Inchcocksi – Wednesday 15th July 2020: Chinwagged with Penny & Francis today. Yee-Ha!

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Samoan: Aso Lulu 15 Iulai 2020

3:30hrs: Woke ready for a wee-wee, wriggled out of the recliner, wobbled to the wet-room, and yet again, and needing the Porcelain Throne just as I got inside the room! It’s been like this for several mornings, I think.

I was well pleased with the evacuation. Terribly pongy, but so much less painful and messy.  Could this turn out to be a better day for me? I had a decent day on Saturday, August 28th, 1959, as far as I can recall. Hehehe!

I collected the overnight emergency bucket on the way to the kitchen, it had hardly been used. Got it cleaned and sanitised, made a brew of Extra Strong Assam tea, and took the blood pressure on the machine.

Creeping up a bit, the SYS again. My body temperature was showing as just ‘Low’.

The view, as seen through my eyes, was so beautiful this morning. But it didn’t transfer to the camera picture so well. Humph! I didn’t notice at the time, but I must have moved the selector on the Canon camera, and it came out a different size and shape? I wish I knew why? Hehe!

I got the tablets out, and shock of shocks! The Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, had kept up there letting me down routine again. They had started to put the Furesomide in the pots. This after the nurse phoned them and explained my problem with this. As when they do, I have three tablets that all look alike, and get confused. The Furesomide are on an as-needed dosage. The Beta-blockers (Bisoprolol Fumarate) and Codeine 60g all look the same to me. They said they would leave the Furesomide out of the pots and send a packet. Which, after two months they got around to doing, now they have gone back to causing me more worry, by bunging them all together with the other tablets! They really must hate me! 

My Xyrophobia suffering, over-amour propred Brother-in-law Pete, when he was searching the flat while I was in the hospital with the Stroke, and taking my valuables, and he took a rest. Fatal! He could not resist playing with the electrics of the recliner. Out came his screwdriver, that he’d used to open my cash drawer with. Now the recliner no longer works… Where was I? Oh, yes! He sent an email with a photo of what the Hospital gave him after his pet scan yesterday. Here it is:

I had to laugh! I made this graphicalisation later for the lad. Hope it cheers him up! Hahaha!

I made a start of getting the pictures loaded into the computer, and updating yesterdays blog. With Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley being active, and Anne Gyna stinging away on her tour through my too titanic-sized torso, it was a bit of a grind. At one point, when Saccades Sandra joined in giving me grief, I’m sure I was doing more correcting than typing. Frangleklops!

I stuck at it, like the hero, and good-little-lad I am, and about three hours later, I’d got it finished and posted off to WordPress.

I hastened to get the ablutions tended to (no shower, too early in the day), so I can be ready, in case the Iceland order arrives earlier.

Yet again, as I entered the wet room, I suddenly needed another Porcelain Throne usage! Getting a bit too regular this is! However, this effort was even betterer than the first one! A bit messier maybe, but less painful by a mile!

The flushing had to be done several times, though. And some hand filling of the tank with water from the sink. Schluberduberski!

The very gentle teeth cleaning was not too bad on Toothache Thomas this time.

The shaving had just two tiny cuts. Countless dropsies of the razors, it seemed like they had a life all of their own today! Tsk!

The medicating (I’ll not go into detail here, it was bloody and messy), was one of the worst sessions for weeks. I left the wet room, with stinging from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Furuncular Franks boils. And Little Inchies fungal lesion was plain agony!

I got sprayed and after-shaved etc. and dressed, and off to the kitchenette to make a brew and take an extra painkiller, cause the lower regions were a bit tender.

Got on the computer, and a half-hour later, the intercom burst into life. It was my Iceland delivery arriving. The young man put the bags through the door for me as I stood back away, social distancing, you know!

And fell over the bloody three-wheeler trolley! I had to stop the man from kindly coming in to get me back up. Best to keep a distance. I told him he could catch anything from me, let alone Coronavirus. Hehehe! He did larf! He waited until I’d clawed my way back onto my feet before leaving. Bless him. Gave him a G&T in thanks.

I took the bags through to the kitchen and unloaded them. For once, there was a printed shopping list with the food, so I checked things were all there. Spot on! Got the fridge filled, although not as full as last week, cause I been using up some tinned stuff lately.

I’d treated my self to a box of Chinese Style belly pork slices. They are not cheap, but I think these were the one I tried the week before last, and I recall putting some Hoisin sauce on them before cooking, I intend to try again today.

I’d got some of the so-called (imitation) Jersey Royal potatoes in the slow cooker straight away. They were far too large, I got six potatoes only in the bag. (Two of them were mouldy!)

I’d ordered some green and red seedless grapes (I assume), which was a bit silly of me because they do not keep long. I’d had alternate for a few weeks, one red then one green. Egyptian they are, not bad at all, but soon shrivel up. I meant to ask Jenny if she liked them, so she could have whichever one the gal fancies, but when she called later, with a bottle of antiseptic disinfectant for me, Bless her cotton socks! And I forgot to ask her what a plod! I’ll try to remember to phone her later.

Blow it, I’ll phone the gal now. Yep, Jenny likes the grapes! I’ll take them down later.

I made some updating to this blog. Checked the potatoes, but they were so large, they were nowhere near cooked yet. Then I got the black bags sorted, and took the grapes down for Jenny and Frank, and the glass jars for recycling down to the bin outside. I hope the lift doesn’t mean I’ll be back late, I’m never confident with leaving things cooking, even in the crock-pot.

Back in a bit, I’ll take the camera with me.

Well, that was a struggle, but well worth the effort. I took the black bags to the chute first, when I eventually got the trolley out of the flat door. The bruised knuckles are all part of the everyday life in these flats. Hehe!

A decorators stand-thing was in the way of the chute-room door, gave me a bit of bother passing and to get around, but I did alright, no accifauxpas! Then I had to wait a good while for the residents lift. Down to Jenny’s floor, left the bag near her door and pressed the bell button. Back to the lift lobby, and another little wait to get down to the ground floor. I heard a voice shout out, that I assumed was Jenny, and shouted back my greetings.

Got down on the ground floor, and steadily made my way out, and round to the recycling bin. It had been emptied. I had a minute natter with the caretaker, which cheered me up, having a laugh.

I made my way back in through the lobby doors, and Penny saw me coming and opened them from inside for me. It was such a pleasure to talk to someone and have a bit of fun.

I took a snap or two, of the Art Decor styling of the lobby. Haha!

Gossiping with Penny, and Francis joined us, and we all had a giggle between us. Perked me right up that did!

I took a snap of Penny and Francis near the laundry room door. Beautiful gals!

I got back up to the flat in no time, mainly because Francis told me to get in the lift first. ♥

Got in the flat, a cheerier person than I was when I left it!

The INR result form had arrived while I was out. 2.3 it read for the level. I checked on the potatoes, still not cooked, but they were coming on.

Updated this blog again, then went on Facebooking.

Then on CorelDraw to get some graphics done. Well, got one done! Humphski! Then closed everything down.

I got the fodder prepared.

The big Jersey new potatoes from Iceland left after removing the bad ones from the bag earlier, left me with a more than adequate four. Along with some horrible so-called Iceland ‘De-luxe tomatoes’, which also had to be carefully selected as I threw away the mouldy, soft, and going black fruits away! Humph! Then added some gherkins, canned garden peas, beetroot, onions, and the much anticipated Chinese style belly pork, cooked with some Hoisin sauce spread on them. For afters, some Iceland brand, Egyptian red seedless grapes – again, throwing away some mouldy ones first! Tsk!

And two buttered Devon Scones from the Iceland order. These scones are deserving of individual attention and note: As a warning to others who may be tempted to buy any.

“Inchcock’s Sconal Warning!”

Iceland sending tomatoes and potatoes that were below standard, mouldy, and had to be sorted through to remove the bad ones before eating, is nothing new. It’s all part of their usual service. So, not worth going into, it happens almost every order I have delivered.

But these Devon Scones, the first, and last time I try these. Hard, dry, and despite my overloading them with Lurpak butter spread on them, were dangerous! If I’d dropped one and it landed on my foot, it would probably have broken a toe! Hehehe!

The meal was given a taste-rating of 5/10 only. The tomatoes, scones and slow-cooked for eight-hours and still not done enough, large Jersey potatoes, kept the score down. The Chinese style belly pork, were greatly flavoursome, though.

As for what happened after I’d washed and got settled, and the Thought-Storms were followed by the dizzies; it’s all a mystery to me. Just a blank-spot in my memory,  (I think)

But I do remember waking up, so that was good!


4 thoughts on “Inchcocksi – Wednesday 15th July 2020: Chinwagged with Penny & Francis today. Yee-Ha!

  1. I like “you can eat and drink straight away…” My instructions simply say drink plenty of water throughout the day. You kind of fell like that glow you put on Pete after a PET scan. Of course, I get multiple Cat scans every night. The medicos don’t trust kitty results. Nice to get a chinwag. Nicely arranged meal.

    • I’ll have to work out if or what direction Albuquerque is from the flats, then if it is my window side, I can keep an eye out for the glow next scan you have. Hahaha!

      I miss my Scans so much, Sir. I swear I can still hear Cyril and Ladys purrs!

      I know you’re busy mate, but can I ask what you think of hte Kodak AZ422 Astro Zoom Bridge Camera, is it worth buying? No rush.


      • I was not familiar with the camera, but I just read some reviews on it. It’s considered a “bridge” camera because it’s between a compact digital camera and DSLR camera. There were a couple of points I thought particularly relevant to you. 1) it’s almost foolproof in how easy it is to use. 2) It’s designed so it’s on the heafty side and easy to handle. Those two properties are perfect for you. Easy to use, not so easy to drop. The picture quality is said to be very good. The video and sound quality is said to be excellent. The reviewers said it is an excellent camera for the price. It sounds like a good choice for you.

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