Winwood Heights Upgrading Progress – The truth! Humph!

The upgrading of the two 1964 built blocks, Winchester and Woodthorpe Court, and the new Extra-Care block being constructed between the current ones. I just could not help to do a graphic, and put it under (below) the bit I clipped from the NCH page, for a laugh!

I just had to release my frustrations with a giggle-graphic. Haha!

It’s no good them suing me!

I’m nearly broke.

On the bink of snuffing it.

Most of it is true anyway!

I enjoyed making this graphic so much.



This is how things were this week in my apartment after works had taken place:

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Without Jenny’s help, I’d have been in a pickle, cause no one else was showing any interest much in my problems.

It will be months yet until it is all done.

So much more mayhem to get through, yet!

So much for the quiet relaxing old age life!


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