Inchcock today: Saturday 22nd November 2014


Wide awake at 0015hrs (Bloomin’ ‘eck!).

Little Inch bleeding a bit – gritted me teeth and applied the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream.

Updated this tosh.

Meeting brother-in-law Pete this cold misty morning at 0600hrs in the City Centre. He (we) will be joining the queue for his free Pantomime tickets in the slab square.

I got missen polished-up changed WC’s and warmly wrapped up and set off on me way to town. Then I caught a bus instead of walking as it was looking like rain would descend at any time.

05S01 05S02I walked into the slab square to where the queue for the free tickets from the Nottingham Evening Post were to be distributed and I was the only one where the queue was to be formed at 0555hrs and waited for Pete’s arrival.

I waited and waited but no Pete or anyone else seemed to joining me?

I called Pete on me mobile and he was on a bus en route.

I took a photo from where I was standing, one to my left one to my right. The Christmas stalls were being prepared for opening later.

The Council House lights were on.

Pete arrived about 0625hrs and we had a natter and I shared some nibbles with him.

He explained that I was there so he could give me the coupons required to collect the free pantomime tickets for a 90 year old neighbour of his and Janet’s.

05S03QueueBeing stood still for so long the feet and knees soon started playing up.

Others started joining the queue behind us and somehow the rain held off.

Pete took a photo of me looking well cheerful at the front of the queue.

Eventually at 0900hrs the ladies who issue the tickets arrived.

I walked Pete who thanked me for helping, back to his  bus stop and had a little ponder around town as the fair got active with smell of Kangaroo steaks, Ostrich burgers and 05S04Shark slices being cooked ready for later.

Spotted a vintage type van being used in the fayre and took a photo of it.

Caught the bus back to Carrington.

Well tired and weary.

Had a bit to eat and started to read me book, but I fell into a much needed sleep – missing me evening medications creaming and lotioning. applications. (Huh)

Woke up around 2210hrs and updated this tosh.

5 thoughts on “Inchcock today: Saturday 22nd November 2014

    • Not me Rachel, they were what was on offer for about £3.99 a burger like, at hat they are calling the ‘Nottingham Winter Wonderland Fayre. I just wonder how folks can afford em… wonder if they were selling any horse burgers? TFN thanks.

      • It is sad Rachel.
        Today I took some photo’s in town of a stall selling them next to the helter-skelter along with some others for today’s diary that I am about to update gal.

      • I don’t like that at all! 🙁 I want them to go out of business! Maybe you could take over their stall and sell custom photos of people’s heads on different bodies. 😀

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