Inchcocksi – Friday 24th July 2020: Incomprehensibly, a Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas shortage today. Most disconcerting!

TFZer Actress & Ballerina Eve

Friday 24th July 2020

Croatian: Petak, 24 Srpnja 2020. Godine

03:30hrs: I woke up requiring a widdle, and de-wedged my overly sized stomach-burdened body from the c1968 rickety recliner. With some haste, there was a chance of some Post-Micturition Pre-Dribbling, I could sense it, so hurriedly, I moved to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket)…

Too late, I’m afraid! Starting a day like this with an Accifauxpas three minutes of waking up, was not a good start!

Off to the wet room for a good clean-up, and a change of PP’s. Then to the kitchenette and got the kettle on. Taking a photo that did not come out anything like what the eyes saw, of the kitchen windows. Will anything go right today? Pickletorment!

The sphygmomanometer readings were very close to the ones that were for last Friday! Not too bad. The temperature, taken on the old stick thermometer (the new one has packed up on me, Tsk!), showed a ‘Low’ again.

I took the morning medications and made a brew of Morrisons Extra-Strong Assam tea. I had a bit of good-luck then! (Oh, yes!) As I limped to the cupboard to put back the BP machine, I trod on a piece of broken pottery from last night’s dropping of the milk jug! And did not cut my foot, no bleeding at all. Swank-Mode-Assumed!

I got the computer on and checked the diary for today. The only thing on it was the Iceland Food Delivery, twixt 08:00 > 10:00hrs. Only two items unavailable this time. I was feeling guilty about getting the cake anyway. Haha! So, I must get a stand-up ablutions session before 07:00hrs to make sure I’m available just in case they arrive earlyish.

I made a start on updating yesterday’s diary. After an hour or so, during which the ‘Hum’ outside had grown so loud, I could hear it easily without any hearing aids in, I made another mug of tea, Thompsons Punjabi. Took this snap of Chestnut Walk, it came out decent enough. Then sent the post off to WordPress, Emailed the links. Made up a template for this blog, then got on with writing it, and it was almost a pleasure!

But where and why Nicodemus’ neurotransmitters, Shaking Shaun, Saccades Sandra, and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley had gone, I couldn’t understand? No doubt they’ll be back again, they always are. But I made the best of this medical-marvel, and typed away better than I have for ages! I really enjoyed these two-hours of freedom from some of the ailments. I believe, for a short time, I was almost happy! Oh, Yes!

As I started on the WordPress Reader, things got back to normal, I’m afraid. Shirley and Nicodemus both reactivated. Tsk! Off to the wet room now, to get the ablutions tackled! Back in a bit.

I’m back! The poor-old plates and toes are looking doughier, more livid, and anaemic than ever. A bit much to contend with. Even wearing the slippers a is painful and uncomfortable. Wearing the shoes and mask on Monday for the trip to the Health Centre podiatrist, is going to be a challenge, let alone getting the boots on! Expuslivications!

Anyway, the ablution session was a mixed one, good and bad involved.

  • The teeth cleaning as going well, until, towards the end, I caught one of the rear molars, as Nicodemus’ neurotransmitters lost sense of touch, and I pressed too hard.
  • The amazing thing is that I had no pain for several minutes, then the nerves sent the message to the brain. By that time, I had finished doing the teeth and was putting on the shaving foam.
  • The agony shot from the tooth, and I dropped the foam can, and it landed on my toes! Argh!
  • The shaving went well, only one little nick on the neck!
  • No toe-stubbings!
  • No Dizzy Dennis visits!.
  • Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley made me drop the towel and knock a few bits off of the floor cabinet in trying to catch it before it hit the deck.
  • As I was leaving the wet room, I lunged a bit to the right as I lost balance, and somehow or other, did not make any contact with the door frame edge or wall?

One of my better ablutionalisations. Overall, an interesting session, I’ve had many worserer ones! Hoity-Toity tendencies triggered!

I got dressed and was ready in case the Iceland delivery arrives. I started to get some waste bags done up, with additional cardboard box ones, to go to the rubbish chute. Stacked them ready for after the food arrives. I don’t want to risk taking them yet and missing the delivery on the intercom.

Carried on with the updating of this blog. Half-an-hour later, the intercom buzzed, and I let in the Iceland man. He was up in a jiffy, and he put the bags in the doorway for me. I took them through to the kitchen. There didn’t seem to be many bags this time? I checked the list and sorted it through checking the goods. Did the few freezer items first, all three there, and then spent about fifteen-minutes trying to make room to get them in the freezer! Haha!

Got the apple pies in the cupboard with the tinned potatoes and instant mash.

The fridge carrier, well, there were two of them, was sorted then. Steak slices, vine tomatoes, Pork & Pickle pork pies, mushrooms, cooked roast beef slices, satays, dessert pots, beetroot salad, potato salad, egg & mayonnaise salad, and to my surprise, some cooked chicken thighs.

I can’t really recall ordering them. But then, I can’t remember where the flat keys are, what I had for dinner yesterday, or what I was about to do as I left the kitchen? Sad, innit?

I got the rubbish bags, not the big recycling one, just the six little ones that will go down the chute, and out to take them there. A lady decorator was in the lift lobby, and she kindly took them off of me, saying she’ll take them for me because some steps and barriers were near the chute-room door. I thanked her muchly! Then hobbled back to the apartment. Kind of her!

Made myself a brew of Glengettie Gold tea. And the milk had gone orf! Humph! Made another and used the new pots of milk. Then back on the computer, to update it as far as here. Then went on Facebooking. Got the latest Coronavirus figures.

Not so good, is it?

I was feeling a bit peckish, as you do, like. And wondered about having soft brown Thins with Marmite for nosh later? But, what do I have with ’em? After some faffing about trying to make my mind vacant up, I thought some sausages and baked beans? But I left, making my mind up until later. What a ditherer I am! It took a while, but being as I have peas left in the pan from yesterday, I’ll have them, tomatoes, and Marmite sarnies! I think?

Then, onto CorelDraw to do a couple more TFZer header graphics. Slow going again, but I got two done.

The doorbells chimed out merrily with the tune of Dusty Springfield’s ♫ I Only Want to Be with You ♫.  I struggled to get some clothes on.

I shot like a bolt-of-lighting to answer the door. Well, alright,  I hobbled less slowly than usual, anyway, Hehe! An envelope was through the letter-box, I opened the door, no one in sight.

Jenny, bless her ♥, had made and printed up a clear note for me to take with me on Monday, to show to the podiatrist, in case Stuttering Stephany took a grip on me. (At this point, I thought I must ask Jenny if she has any idea how much the taxi fare will be, so I can make sure I have enough with me). I got on the telephone to thank her and ask Jenny if she had an idea what taxi fare might be. But of course, I forgot to ask about the cab, I was too intent on thanking her for her kindness. I am a klutz!

Weary William fell on me so quickly, I set about making the evening’s (to me, any normal person it would be afternoon tea! Hahaha) meal.

Two mini-pork & pickle pork pies, (say that when you’ve had a few, Haha!). Piccolo tomatoes, canned garden peas, egg mayonnaise, beetroot & carrot salad, and four brown bread thins with lashings of gorgeous Marmite.

The red grapes and apples I intended to have, turned out just apples. (The red grapes had all gone gooey and had to be discarded, Tsk!) So I had a mousse and little apple pie instead. Two individual milk pots, to take the tablets with. A flavour rating of 8.2/10!

I ate all of this odd feast slowly as I watched the TV, feet up on the swivel chair. The eye-lids drooping, trying to stay awake another fifteen-minutes to view the Kitchen Nightmare program.

I nodded-off, and woke up as the programme was just ending! Tsk! I forced myself up to get the pots washed and have a wee-wee and crawled back into the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-sickening beige-coloured, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, rickety recliner.

After a couple of hours Thought-Storming, with the odd minute-long nod-off, I’m glad to report… Zzzz, Sweet Morpheus arrived! And most appreciated he was!

4 thoughts on “Inchcocksi – Friday 24th July 2020: Incomprehensibly, a Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas shortage today. Most disconcerting!

  1. That is a noisy hum. They have an unexplained hum in Taos, NM. Maybe the alien’s blogging on their own intraterrestrial network creates the hums. Bah humbug to them silly aliens. Your feet are looking sadder by the day. I hope you can get your feet worked up on Monday. Maybe they won’t recognize you as old Inchcock with your mascherina on and be happy to help. Great looking meal.

    • Hi, Tim, Danged ‘Hum’!
      The plates are really bad now. Tsk!
      That’s goodthinking about the mascherina, I’ll put the bigger one on, Monday!
      Cheers, Sir, taketh care.

  2. Considering the ailments already achingly apparent on the two feet you stand on, that glass pottery chard was an averted accifauxpas of no mean measure. Wishing you a good podiatral Monday!

    • Thanks Billumski mon ami.
      I still fear the podiatral episode may not take place, they may refuse to do me again? If so, Thumpin’ ‘eck, I’ll be in a pickle then!
      Cheers mate.

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