She got a phone call, so I lost her attention altogether. Unterofficier Julie was told of my plastering and carpet woes and then the bank farce. I might have well of been talking to the lamppost outside for all the response I got. But, I do appreciate how rushed they are with all the demolition… I mean, improvement, works going on. And precious little extra help for them.

5Fri009Back to the flat, where I met the chappie who did the carpet cleaning and had a little chinwag. Deana passed by hurrying to an appointment. (She’s always up to her neck with work to do.)

The mini-aliens had revisited the lifts. Hehe! No idea what was they bombed the carpeting with. (Might have been Black Kryptonite? Haha!)

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 4.18/10: The knocking and banging coming from the next flat were naggingly persistent. I assume Doris is having her plastering done today.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 5/10: I had the embarrassment of calling the Clinic and apologising to them for my not showing up for the appointment. The last three days have been right disasters and frustrations for me. Today seems to be carrying on, if not getting worse, now! I’ve indeed shown myself up as a milquetoast, with the bank and Nottingham City Home and Willmott-Brown all showing little interest in my problems and my spunkless reactions to this.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 5.2/10: I tried to get onto the bank site on the computer. A right farce it was, getting to put in the new code. Had to work several times before it let me in – Then I had to change the temporary PW with one of my own. You know; You must use upper and lower case letters numbers and give your barefoot height and favourite member of the Beatles, using 9 > 21 digits, on a Wednesday afternoon… Hehe! I’d taken too long picking a code, and it threw me out, telling me I must start the whole procedure again! Irritability Level; Now 4.9/10

Set out to catch the bus down the hill and walk to the chemist in Carrington. Met Cyndy on the way down, she always cheers me up. Irritability Level; Now down to 5/10.

Had a chinwag with a gal at the bus stop. We both got off in Sherwood and walked for a way along together, she was going to her local Doctors and then to do some shopping.

I pressed on along Mansfield Road towards Carrington.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on the other pathway across the road was moving along at a fair rate of knots, but not in a straight line, or anything like one. I think the two full, heavy-looking shopping bag on his handlebars and his backpack were affecting his balance. So, it is just as well he was on the pavement I thought. A little further on he stopped, to take a swig of lager, I think it was, then carried on his circuitous wobbling ride.

I plodded on down the hill to the Carrington Pharmacy. Feeling stupidly confident the prescriptions would be ready to collect. After all, I called in there on my last blood test visit, just to ask them when the medicines would be available. They told me Friday 6th, and I irrationally and insanely believed them, went home and wrote this down on the written diary and Google calendar.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 7.9/10: Of course I should have listened to my EQ and not bothered going. They were not ready. I could fetch them in the morning. I wanted to tell them of all the hassle they have caused me, and tell them I do not wish them to do my prescriptions anymore! But, being the faint-heart that I am, I said nothing. I just gave them my authentic disappointed, chapfallen, down-in-mouth look, and walked out without saying anything. Revue of Irritability Level; Now: 8.9/10

5Fri012Despite my frustrations, I spotted these flowers, growing through the gap between the bricks on a wall. Bootiful! Spring is coming.

I walked along Mansfield Road to the Lidl Store and bought food I didn’t need to. My depression was getting real now. I bought a TV guide (the last thing I need, I can’t stay awake to watch anything), Cheese Twists, Cobs, Wiener mini sausages, tomatoes, potato slices and a Melton pork pie.

Whoopsie O1 When I arrived at the self-serve counter and put the things through, I forgot how to get the total up, I pressed the Finish & Pay button, but the total cost did not appear. I was on the card-only till, and had to ask the helpful 6’4″ assistant who looked as interested in my problem as Jeremy Corbyn would be in remembering Margaret Thatchers birthday. He just barged me out of the way with his elbow, he never spoke,  pressed some buttons and then I could swipe my card, and walked away, treading on my toe as he did so! Irritability Level; Now: 9.2/10

I was more sad and pessimistic than ever now. I left and out to the bus shelter.

Whoopsie O1 The bus arrived, and I had to sit on one of the side-saddle seats. This did not please Hippy Hilda at all. I only travelled for a few stops, but when it came to getting up to get off… I kept everyone waiting as I struggled to get up without risk of the zona orbicularis causing too much pain. (See, I do listen to the doctors, Hehehe!) The silence from the driver and other passengers spoke volumes. Before the bus pulled up and waited for me to get up and off, there was a hum of gossiping, this all stopped, while I made my way off, keeping those passengers waiting to alight the bus waiting too!

I did feel a fool! Irritability Level; Now 9.5/10

I walked up and into the Boots shop. They did have some straight Magnesium in stock. But they wanted £6.85 for a pot of 30! Hippy Hilda soon eased-off after I got walking again.

I left Boots and hobbled further up to the top of the hill and went into the Holland & Barrett store to look for some Magnesium tablets. They were charging £9.17 for a tub of 300. So I bought one. (Yes, I’d forgotten that I’d ordered some from Morrisons) What a foolish Chaim Yanke I am!

5Fri011Spotted a little more Nottingham Street art on Mansfield Road.

I called in the greengrocers and bought some more tomatoes and three of the seedless oranges. Why I don’t know. I didn’t like the last ones I bought a few days ago? But the lady did smile at me as she took the money off of me, and said: “I’ll see you again, later”.

Caught the bus up to the flats. Feeling tired and weary in the extreme now.

Got back to Chestnut Walk and made my way home to the flat.

Put the fodder away. No wee-weeing needed.  Made a brew and got on with the updating of this loquacious diary.

I took a break and knocked on neighbour Doris’s door. She was in. I asked her if she might like one of the oranges and a cheese twist. She liked the idea of the twist and said she would warm it up tonight. No orange for her though, she cannot eat them.

After several hours, and two hours beyond my regular head-down time, I got the nosh sorted.

A cheese twist, sugar-snap peas, potatoes and that was enough. For I felt so tired and worn out, my appetite was minimal. But I fancied the cheese twist.

Whoopsie O1 Serving up the nosh, I dropped the cheese twist, and it fell straight 5Fri016into the waste bin without touching the sides. It landed on top of the used medical swabs, so no way was I going to even think about retrieving it. Humph!

Irritability Level; Now 10.5/10 – I’ve lost all heart and faith in life here now! Hehe!

The meal minus the cheese twist, of course, was appetising enough.

Whoopsie O1 But yet another Whoopsiedangleplop had to be contended with. While in the recliner eating the meal form the tray on my knees, the orange slipped off of the dish. I continued to enjoy the meal, finished it and then got up to wash the pots, and had a look for the orange. I could not see it, so went into the kitchen and cleaned the accoutrements.

Came back to have a ‘proper’ search for the orange. Despite feeling so tired, frustrated and irritable at this day’s disasters and failures, I spent ages, looking in incredibly unlikely places for this piece of citrus – it’s still AWOL.

I got down in the recliner and began to analyse the events of the worst day of the year for Whoopsiedangleplops… Drifted off in seconds I reckon. Kept waking up with the wrist itching like mad – repeatedly?

Should my EQ ever warn me of another day like any of the last five days is imminent, I don’t care what the ‘agony and torment’ bringing Nottingham City Homes, or Willmott-Brown tell me about not opening the windows – I throw myself out of one!

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 6th April 2018: Worra horrible day!

  1. That’s enough to get you to 11/10 or 12/10 on the irritability scale. I think the orange slipped through a worm hole into another dimension where the aliens who made the mess on the carpet by the lifts enjoyed it. Good looking meal despite the suicidal cheese twist.

  2. I’m still feeling irked about yesterdays farcicalness and annoyances, Tim.
    Just before I came on the computer, a few minutes ago, I found the damned slippery orange. Somehow, it had wedged itself under the recliner? It must have rolled away and rebounded back pretty hard to get stuck like it was. I blame the plasterer bloke. If he hadn’t got me all het-up with his mess, I might not have… Oh never mind. I blame him. Hehehe!
    Of course, the Aliens might have had a hand in it, cause they seem to have moved out of the lifts now.
    Demonstrates my luck this does. Just after giving away the other cheese-twist, that one does a runner.
    BBNJ is clanking way again this morning.
    I like the furries series.

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