Inchcock – Mon 2 Nov 20: Things were going well, too well. Mental confusion reigned.

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Monday 2nd November 2020

Dutch: Maandag 2 November 2020

01:45hrs: I woke, wrestled out of the recliner, and wobbled worryingly-wearily, (I’d had a good four-hours kip?) and without Metal-Mickey, to the wet room.

Where I took a wee-wee of a more determined nature this time. Of the SFSFS (Steady-Flowing-Stream-Failing-Shortly) variety. As is usual with these types, the AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble) was a lengthy one. The only real concern was that the colouring, according to the ‘Check-Card’, had gone a bit darker and was now well within the level 5 – Dehydrated shade scale. Tsk! 

I got the kettle on, moved the drying hand-washed clothes. Got the pots washed from last night, and realised I could still taste the Chilli I’d had, but there were signs of complaints from the innards.

I opened the window to take this rather pitiful photo of the morning sky. The wind and rain blew in, and my being naked at the time, it didn’t half make me jump as my overweight, adipose, avoirdupois, fat, fleshy, gross, paunchy, plump, ponderously-portly pot-bellied midriff got cold and wet!

Then made the brew of Glengettie tea, and started doing the Health Checks. Gladly, the ear-thermometer is working still, after Matron Julie told me not to use the pod covers, and offered forth a reading of 35.1°c, a lot better.

The Boot’s BP machine (also working again?) showed the SYS was down to 159, lower than it’s been for a while, but according to the nurse, still too high. Also, the irritating dry coughing is a lot less this morning. Overall, a decent Health Check.

As I was putting things away, the need for the Porcelain Throne arrives, so off to the wet room. A much easier evacuation than yesterday’s were. I took a snap of the foot and leg, the ChilliCon-Carne burn came out in it looking bad, but it wasn’t at all, the only pain was if I touched it? And the colour was a little weird to me. When I have the shower, later on, I bet it fades as the colouring from the chilli is washed away. Hehehe! (Sherlock Holmesian Mode Adopted! 

Washed and made up some more small waste bags, to go down to the chute later on when it’s not too early and will disturb folks who may be laying in.

I got o the computer, and downloaded the photographs from yesterday and this morning. I came across this one on the right, not the foggiest idea how I managed to take it? Plainly, it was taken in the kitchen, cause of the flooring and waste bins. But when and why, remains one of the great mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, Hallucinations. Materialisations, Poltergeist, Lemures, Spectres, Spirits, Spooks, Eidolons, Wairuas, Kehuas and the Manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum, to torment and frighten the bejesus out of me! I just thought I’d mention it.

I got on with updating the Sunday post and got a decent crack-on with it too. The ailments were not too bad at all, and for once I could type without any hassles from SSS or NTs interference. It was like being released from torture, Great!

I got it done and posted off, Emailed the link, caught up of Facebooking and Pinterested a few snaps from the diary. (I had not felt so contented [with my progress] for yonks!)

Then the second-summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Even easier than the first one, obviously still painful, but far less so! Things were going well here, and it worried me, it’s unnatural!

I had a look at the burn mark on the foot, and now it seemed to have already faded greatly? And the right knee’s ICP (Proximal Interphalangeal Cartilage Pain), although just becoming more bothersome as I took the photo, the swelling does not appear to be so bad. It’s all confusing to me!

As I got back in the front room, the light from outside darkened, it seemed someone was using a dimmer-switch on it. Haha! I went out on the balcony and took a couple of photos of the skyline.

I resembled a layered cake but in blue.

By the way, I’m not mentioning the wee-weeing, as I’m coping with the liquid-runs again today. They have been persistent, to say the least. Humph! And, worryingly seem to be getting darker in colour with each one. The infection is coming back, methinks.

I was about to start this blog at long last, and Sister Jane sent an email, with a photographicalisation of ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), lap-top dancer, Warden Deana! Jane had taken it for me, from Friday’s BBC News. She’d recorded it and got me this super screen-shot so that I can put it on the Winwood Heights Facebook page. Bless her, Cotton Socks! I sent an email back thanking her. Super innit! Thanks, Jane, I’m impressed! ♥

I posted it to Facebook. Went on the WordPress Reader.

Back on CorelDraw to try and get at least one more graphic done for tomorrow, and I thought I heard the mobile ringing, but could not find it. By the time I’d gotten out of the chair, it had stopped – then I had realised it was the Front Lobby Intercom ringing, by the time I got to the panel, that stopped.

In the midst of all this, I suddenly felt dizzy, unsteady and a cracking headache started, the mind was befuddled, confused as well. This didn’t bode well at all.

The door chimes rang out, and in walked my precious Vampire Nurse, Hristina. I’d got her down on the calendar as coming tomorrow?

Things got more mixed up, and I lose losing my grip. (This happened a couple of weeks ago for the first time when they changed the medications) I assume all went well because I can’t remember much about the nurse’s visit. Let alone her leaving. I didn’t dream it, and the cotton wool was taped to the vein.

No choice left, I’ll get something to eat, take the meds and get sat down, try to recover a smidge, and maybe even sleep.

I’ll be back in a while, or the morning, see how it goes. Dizzy Dennis is bad now.

Fell asleep, at midnight, I woke and got up. The wee-weeing commenced.

12 thoughts on “Inchcock – Mon 2 Nov 20: Things were going well, too well. Mental confusion reigned.

  1. Looks like you are trying to change color on your feet. Looking might splotchy. Nice layer cake cloud photos. Hristina vampired you right nicely with you not remember what she did just having the evidence that she did it. Classic vimpirizationalizing there. And he went wee wee wee al the day long.

  2. Synomocies forming all over the place over here, election results creeping in quickly. Enjoyed that photo of the M-1 from 1959, brought on memories of the days before such motorways. We live six houses away from a pre-interstate highway that carried traffic from the top of Michigan to the tip of Florida (US 27). It’s a two-lane highway — well, I guess I have pretty much narrowed down our whereabouts, have I not?
    Hot chilli burn reminds me of the time Lisa dropped a plop of hot mashed potatoes onto her leg, left quite a spot, did it not? Yes, it did, did Billum reply.
    Liked those photographs of the blue cloud cake, nice layers!
    TTFNski, kind Sir!

    • Fear not about releasing you locational detials, Billum. It’s that long since I’ve been anywhere, I don’t think I could find the bus stop now. Hahaha! I jest! I do a lot of that.
      There you are, annuver link! Burning food and feet?
      I’ve put the Murder of crows photos on todays, Sir, the ybroke up the rain and clouds. Hundreds of ’em there was, not that I counted ’em, they keep moving you know, Tsk! Hahaha!
      All the bestest to Lisa and thee, I have a look at th TV, To see, who’s winning over there, Taketh care, Lisa and yee!

      • We have two bus lines that stop at the top o’ the street, a great convenience when I worked downtown. Bus 25 and bus 16, to be specific.
        Hey, I just realized that my monthly bus pass from Giessen, Germany 1973. Collecting ephemera is one of my hobbies. I have received several (actually, two) requests to take pictures of them to share on my blog. In other words, make some photographicalisations.
        My toe is much improved, despite dropping a few not-very-heavy objects. Whoopsiedangleplopping is another of my hobbies.
        Keeping up with the damnedly close election results is exhausting and nerve wracking. 🙂
        We wish you our best, so taketh careth alsoeth!!

      • I think myemphysema is not good for you… Oh, I see now, ephemera, sorry. Hehe!
        I fear the mention of photographicalisations brings on memories pf Tuesday nights disaster with my computer – I can no long get anu on the blog, or anywhere now. With the lockdown it’s going to be impossible to get anyone to come to overcharge me and sort the problem out.
        A regrettably depressed and frustrated Inchcock speaking.

        Glad your foot is improvong, and you’re avoiding further damage (Easily said, innit, Billum? Haha!

        I had a listen to the US results coming in last night – what a pulava! Hope it sorts itself out quickly, without any nastiness to follow.

      • I have a pile of sketches that I’m planning to post on WordPress. They are imaginings of alternate worlds, mostly just gathering dust. WordPress seems a good way to get my curious creatures to an audience of at least several readers and viewers. The Tate would probably not be interested, but I suppose they could have the pile of bricks in the backyard. Hahaha!
        My timing was not very good: mentioning that word phtgrphclstns. Kefluffaloopa!

      • Morning Billumski, looking forward to your imagined world impressions.
        As for the Tate, well you never know with them swine.
        TTFNski Sir.

      • It all started with a whiteboard placed on a hospital-room wall and intended for asking questions of the medical staff, ’twas while Lisa was on an extended hospitalization. Thus began a series of drawings depicting fanciful creatures with odd personalities — Lisa and I certainly qualify as unusual 🙂
        Hey, mi duck. I should visit Tate online for inspiration (or something).
        TTFNski, Mate!

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